Big girls don’t cry

He put the soft leather restraints on her wrists and ankles. Then connected them to the iron rails in a big X.

“Lets begin with a spanking. I know how hot that gets you.”

He laid his head on the small of her back looking down her ass and began spanking her firmly. She purred loving the feeling of his strong hand tempered by years of weightlifting spanking her sweet ass. Suddenly he stopped and got off the bed.

“Lets see just how much of a pain slut you are. See how you take the tawse. It’s two thick leather straps split down the middle and connected to a wooden handle.”

She gave a little “Yelp” not expecting how much it did hurt.

“Harder Master. Hurt me.”

He let her have it twenty hard times that would later leave her ass black and blue.

“Lets see how you like the cane.”

She heard is swosh through the air and smack her ass.”

“Oh God, yellow sir.”

Once again it came down hard.

“Red Master, please no more,” she said now sobbing.

“I’m sorry baby, no more of that stuff today.”

“Just hold me Master.”

He held her and stroked her curly brown hair.

“What happened to your neck?”

“Burned it with the curling iron. I’m surprised it took you this long to ask.”

“Are you ok now?”

“Yes, my ass is burning.”

“Let me get some ice for it.”

He rubbed a cube over her womanly ass and it did indeed make it feel better.

“I promise I won’t hit your ass again today. And probably not tomorrow either. Ready for your ass licking?”

“Please Master.”

He pulled her hair off her shoulders and began kissing and licking her. Then he slowly made his way down her spine. Stopping just above the crack to give her lower back more attention.

“You like it here?”

“Yes Master.”

“I thought you might.”

Then slowly he made is way down her crack. Going down a little farther then starting over. She had never felt a tongue there and it felt so good. She moaned when he finally reached her puckered pretty anus.

“Do you masturbate with your right hand?”

“Yes Master.”

“I will release it and let you masturbate while I tongue fuck your asshole.”

He made his tongue hard and pointy and fucked her little hole while she rubbed her swollen clit. If you know Christine she doesn’t have much cum control. Soon she was begging to cum.”

“Yes you can cum.”

She gushed all over the sheets and screamed so loud he worried the neighbors might have heard. Nothing had ever made her cum so hard. He kept licking her asshole and it seems she would never stop coming.

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