Suprise ending

They shared email addresses so they could communicate better. Christine got an email that night asking if she could meet him in his office at nine-thirty. I didn’t say why. Just short and to the point. So she tried to look extra pretty for him that morning.

She knocked on the door.

“Come in it’s open. Hello Christine, lock the door behind you. Something has come up and I won’t be able to see you until Monday afternoon. Now don’t pout it’s not that long. Just the weekend. To carry you over I thought you might like to suck me off right now. Or would you rather I fuck you?”

“Take my ass, Master. Make it hurt until I can see you again.”

“As you wish. Bend your slutty ass over the desk. And be quiet or I’ll fucking tape your mouth shut. And if you even try to tell me to stop I’ll just fuck it harder, do you understand?”

“Yes, Master, but you underestimate me. I want to please you so badly I would take any pain for you.”

She felt his finger probing her tight asshole that never had been fully fucked. The lube felt ice cold. Slowly her ass gave with to his thick cock. She thought she would pass out from the pain but it got better once he started thrusting.

“Rub your clit, Christine.”

Oh God, that made it feel much better she thought. Her pussy was dripping. She rubbed her clit hard feeling the orgasm already cumming. He could tell she was close.

“Don’t cum yet, baby. Just a little bit longer.”

He grabbed her hips and pounded that tight ass.

“Ok, cum with me. Quietly.”

He shot his cum in her ass that was almost painfully tight from her orgasm. She could feel every squirt in her ass. Much more so than when he came in her pussy.

“Damn, that’s some mighty fine ass you have there, baby. I’ll have to give it a good licking as a reward on Monday.”

“It’s your ass, Master. Any day or time you want it.”

Christine’s ass hurt each time she sat down but it only made her smile. Felt good to pleasure him in such a naughty way. In his class she suggestively sucked on an oversized pen as he talked. What a naughty slut.

She got home and was happy to be alone. She had a clitoral orgasm then fucked her pussy to three more. Maybe that’s why she cums so fast, from doing it so much. Afterwards she felt a tiny bit of sadness over having to wait until Monday to see him again. But she cheered up when he wrote to her and promised to save a full load she could suck out of him early Monday morning. To be at his house at seven if possible. She wrote back saying she’d love to.

She had plenty of homework to keep her busy. And she was going to a movie with a group of friends Saturday night. She got another email telling her not to cum on Sunday. She came anyway. He didn’t get how unreasonable that request was. As a compromise she came only once.

She got another email on Sunday telling her to take her morning piss in the shower through her panties and then change into white boy shorts. She thought that was an odd request but did it anyway. Partly out of guilt for cumming the night before.

She was instructed to go in his house without knocking and to lock the door behind her. Take off everything except the panties and get in his bed and suck him off the way she was taught.

It was still dark when she left the house. She was thrilled to know she’d be sucking his cock and receiving his full load of cum in her belly. The house was nice and warm. She found him in the bed naked. His beautiful cock hard and flat against his washboard stomach. She got into position and put a hand around the base of his cock. He could see her panties were already soaked. She took all of his thickness she could get in her mouth. Pure heaven.

“Oh yeah, that’s so good baby. I haven’t cum since I came in your lovely mouth. You are such a good cock sucker. And I love how your tongue piercing feels on my cock. God, look at that sweet ass. I’ve never been in an ass that gripped me that hard.”

God, his cock tasted better each time she sucked it. She cupped her hand gently over his large shaved balls. Hoping they soon give her breakfast. She jumped a little when he spanked her ass a few times. Then she moaned as his two thick fingers filled her little hole.

“You are so tight. I love to finger girls. Always have. I think it’s one of the first things you learn to do to girls from other guys growing up. It’s always a thrill for me to finger a pussy for the first time. Hell, I love fingering you everyday. Yeah, suck that cock you sexy ass fucktoy of a tramp. You are suck a whore for my cock. My cock only. Oh fuck yeah, just like that Christine. I want to cum so I can fuck that tight pussy hard this morning. I know it needs it.”

She took him in deep with a lot of suction. Trying to make it explode in her slutty mouth. There was little better than having his big load splashing around her mouth. God, he came like a geyser it seemed. And she loved it. She wanted him to cum all over her face sometime. But not now. It was for her.

“Not much longer now Christine. Just like that baby. Oh yeah I’m going to cum soon. Cumming now AHHHGgggg.”

She loved how is cock pumped all that cum into her mouth. It seems never ending. She waited for permission to remove it. But it didn’t come.

“Stay on that cock for a minute Christine. I’m going to have you suck it in a minute and if it is ready, it can go straight in your pussy.”

She shuddered with excitement. Hell, some guys she had were done after one orgasm. This man didn’t even need to come down. She was one lucky girl that’s for sure.

“Here, Christine, put this condom on my cock. I don’t want to cum until you have cum ten times.”

“Ten times Master?”

“Yes, you can do it. Pretty damn fast too.”

She had a hard time getting the condom over his thick head but finally did and rolled it down. She slid down his cock and started fucking him. It wasn’t long before she was making “I need to cum, noises.”

“Cum you little cum slut.”

Once again her pussy erupted in a gigantic gush wetting the sheet below. He let her ride out the orgasm.

“Start fucking again.”

Once she started cumming she just came faster and faster. At last she came ten times and she was sweating. He rolled her over and put her legs over his shoulder. Pulled of the condom and bent her knees back to her full breasts and pounded that pussy until he came. She came with him and gushed one last time.

“Oh fuck, Master. I’ve never been fucked like that before.”

“Me either. We are something special aren’t we?”

“Yes we are, Master,” she said with a smile.

“Hey, maybe I’ll call in sick today. Can you cut your other classes?”

“I probably could. Not much going on today.”

“So you want to spend the day with me? We can ride out to the cabin and fuck outside.”

“But isn’t it a little risky?”

“Yeah, I guess so. But we can stay here. No one with bother me.”

“Ok Master.”

“Ok, let me call the Dean with my sick voice. I’m never sick so they won’t think a thing.”

She smiled as he went into his office to call. She really wasn’t expecting this. A whole day with her Master.

“That was easy enough. Lets just lie here and cuddle for a bit. I feel like a little nap.”

“Me too Master. I was up extra early.”

They dozed on and off for ninety minutes. Enjoying the heat of each other’s bodies. Then Steve was awake. His insatiable cock growing hard against her warm little ass. She felt it was a big ass but you know how women are. He started kissing and licking and biting her neck. That quickly woke up Christine and got her moist.

“How can I please you, Master. Which one of my holes can give you the pleasure you seek?”

“Well, there is one hole left I haven’t fucked. I’ve been thinking about it since I fucked it on Friday. Let’s give you a bath first.”

“So you can lick my ass, Master?”

“You know it baby.”

“Master, may I lick your ass too?”

“Only if you really want to.”

“Oh God yes, Master. Your ass is so hot.”

Christine loved baths and showers. She loved both feeling warm soapy hands on her body and washing her Master’s body. Working her little finger into his tight asshole thrilled her. She had never licked an ass before but feeling how much pleasure he gave her from that she wanted to return the favor. They got each other’s ass squeaky clean.

“What I want you to do, Christine is to lick every inch of my body below my neck. Start with my back. Stop when you get to my ass. Then start at my feet and lick up to my ass. Lick all of my ass except for the crack part. Then I’ll turn over. Start at my feet and lick up to my balls. Don’t get your mouth on my cock yet. Then up my chest. I’ll turn over and you can worship my crack and asshole for a while. I’ll turn over again and I want you to kiss every inch of my cock first. Then lick it. Then you can suck it. But not until I cum. I want to cum in your ass. Twice without pulling out. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Master. I think I do. Back, legs, ass, legs, balls. chest, crack, and cock.”

“Good. We have plenty of time so don’t rush.”

Lauren loved to lick but she had never given a full tongue back before. The idea of her tongue being everywhere made her wet. Steve laid there like a king enjoying her tongue. His cock hard the entire time. She was a little nervous about his ass but soon found out there was just good smells and tastes there. Feeling his ass suck on her tongue made her even wetter. She also loved kissing and licking his cock. She had never done that before either in a complete kind of way.

He pulled her off his cock by her hair. Turned her over and spread her legs. Her ass opened up like only a woman’s does. It looked so sweet. Again he wondered why she thought it was big. It wasn’t. It was perfect. This time he didn’t waste any time and went straight for her asshole.

“Oh fuck yeah Master, I love it.”

She couldn’t help moving her ass like she was fucking his tongue. He forced it in ass deep as it would go. Fucking her tiny hole. She let out a huge moan as his finger found her clit. The two sensations were too much. She asked to cum.

“Yes you may,” he said licking her anus as she screamed bloody murder.

Her ass was still a little tender from Friday’s fuck as he lubed her up. But not so much that she couldn’t take it. And she wanted it even more than last time. Never before had she felt so filled by a cock. Yes, it hurt at the beginning but that soon faded into pleasure.

She felt even tighter this time if that were possible. He took his pleasure quickly shooting the hot cum in her ass knowing he’d fuck her twice there. He was still for about a minute.

“Squeeze my cock, baby, as tight as you can.”

Her ass massaged his cock. It was staying hard. He fucked her longer this time. Long enough for her to cum on his cock. Nothing felt as amazing as that to him.

As usual she washed his cock and balls and got his cock that had just been in her ass in her mouth. It felt naughty.

“Lets get back in bed. I have something we need to talk about.”

She cuddled against his chest.

“You know that guy with the blog, WriterDom?”


“Well he and I have been talking. I’m going away next weekend and he is coming here. Staying in my house. You are to serve him like you do me.”

“Oh my God. Really? And you are ok with this.”

“Yes, answer one thing and be honest. Are you in love with him?”

“Yes, I have to say I am.”

“I can tell. There is something missing between us. I can see it on your face at times. Like you aren’t fully here. I don’t know what future you and I have together. He seems a little possessive of you. I guess we’ll find out later.”

“Does he know we’ve been fucking?”

“Yes, but he truly does love you. I think he’ll be past it.”

“I’m a little scared now.”

“You were with me too. You’ll be fine. I can’t see you anymore this week except in class.”

“Thank you. For everything.

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