Christine could still feel his cock in her pussy as she drove home. She couldn’t believe it. It was like she made a wish and it came true. And she would get to see him tomorrow. In his bed. Serving him. Learning his ways. She felt the urge to masturbate right there in the car but decided she better pay attention to the road. But damn, her clit was throbbing. She pulled into the Walmart and drove to the side of the building and worked herself into two orgasms. Good ones, too.

Steve got home and pulled out the toy box from under the bed. It was actually an archery case. He had accumulated at lot of toys over the years. And he was wondering what he should use on Christine. He should probably talk to her first. He had no idea of her level of experience. But he knew she loved the spanking. And she did the little finger thing just like in the movie Secretary. One of her favorite movies.

Christine got home in time to fuck herself good with the toy before anyone came home. She was very loud and it was hard to control in his office. She wondered how loud she could be at his house. She didn’t know very much about him and hoped there would be more talking. Sex is great but she wanted to know him as a man too. She wrote a little in her diary about it. And signed it Christine Morris.

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  1. Lovin’ it so far, WD.

    Great story and very very hot. The way that you write makes it easy for me to imagine myself in her place. But I think that it what you intended for the reader.


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