Moving on to Part Three

They shared email addresses so they could communicate better. Christine got an email that night asking if she could meet him in his office at nine-thirty. I didn’t say why. Just short and to the point. So she tried to look extra pretty for him that morning.

She knocked on the door.

“Come in it’s open. Hello Christian, lock the door behind you. Something has come up and I won’t be able to see you until Monday afternoon. Now don’t pout it’s not that long. Just the weekend. To carry you over I thought you might like to suck me off right now. Or would you rather I fuck you?”

“Take my ass, Master. Make it hurt until I can see you again.”

“As you wish. Bend your slutty ass over the desk. And be quiet or I’ll fucking tape your mouth shut. And if you even try to tell me to stop I’ll just fuck it harder, do you understand?”

“Yes, Master, but you underestimate me. I want to please you so badly I would take any pain for you.”

She felt his finger probing her tight asshole that never had been fully fucked. The lube felt ice cold. Slowly her ass gave with to his thick cock. She thought she would pass out from the pain but it got better once he started thrusting.

“Rub your clit, Christine.”

Oh God, that made it feel much better she thought. Her pussy was dripping. She rubbed her clit hard feeling the orgasm already cumming. He could tell she was close.

“Don’t cum yet, baby. Just a little bit longer.”

He grabbed her hips and pounded that tight ass.

“Ok, cum with me. Quietly.”

He shot his cum in her ass that was almost painfully tight from her orgasm. She could feel every squirt in her ass. Much more so than when he came in her pussy.

“Damn, that’s some mighty fine ass you have there, baby. I’ll have to give it a good licking as a reward on Monday.”

“It’s your ass, Master. Any day or time you want it.”

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  1. just stopping by…haven’t been by to comment in a long time. still think you write very hot stories 🙂

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