Master is pinching your nipples as you stand before him. He is much rougher with them than Daddy. He doesn’t care if he hurts them. In fact, he likes you to feel some pain. He is getting ready to spank you. A Master spanking isn’t erotic like a Daddy spanking. It’s a hard violent spanking that can make you cry. But you like it, don’t you slut? Ok, so maybe not that hard but hard. Master slaps your ass so hard it hurts his hand. Spanking you turns him on. You know if you accept a spanking, Master will fuck you. He fucks you hard. You are never to get on top of Master. Only Daddy lets you do that. Master practically rapes you. Master almost always ties you up to fuck. He doesn’t want your dumb hands on his body. He wants you open and wide for your fuckings. He’ll take pictures too. Whether you like it or not. You will always clean Master’s cock off with your mouth. Deep throat it and get it clean. If you can’t you’ll have to lick the rest.

Master will never sleep with you, only Daddy does that. But Master may wake you up and tell you that you’ll be his slut until noon. Crawling every where. Licking my ass. Doing whatever pleases me.

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