I spread you out on the bed and put a pillow under your ass. You are naked.

“Open Daddy’s pussy. Show Daddy that pink fuckhole. That’s a good girl. You like showing off that pussy don’t you princess.”

“Yes, Daddy, whatever you want.”

“You like it when I lick your little hard clit?”

“Yes Daddy, no one does it better.”

“And no one cums harder for me either. And one just gets you warmed up. Do you want Daddy to fuck you hard today?”

“I want what you want Daddy.”

“But you like it when I pound your little cunt into submission?”

“Oh yes Daddy, I like to be fucked hard by you.”

“This is going to feel cold. I’m going to lube up your ass so I can stick my finger up your ass and feel you cum.”

“May I have two Daddy? I think I’m ready for you to fuck me there this weekend.”

“Yes you may have two my anal slut. And I’ll take your ass nice and slow later.”

“Fuck it hard if you want Daddy. I’ll do anything you say.”

“God your ass is tight. I hope I can get my cock in.”

“It will fit Daddy. That feels so good. Please eat your little pussy Daddy.”

“I am little girl. Please pull your skin up and away from around your clit. That’s a good girl.”

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