now for the good part

Christine was elated but her joy soon faded as the week went on without any attention from Dr. Morris. She didn’t know if he was just fucking with her head or what. He always gave a quiz on Friday that counted for one third of the grade mainly to make the kids not cut Friday’s class. By then Christine was so pissed she didn’t bother studying. She got drunk with some friends that night and vowed to herself to get over him but deep down she stilled wanted him and was just hurt. She didn’t masturbate the entire weekend because she knew she couldn’t block him from her mind.

She still put on a short dress on Monday with no panties hoping he’d notice. She even thought about giving him a peak at her shaved pussy. But thought better of it. The first thing he did was return the quizzes. Christine got a 72 along with a note. “See me after class in my office.” She felt her heart pounding in her chest.

“Come in Christine. Close the door behind you. We need to talk about that quiz. You are an A student and my class is not that hard. How do you explain such a low grade?”

“I don’t know, Sir. Bad week I guess.”

He stood up.

“Bend over my desk. All the way. Grab the other side with your hands and don’t remove them until I say.”

“But why, Sir.”

“Just do it you dumb cunt. Whatever I say you will do it without hesitation.”

“Yes Sir.”

He lifted up her skirt.

“What kind of slut wears a dress with no panties?”

“A naughty one, Sir.”

She heard the loud crack as his hand found her ass and it pushed her forward. Blow after blow came too many to count.

“Don’t think for a minute this is punishment. I know this is what you have always wanted. If you don’t make an A on Friday you won’t get a spanking until you do.”

“I will Sir. I promise I will.”

“Now get on your knees and suck my cock.”

His cock was beautiful. Just like the WriterDom guy whose blog she had read forever. She tried really hard to please him. To give the best blow job of her life. But suddenly she stopped.

“May I cum, Sir?”

“Yes, but don’t stop sucking that cock. That’s the first time you have cum from just sucking a cock. Nod if it is. I thought so. Don’t take your mouth off my cock without permission. Even after I cum. And do not call me Sir anymore. I am your Master. But you only call me Master when we are alone.

Oh yes, I’m going to cum. Please stop sucking as I as cumming. Too sensitive. Oh God yes my slut.”

She never had a man cum that hard and that much in her mouth in her life.

“Keep that cock in your mouth and touch your clit. Raise your hand if you need to cum.”

A mere twenty seconds went by before her hand came up.

“You are a cum slut. Ok, come for me.”

Her entire body shook as she came.

“Now get back across the desk. Are you on the pill?”

“Yes Master,” she said and the Master came out so naturally.

“So I can cum inside you?”

“Please Master, I want your cum.”

His thickness pinched a little going in. Then he fucked her hard. His body slamming into her ass. He reached up and pulled hard on her auburn hair.

“Please, Master, may I cum?”

“No, wait for me. Won’t be much longer. You are so tight and wet. Just a few more strokes. Ok, cum for me.”

She gushed all over his balls and thighs and tried really hard not to scream. He grunted as his load fill her cunt soon running down her silky smooth thighs.

“Ok, Christine, here is the deal. You will meet me at my home on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday. Wednesday is a staff meeting. Between Three and Five o’clock. Tell your parents it’s for school so they’ll know you will be late on those days. You can’t tell anyone about us. Not even your closest friend. And you have to act like you don’t know me in class.”

“I understand Master. How long will you train me?”

“As long as you want me to be your Master.”

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  1. I think tomorrow I’ll start part 2 of 20 🙂

  2. I had forgotten how much I enjoyed your writing. Thank you for the re-invite to follow.

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