more of the never ending story of Christine

Christine’s ass hurt each time she sat down but it only made her smile. Felt good to pleasure him in such a naughty way. In his class she suggestively sucked on an oversized pen as he talked. What a naughty slut.

She got home and was happy to be alone. She had a clitoral orgasm then fucked her pussy to three more. Maybe that’s why she cums so fast, from doing it so much. Afterwards she felt a tiny bit of sadness over having to wait until Monday to see him again. But she cheered up when he wrote to her and promised to save a full load she could suck out of him early Monday morning. To be at his house at seven if possible. She wrote back saying she’d love to.

She had plenty of homework to keep her busy. And she was going to a movie with a group of friends Saturday night. She got another email telling her not to cum on Sunday. She came anyway. He didn’t get how unreasonable that request was. As a compromise she came only once.

She got another email on Sunday telling her to take her morning piss in the shower through her panties and then change into white boy shorts. She thought that was an odd request but did it anyway. Partly out of guilt for cumming the night before.

She was instructed to go in his house without knocking and to lock the door behind her. Take off everything except the panties and get in his bed and suck him off the way she was taught.

It was still dark when she left the house. She was thrilled to know she’d be sucking his cock and receiving his full load of cum in her belly. The house was nice and warm. She found him in the bed naked. His beautiful cock hard and flat against his washboard stomach. She got into position and put a hand around the base of his cock. He could see her panties were already soaked. She took all of his thickness she could get in her mouth. Pure heaven.

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