Part 4 the final chapter


“Hello Lauren, or should I say Christine.”

“Lauren,” she said with a laugh.

“Guess you know this is Nick, aka WriterDom.”

“Yes silly.”

“That was fun pulling one over on everyone. Making them think you were fucking your professor. You wouldn’t really do that would you?”

“No, not while I have you I wouldn’t.”

“So you might?”

“I’ll plead the fifth.”

“Can you believe we’re meeting on Saturday?”

“Yeah it’s all I think about. I’m glad I’m out of school this week.”

“Pinch your nipple for me.”

“Yes Master.”

They have the best phone sex that Nick ever experienced. Every time it is good. Started out that way from the beginning. Nick wasn’t sure when he fell in love with her but it was soon. They both felt it coming and talked about it openly. How it might not be a good thing to fall for one another. But soon they were telling each other the “I love you” thing. Is it possible to love someone you never met in person? They believed it.

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  1. Ohhh nice twist to the story, I love that!!!!

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