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There is something sexy about a sharp dressed man. That’s the first think Christine noticed about Dr. Morris. That and his handsome look and pale brown eyes. She was a sophomore taking his history class. Like a nerd, she sat in the very front of the class right in front of his desk. She kept checking out his package as he walked back and forth in front of the class barely noticing his introduction to History 102. She was squirming. Only knowing him a few minutes yet she knew that she would suck his cock if only he would ask. And spanking, oh my God, thinking about her bending over his desk for a bare ass spanking almost made her gush. There were other pretty girls in the class but she felt his eyes on her a lot. Did he like her? Fuck, she hoped so. She checked her watch to see how long before she could cum in the bathroom stall. There would be no waiting until she got home. She bit her lip and tried to think about something else. Her jeans were already spotting.

She was relieved when he ended the first class early. Fewer girls would be in the bathroom and she was pretty loud. But she couldn’t wait to cum thinking about riding his big cock. Dr. Morris was a tall guy and she imagined he had a big one. She hoped one day she would find out. She came in less than a minute. Gushing into the bowl. She couldn’t wait to get home to fuck her pussy properly. His pussy. Did she really say his pussy? She knew at that moment she was hopelessly lost.

She gave herself four orgasms when she got home relieved that her parents weren’t there so she could scream. Dr. Morris. She couldn’t stop thinking about him. He had no ring on his finger either. No wife. She wondered if he had a girlfriend. It didn’t matter. If he did she would steal him away. She would do anything he asked including licking his ass. She came two more times before she fell asleep with Dr. Morris taking her every hole. She even woke up thinking about him being fairly certain she had dreamed about him.

Steve taught his last class and locked the classroom and headed to the gym to meet Aaron. Aaron was a long time friend and also a professor.

“Hey Steve, you ready to hit the weights hard?”

‘Sure buddy, I’m going to work your ass off today. Hey you won’t believe this girl in my second period class named Christine. She looks like she just walked off an Italian beach. I have a feeling she likes me too.”

“Well, don’t go thinking with your dick. Dating students is a bad idea,” said Aaron.

“I know but the heart wants what it wants. I just don’t know if she is my type,” said Steve.

“You mean the slutty submissive type?”

“You know me too well. Lets start with the bench press.”

Later that night once Steve got back to the condo, he fixed dinner still thinking about Christine. He broke out the expensive lube he bought for anal sex and masturbated while he thought about Christine serving him. Crawling for him. How he wanted to claim every hole as his own. He came harder than he had come in a long time. Showered off and slept like a baby.

Christine took extra time with her make-up as if were at date the next morning. She picked out her favorite short dress that showed a little cleavage. She put on her favorite perfume along with a little of her pussy juice which was damp all morning.

Once again Steve was impeccably dressed in a jacket and matching pants and a blue silk tie. As he entered the room he walked up to Christine and put his hand on her shoulder.

“Christine, you need to see me after class?”

“Yes, Sir,” she replied with her heart almost leaping out of her chest.”

She barely heard a word of his lecture just wondering why he wanted to see her. The class emptied as she walked up to his desk.

“Hi Christine. I was talking to Dr. Doyle and he as too many students he is advising so I took over several and it included you. When is a good time for you to come by my office tomorrow? I want to go over your schedule with you and just get to know you a little better.”

“My last class is at two,” she said as her knees felt like they would buckle.

Dr. Doyle was a golfing buddy of Steve and he agreed to release Lauren to him if Steve forgave a fifty dollar bet from Sunday. Dr. Doyle was also a Master who lived with two women, one an ex student so Steve knew he could trust him.

Christine couldn’t believe it. She would be in his office tomorrow. Taking guidance. Not the kind of guidance she really wanted from him. Would she suck his cock if he pulled it out? Hell yeah. She would never make the first move. But she’d give him anything he wanted. Anything. She got home and had a quiet session of masturbation only because her father was home.

“Hey Aaron, ready to do some deep squats today?”

“Sure, man, last time I was sore for days. How was your day?”

“Well, I kind of did a bad thing. You remember the girl I was talking about yesterday?”

“Oh my God. What did you do?”

“Nothing that bad. I got Dr. Doyle to let me be Christine’s academic advisor,”

“Jesus, Steve. I can see this heading for trouble.”

“No, I’ll be cool. I just want to get to know her better. But yeah, I can tell she likes me already. You know how women are. If they want you they have ways of letting you know. And I like the way she says “Yes, Sir” to me. It’s like she enjoys it a little too much.

“So you are going to totally end up fucking this girl. What if she bribes you for an A?”

“Oh, she’ll get an A, don’t worry about that. An A in cocksucking.”

“You are incorrigible Steve.”

“Well she is the most beautiful girl I have seen in my thirty years. Hot little body too. Tan legs leading up to a nice spankable ass. Nice tits and I could see she has large nipples too.”

“You are a walking hormone Steve. Just be careful buddy. Keep it out of the public eye.”

“I know we can’t date yet. But we can sure as hell fuck all day.”

The next morning she felt more nervous than excited. Alone with him in his office and she had over two years of school to do. She would have to talk to him at least once a semester. And how did this happen? She was kind of glad. She didn’t like Dr. Doyle. He was mean looking and gruff.

Today he was wearing a red sweater over a dark turtleneck with pants that seemed to hug his ass just right. Lauren heard other girls saying how cute they thought Dr. Morris was. She wasn’t the only one. Lauren spent the class daydreaming and not paying much attention to what he said. History didn’t interest her that much. He sure did. She had one more class before the meeting.

She was very nervous. She knocked on the closed door.

“Come in. Close it behind you dear. I have your grades here. You are a very good student.”

“Yes Sir.”

“What I want to do today is get an idea of what you’ll be taking next semester. It won’t be etched in stone if you change your mind. You haven’t had a science yet?”

“No Sir.”

“Which one interests you the most?”


“So you like math huh?”


“Yes what?”

“Yes Sir,” she said, turning three shade of red.

She never forgot another Sir that day. Her pussy was soaked too. She knew about bdsm and now figured he did as well. She would suck his cock right there in the office if he asked. And by the look in his eye he knew it too.


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  1. That’s a lot for one day. Almost 1400 words. Lot more to cum. And it will be better after my Editor cleans it up.

  2. WOW…..and my names christine …couldnt get any better……(as she types with wet fingers)

  3. Yes yes, great stuff indeed. Getting so hot, can’t wait to see what happens next.

    Patience, patience.

  4. So she has two names huh? :p

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