short but good

It’s summer. Why? Because I want it to be. You are wearing a cotton simple dress and the panties we picked out that you only wear on days you meet me. It makes you wet to just put them on. I let you pick between two I picked out. When I paid you said, “Thank you, Daddy,” and gave me a kiss. The girl behind the counter blushed a little because the kiss lasted longer than it should.

We are meeting at a room. I’m already there waiting for you. We get the same room every time we go there. You are so excited. We know each other completely by now. I’ve trained you in all the ways to please me.

You knock and I pull you inside. As always I squeeze your ass and kiss you deep. You knees go weak every time I squeeze your ass. I haven’t told you how we are starting this time. I pull off your panties and place you on the side of the bed having you lie down with your ass at the edge. I suck and lick your pussy, my pussy, until you cum really hard. Then I put a cheap condom on to keep me from cumming and have you ride my cock until you have about seven orgasms. Then I pull it off, and mount you and fuck you hard until we cum together in a loud orgasm half the hotel can hear.

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