I bet my toys are all dusty by now. I have two heavy floggers and one light one that is stingy. I have a quirt that hurts. It’s about 30 inches long and make out of leather. A small birch paddle that made a girl cry once. I guess she forgot she had a safeword. A tawse that I’ve never really hit anyone hard with. It would pack a punch. Double straps of thick leather connected to a wooden handle. A riding crop I mainly use for inspections and pussy spankings. A few canes. A lot of women are afraid of canes. The lesbian hated my hairbrush. I’m not sure where it is right now. I have a single tail about 5 foot long that I haven’t tried on anyone. Me and t didn’t do a lot of spanking type play. She was new and I wanted to break her in slowly.

I’m not into writing much today. Guess I overdid it with the Christine stuff. I will do the last part though. The second part hasn’t posted at lit yet and the editor hasn’t touched the third part. Ok the second part posted, I just checked. Scores are low again. Maybe Christine is just too unbelievable of a girl. The way she cums so fast and so many times. Oh well. Go to the Lit site and help me out if you can. It’s in the new story section.

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