To be continued.

You felt the tension. However, since it was our second meeting it was from lust not fear. I transformed that first night into something even you couldn’t believe. I don’t know who the most sexual woman out there is but you were near the top after that. Yes, it had been too long but that was ok. You were five miles from the hotel. You bit your lip and tried not to speed.

I was in the room already sipping coffee and reading TheFirst Wive’s Club. I was calm having already planned the first hour or two like I always do. Also excited to see you again. I didn’t think I’d ever get to meet you. And now I’m seeing you again.

You walk through the lobby. The girl at the desk gives you a smile and looks like she’d love to eat your pussy if she could. Odd, but that’s what you sensed. Your heart races as the elevator lifted you closer to me. Down the hall you walked feeling the wetness on the light blue panties. You knock on the door anxious to see me.

I let you in and walk back to my chair.

“See the towel in the floor slut? Take off your shoes and stand on it. Now undress slowly. Very nice, I can tell you have been working out. Now touch my pussy. Touch your clit. Keep your eyes down don’t eyeball me slut. You have two minutes to cum or you will get the cane.”

Normally you cum quickly but just hearing about the cane scared you. You started rubbing your swollen clit trying to push all the “why’s” out of your head. You wish you could see me. Watching you. But you feel the burn of my eyes,

“Minute and a half to go, slut.”

“You felt dirty for a second then pushed that thought out and started thinking about sucking my cock. You have cum many times from just thinking about sucking my cock alone. I can tell you are getting close.

“One minute. Enough of this. Cum for me now.”

I sip my coffee and enjoy the show. You cum very hard and I know you’d rather feel my touch but I don’t care.

“Now why did I have you do that slut?”

“Because you can, Master. Your wish is my command.”

“Good answer. For that you get to suck my cock right away.”

To be continued.

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You are naked lying across Daddy’s lap for the very first time. You can feel the hardness of my cock.

“You’ve been such a bad girl. Never writing, never calling, you are going to pay for it now.”

“I’m sorry, Daddy,” and you giggle knowing I’m not really angry with you.

I spank left handed. The blows are so powerful they shock you. You didn’t think I’d spank you this hard but you like it. I give you about ten hard ones then stick two fingers inside you. The first time I have ever touched your cunt and it feels so good.

“Why are you so wet you dumb cunt?”

“Because I like it, Daddy.”

“Then I’ll just have to give you more.”

I give you another ten. Your sweet ass is now pink. I wet a finger with your pussy juice and put it an inch inside your ass.

“You like my finger here?”

“Yes Daddy.”

“Want my tongue there later?”

“Very much so Daddy. Please, spank me more.”

“Only ten more Lauren. Then you can suck Daddy’s big cock. We will play again soon.”

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I know some of you hate the Daddy stuff. I’m sorry. You don’t have to read it.

You are tied fairly tightly to my bed in an X. Not painfully tight but little wiggle room. You are blindfolded. Only been here eleven minutes and I have barely touched you other than tying you up. A pillow is under your sweet ass raising your hips off the bed. I start kissing and licking your neck and shoulders and rubbing my hand over your smooth curves everywhere but your sex. Your hips start moving like I’m fucking you. It’s been so long since I fucked your tight little pussy. Daddy’s pussy.

“Whose pussy is it.”

“Daddy’s pussy. Please eat me Daddy.”

“Now you know it doesn’t it doesn’t work that way little girl, Daddy is still the boss. You want Master to come out and beat your little ass?”

“No, Daddy, I’m sorry but it has been so long. I need you Daddy.”

I get up and get the penis gag to keep you quiet. I start focusing on your nipples. With my mouth and hand on each. You are getting so fucking hot. Hotter than I’ve ever seen you get. You have never had a nipple orgasm before but I can tell you are getting close. I mount you and shove Daddy’s cock deep into your little cunt. You cum right away without asking. I keep Daddy’s cock deep inside you as you cum so hard. Gushing all over me and the sheets. I let you calm down a little but you know how you are. One only leads to another.

“Tell Daddy it hurts.”

“It hurts Daddy,” you lie, “It’s too big Daddy.”

“That’s so naughty. I’m going to fuck you hard.”

“Please do, Daddy. Then I want Master to come out and be rough with me. I need that so bad.”

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my body


It’s not perfect but getting better. Comments welcome.

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I am back

You take my breath away as you stand before me naked. You are in the inspection position with your hands behind your neck and your smooth legs spread. I can she you have just shaved your pussy. My pussy. It is very smooth and very wet. I can smell your sex.

I reach out and squeeze your nipples. They are hard and aching. You feel a jolt all the way down to your clit.

“Who’s nipples are these, slut?”

“Your nipples Master.”

“Bend over and grab your ankles.”

You don’t know what to expect. You never do. You feel my cock press again your gapping pussy. I ram it hard home. Just one stroke though.

“Get on your knees and suck my cock.”

There is nothing you love more that sucking my cock. It tastes so good. Feels so thick in your mouth. Now it tastes like you but that’s ok because you taste good. You suck it good. Always with one hundred percent effort like I have trained you. But I stop you.

I take you to the bed. I throw your legs over my shoulders bending your knees back to your chest. I always fuck you hard this way. I want to make you cum. Make you gush all over the bed. I get dark thoughts when I fuck you like this. Like it’s a rape but you love it. You get too loud so I put three fingers in your mouth. You start sucking them. I feel your pussy tighten around my cock. I can tell you are ready to cum. I can always tell. You start to moan wondering why I haven’t told you. You start begging with your eyes unable to speak because of my fingers.

“If I let you cum will you squirt?”

You frantically shake your head yes.

“Then come little one. Drench me.”

Your pussy erupts in a flood of female cum soaking my balls and the sheets. It seems to go everywhere. You want to scream but my fingers are still in your mouth. I never felt you cum so hard. When you are done you are shaking.

I turn you over and fuck you from behind. Spanking your ass at the same time. I pull out when I cum. Shooting my cum all over your back.

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No, I’m not dead

Just taking a break. I’ll be back soon.

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I slide the plug slowly into your ass. It hurts a little. I pull it out and put it back in to show you it doesn’t hurt as much the second time. Then I do the same thing with my cock. Your sweet ass feels so tight to my cock. Yeah hurts a little but you soon adjust to it. I fuck you slowly enjoying every tight inch of your ass. You cum on my cock. I hold it deep inside so you can’t push me out. When you stop cumming I fuck your ass harder. Taking my pleasure there with a moan. You feel the cum shooting into your ass. I don’t pull out. I slap your ass.

“Start sucking on my cock with your ass. You better keep me hard or I’ll whip you good. That’s it, milk it baby.”

I wait a little bit to let the coming sensation to end then start fucking it again. My own cum helping to lube you up. A double fuck of your ass. Since my cock has been there the entire time you feel really comfortable and ask to be fucked harder. I ram it deep our bodies slapping together. You cum again. I have to stop. Then I fuck you even harder like I’m raping your ass. You feel my cock swelling and then I cum again in your tight naughty hole.

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bad day. no blog

This is my friends blog. She is pretty good at it.

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I spread you out on the bed and put a pillow under your ass. You are naked.

“Open Daddy’s pussy. Show Daddy that pink fuckhole. That’s a good girl. You like showing off that pussy don’t you princess.”

“Yes, Daddy, whatever you want.”

“You like it when I lick your little hard clit?”

“Yes Daddy, no one does it better.”

“And no one cums harder for me either. And one just gets you warmed up. Do you want Daddy to fuck you hard today?”

“I want what you want Daddy.”

“But you like it when I pound your little cunt into submission?”

“Oh yes Daddy, I like to be fucked hard by you.”

“This is going to feel cold. I’m going to lube up your ass so I can stick my finger up your ass and feel you cum.”

“May I have two Daddy? I think I’m ready for you to fuck me there this weekend.”

“Yes you may have two my anal slut. And I’ll take your ass nice and slow later.”

“Fuck it hard if you want Daddy. I’ll do anything you say.”

“God your ass is tight. I hope I can get my cock in.”

“It will fit Daddy. That feels so good. Please eat your little pussy Daddy.”

“I am little girl. Please pull your skin up and away from around your clit. That’s a good girl.”

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I’ll do a blog today

just thought of something new

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Master is pinching your nipples as you stand before him. He is much rougher with them than Daddy. He doesn’t care if he hurts them. In fact, he likes you to feel some pain. He is getting ready to spank you. A Master spanking isn’t erotic like a Daddy spanking. It’s a hard violent spanking that can make you cry. But you like it, don’t you slut? Ok, so maybe not that hard but hard. Master slaps your ass so hard it hurts his hand. Spanking you turns him on. You know if you accept a spanking, Master will fuck you. He fucks you hard. You are never to get on top of Master. Only Daddy lets you do that. Master practically rapes you. Master almost always ties you up to fuck. He doesn’t want your dumb hands on his body. He wants you open and wide for your fuckings. He’ll take pictures too. Whether you like it or not. You will always clean Master’s cock off with your mouth. Deep throat it and get it clean. If you can’t you’ll have to lick the rest.

Master will never sleep with you, only Daddy does that. But Master may wake you up and tell you that you’ll be his slut until noon. Crawling every where. Licking my ass. Doing whatever pleases me.

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