I can’t wait until you suck my cock. I know how long you have wanted to do that. I know you’ll put more effort into pleasing me than you have for any cock. How could you not after this long? It will feel raw and sexual to you. Like a fuck does. I can hear you moaning with pleasure when it finally fills your mouth. I’ll be talking to you which will excite you even more. Telling you how full my balls are and how badly they need emptied. When I do cum you’ll be very still like I trained you. You will thrill to my cock providing you with sweet Master Nectar.

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Today I wanted you over my lap. For a spanking and fingering session. More fingering than spanking. As I said before I love to finger pussy. It’s one of the first acts of manhood I guess. Getting some stinky on your pinky.

Then later today I watched a video on figging and it was good. The girl didn’t like it as first but towards the end it got good for her. Makes me want to try it sometime. It was about 15 minutes long and it took much of that time before she started to like it. The whole time before she was begging to have it out. I have bought some several times but always get chicken to try it. I like to try most things I do to you to see how they feel. That’s shaving ginger root and sticking in someone’s ass if you didn’t know.

I finally had the heat cut on. It’s cold as fuck this week. And going to get colder around New Years. December, January, and February are my least favorite months. My favorites are April and May. Summer is ok too. I can deal with the heat. Not the cold.

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Yeah I want to get you clean and feeling pretty. Lay you face down on the bed. Start whispering in your ear how fucking hot your ass is and how I have wanted to lick it for so long. Then I’d slowly lick down your beautiful spine stopping at your crack. Slapping that sweet ass a few times and then making you beg. “Please, Sir, lick my ass.”  I know you were a little indifferent about it but I talk about it so much you really want it now. I want to lick down your sweet crack going a half an inch deeper then starting over. Work my way down to that sweet puckered hole then hear you moan as my tongue buries in your most private place. I slap your ass again and have you touch your throbbing little clit. You cum so hard you scream.
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I want to use some toys on you. See what you can take. See if you like it. See how wet you get. Nice and slow and erotic with lots of fingering. Some flogging for sure. Maybe the quirt. Maybe the paddle. It makes my cock hard to make you feel a little pain. More so if you like it. I would do it as Master. Call you really degrading names while I do it. Tell you that you are such a slut for getting so wet. It is definitely foreplay for me. Of course if you are in sub space you might need some time to recover first. We don’t have to take it that far though. I want to fuck you hard after I’m done. Get on top of you and almost rape you. Pinning your hands down to the bed telling you it’s my pussy now and no one else is to touch it again. Pounding into you like I want it to hurt. Oh but it doesn’t. It excites the fuck out of you. You gush all over my balls and the sheets. I ride out your orgasm and fuck you some more. I roll over and let you fuck me. This makes you cum again. Now the entire room smells like your sex. I finish by fucking you from behind. My favorite. I love the way your sweet ass looks. Love it more than any other body part. I can’t wait to lick it.

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Merry Christmas

So today was my final weigh in for the Christmas to Christmas weight loss. I hadn’t really thought about it. Until I realized it when I weighed at the gym. The goal was 40 pounds. I lost 42. I’ll be happy if I lose 10 pounds next year. I look pretty good now. Looked at my face in the gym the other day and it looked very thin. I’ve lost more fat than that actually because I have been gaining muscle at the same time.

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short and sweet

Can you see yourself on the carpet? You are blindfolded. On your knees. Your hands are bound behind your back in leather. My hand is tight in your hair. You haven’t seen me in weeks and want to suck my cock so bad. But I keep sticking in your mouth and pulling it out all the way. You are getting frustrated but you know better to complain.

“You want to suck my cock don’t you princess?”

“Yes, Daddy.”

“I’ll untie you and you can crawl to the bed. You know how to suck my cock don’t you?”

“Of course Daddy, I’m not dumb.”

“But you like being called a dumb cunt, don’t you?”

“You know I do, Daddy.”

“Yeah, I don’t get it. I guess you are a dumb cunt.”

“I only like it when I am excited Daddy.”

“I know. I’m not a dumb Daddy.”

I free your wrists.

“Before you start put your chest on the floor. I want to see if you have been squeezing your pussy everyday like I asked. Make your pussy tight for me.”

“Oh God Daddy, your cock is so thick.”

“Very tight now get to crawling. I have a full load for your hungry little belly. ”

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short but good

It’s summer. Why? Because I want it to be. You are wearing a cotton simple dress and the panties we picked out that you only wear on days you meet me. It makes you wet to just put them on. I let you pick between two I picked out. When I paid you said, “Thank you, Daddy,” and gave me a kiss. The girl behind the counter blushed a little because the kiss lasted longer than it should.

We are meeting at a room. I’m already there waiting for you. We get the same room every time we go there. You are so excited. We know each other completely by now. I’ve trained you in all the ways to please me.

You knock and I pull you inside. As always I squeeze your ass and kiss you deep. You knees go weak every time I squeeze your ass. I haven’t told you how we are starting this time. I pull off your panties and place you on the side of the bed having you lie down with your ass at the edge. I suck and lick your pussy, my pussy, until you cum really hard. Then I put a cheap condom on to keep me from cumming and have you ride my cock until you have about seven orgasms. Then I pull it off, and mount you and fuck you hard until we cum together in a loud orgasm half the hotel can hear.

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I bet my toys are all dusty by now. I have two heavy floggers and one light one that is stingy. I have a quirt that hurts. It’s about 30 inches long and make out of leather. A small birch paddle that made a girl cry once. I guess she forgot she had a safeword. A tawse that I’ve never really hit anyone hard with. It would pack a punch. Double straps of thick leather connected to a wooden handle. A riding crop I mainly use for inspections and pussy spankings. A few canes. A lot of women are afraid of canes. The lesbian hated my hairbrush. I’m not sure where it is right now. I have a single tail about 5 foot long that I haven’t tried on anyone. Me and t didn’t do a lot of spanking type play. She was new and I wanted to break her in slowly.

I’m not into writing much today. Guess I overdid it with the Christine stuff. I will do the last part though. The second part hasn’t posted at lit yet and the editor hasn’t touched the third part. Ok the second part posted, I just checked. Scores are low again. Maybe Christine is just too unbelievable of a girl. The way she cums so fast and so many times. Oh well. Go to the Lit site and help me out if you can. It’s in the new story section.

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Vote for my dog!


He is number 171

You might win 100 dollars of free gas

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My clothes fit better today.

If you saw me you’d want to get on your knees and suck my cock.

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She broke up with him once. For about eleven minutes. Back before they fell in love. She came back saying she would have come back anyway. Then they had a big fight and he called her a cold dead fish because she rarely got emotional in her emails. Not the greatest thing you can call a woman but they laugh about it now. Nick had to learn to put his trust in her feelings. He always felt her love on the phone. She just wasn’t a big letter writer. They would fight once in a while like two people do when they have strong feelings for each other. Nick wrote about Alex, another woman, for days in a row on the blog. Lauren got madder and madder each day until she exploded on her own blog about it. He smoothed that over by saying he would no longer use names in his blog unless it was her name.
But my God, on the phone they were great. He would be a Master to her and something else I can’t say here. She always came at least three times if they had time for it. And true to the story she was very fast. He instinctively knew when she needed to cum so she rarely asked but rather came on command.
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Part 4 the final chapter


“Hello Lauren, or should I say Christine.”

“Lauren,” she said with a laugh.

“Guess you know this is Nick, aka WriterDom.”

“Yes silly.”

“That was fun pulling one over on everyone. Making them think you were fucking your professor. You wouldn’t really do that would you?”

“No, not while I have you I wouldn’t.”

“So you might?”

“I’ll plead the fifth.”

“Can you believe we’re meeting on Saturday?”

“Yeah it’s all I think about. I’m glad I’m out of school this week.”

“Pinch your nipple for me.”

“Yes Master.”

They have the best phone sex that Nick ever experienced. Every time it is good. Started out that way from the beginning. Nick wasn’t sure when he fell in love with her but it was soon. They both felt it coming and talked about it openly. How it might not be a good thing to fall for one another. But soon they were telling each other the “I love you” thing. Is it possible to love someone you never met in person? They believed it.

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