I’ll finish 3 today I hope

Christine loved baths and showers. She loved both feeling warm soapy hands on her body and washing her Master’s body. Working her little finger into his tight asshole thrilled her. She had never licked an ass before but feeling how much pleasure he gave her from that she wanted to return the favor. They got each other’s ass squeaky clean.

“What I want you to do, Christine is to lick every inch of my body below my neck. Start with my back. Stop when you get to my ass. Then start at my feet and lick up to my ass. Lick all of my ass except for the crack part. Then I’ll turn over. Start at my feet and lick up to my balls. Don’t get your mouth on my cock yet. Then up my chest. I’ll turn over and you can worship my crack and asshole for a while. I’ll turn over again and I want you to kiss every inch of my cock first. Then lick it. Then you can suck it. But not until I cum. I want to cum in your ass. Twice without pulling out. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Master. I think I do. Back, legs, ass, legs, balls. chest, crack, and cock.”

“Good. We have plenty of time so don’t rush.”

Lauren loved to lick but she had never given a full tongue back before. The idea of her tongue being everywhere made her wet. Steve laid there like a king enjoying her tongue. His cock hard the entire time. She was a little nervous about his ass but soon found out there was just good smells and tastes there. Feeling his ass suck on her tongue made her even wetter. She also loved kissing and licking his cock. She had never done that before either in a complete kind of way.

He pulled her off his cock by her hair. Turned her over and spread her legs. Her ass opened up like only a woman’s does. It looked so sweet. Again he wondered why she thought it was big. It wasn’t. It was perfect. This time he didn’t waste any time and went straight for her asshole.

“Oh fuck yeah Master, I love it.”

She couldn’t help moving her ass like she was fucking his tongue. He forced it in ass deep as it would go. Fucking her tiny hole. She let out a huge moan as his finger found her clit. The two sensations were too much. She asked to cum.

“Yes you may,” he said licking her anus as she screamed bloody murder.

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