FYI=Daddy and Master are both me. And if you don’t like the Daddy thing no one is making you read it.

We meet at a room. Not the first or the last meeting. Per usual I cup your ass cheeks in my hands so happy you wore a dress and a thong so I feel your smooth flesh. I slide a finger inside your panties and find your shaved pussy already soaked.

“So you have been thinking about me?”

“Yes, Daddy. I always do.”

“I like it when you call me Daddy. I hated writing that story and not being able to use it once from those stupid Literotica rules.”

“I know Daddy, made me miss it too.”

It’s a nice room with a couch. I lead you over to the couch and bend you over my lap and give you a nice long erotic spanking. I unzip your dress.

“Get naked Lauren and crawl to the bed.”

I love watching your ass. So much about your ass I do love. Spanking it, licking it, putting toys in it, and of course fucking it. I love fucking it so much now that I have trained you to love it.

“Do you want to suck Daddy’s cock?”

“Of course Daddy that’s a silly question.”

“Yes a rhetorical question. Suck it like I taught you.”

“I know, Daddy. With my ass to the left side of your head.”

“You may begin princess. Oh yeah that’s so good. I’ve missed you so much. Master has missed you to. He wants to play rough later. But I want lots of Daddy time first. We’re going to do another virgin fuck today. I know you like those. This time from behind. I’m not fucking your ass though. Master wants it. He thinks it is time for you to have a hard fuck there.”

You know my balls are jammed full of cum and you want it bad. You start sucking harder. By now you know how to get me off quickly when you want to anyway.

“Oh baby I’m going to cum. Stop sucking when you feel me cumming.”

That makes you giggle a little. You have sucked me off countless times. The first saucy squirt hits the back of your mouth and you are in heaven.

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  1. Mmmm…love anything that you write. And enjoy it so much. Thanks.

  2. Mmm, thank you daddy! I was just laying in bed dreaming of a spanking.

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