A little more setting up the next scene

“Hey, maybe I’ll call in sick today. Can you cut your other classes?”

“I probably could. Not much going on today.”

“So you want to spend the day with me? We can ride out to the cabin and fuck outside.”

“But isn’t it a little risky?”

“Yeah, I guess so. But we can stay here. No one with bother me.”

“Ok Master.”

“Ok, let me call the Dean with my sick voice. I’m never sick so they won’t think a thing.”

She smiled as he went into his office to call. She really wasn’t expecting this. A whole day with her Master.

“That was easy enough. Lets just lie here and cuddle for a bit. I feel like a little nap.”

“Me too Master. I was up extra early.”

They dozed on and off for ninety minutes. Enjoying the heat of each other’s bodies. Then Steve was awake. His insatiable cock growing hard against her warm little ass. She felt it was a big ass but you know how women are. He started kissing and licking and biting her neck. That quickly woke up Christine and got her moist.

“How can I please you, Master. Which one of my holes can give you the pleasure you seek?”

“Well, there is one hole left I haven’t fucked. I’ve been thinking about it since I fucked it on Friday. Let’s give you a bath first.”

“So you can lick my ass, Master?”

“You know it baby.”

“Master, may I lick your ass too?”

“Only if you really want to.”

“Oh God yes, Master. Your ass is so hot.”

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