more more we want more

The next day she woke up nervous and stayed that way all day. What did he mean by training? How comfortable would she be at his house? What if he has a wife there who wants to join in? And she was very nervous about getting her ass fucked. One guy tried but it hurt so much she made him stop. Something told her there would be no stopping him. He hadn’t mentioned a safe word. They barely had talked at all. Yet, she called him Master. And knew she could refuse nothing.

Steve was a little nervous too. He bummed a cigarette off a coworker even though he quit eleven years ago. He puffed it without inhaling. He knew they needed to talk more and he had a plan for that. He would give her a bath in the huge tub. That would give them a chance to talk first and moreover he knew that women liked being clean for sexual activity. Well, most anyway. And he did want to lick her asshole. Ass licking was almost at a fetish level with him. Not all asses though. Just young pretty ones. Christine’s was beyond pretty it was flat out perfect.

Steve didn’t feel like talking so he gave the class a writing assignment. Later, when Christine looked up and found him staring at her. She spread her legs revealing pink panties and touched her pussy a little for him. Yes, this was one naughty girl. Steve felt the bulge in his pants growing and had to look away. Christine stopped and went back to writing.

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