My ass

My tight little ass. If my ass was fat and hairy I wouldn’t want you licking it. But it is almost hairless and cute and perfect. Well not perfect but I’m working on it.




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I’ve started a story quality one today

Not sure that I’ll post it until it’s finished. But I’ll be posting something later I’m sure.

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21 hits in less than 2 hours?

doesn’t look good

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First meeting.

The day is finally here. When you get to meet your Master in person. You are nervous but excited at the same time. You know he’s in the motel room waiting. Room 225. You pull into the parking lot. Take a few deep breaths for courage and open the door. It is freezing outside. You are glad to be in the warmth of the lobby. You head for the elevator take another deep breath and press two. You check the numbers and head down the hall. 225. No turning back at this point. You knock on the door. It opens. He is finally before you.
“Come in. Don’t be nervous.”
That makes you giggle. Your knees are shaking.
“Take off your coat. Sit with me on the couch. We’ll have a glass of wine.”
It’s a dry white wine that feels good going done your throat that is slightly dry from nerves.
“How was your drive.”
“Fine Master.”
Just saying Master makes your pussy wetter. He takes your free hand and holds it. Rubbing it with both of his hands. Soft warm hands. You know they will be on your body and it excites you. You kill the wine and place the glass on the table.
“Do you want more wine?”
“No Master, I’m a very light drinker.”
“I wish I could ameliorate the situation. But there is no easy way to begin. Please stand and strip down to your panties.”
You stand. This is easier than you thought it would be. You want to please him so much. Your panties are now visibly wet and that embarrasses you slightly. You know he will notice.
“You are so wet. What a slut. Go in the kitchenette and place your hands on the edge of the sink. Spread your legs and bend over more. That’s it.”
Two fingers fill your cunt. You moan it feels so good. He slides your panties over your ass.
“I said I would wait to fuck your ass. After seeing it I may have to break that promise later.”
You gasp and the riding crop strikes hard against a cheek. Then one to the other.
“Whose ass is this, slut?”
“Your ass, Master, to do with as you please.”
“Good answer.”
He spanks you hard with the crop. You yelp when one comes between your legs and hits your shaven cunt. He keeps spanking until your ass turns magenta. Then he cuts off your panties with a knife. You feel his hard cock push in. It pinches a little going in but then feels really good. He fucks you hard. But he pulls out before he cums.
“Get on your knees, quickly slut. Suck my cock. I’m almost there.”
His cock tastes like you. Sweet. You wanted to have his taste. But you know you’ll be sucking him all weekend. His hand tightens in your hair.
“Oh God, I’m going to cum. Stop sucking while I do.”
He cums like crazy. So many jets splashing around in your mouth as you try to keep up without spilling any. It’s so good. Ever better than you imagined.
More later.
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Only four views since midnight.

The 5 day streak of over 100 is

in jeopardy. That’s a weird word.  
I would lick Vanna’s ass and she is older than me.
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Meet me at CJ’s at 12:30 for lunch. Yes, it is a couple of miles past my house but I don’t feel like rushing things today. After lunch I want you to look around in the used book store for about ten minutes to let me set up the bathroom. I want to have a nice bath drawn for you. I’ll be upstairs and I’ll give you a few minutes to get in.

Yes, you know where this is headed. I want to lick and fuck your pretty little ass. I want to feel it on my rested cock. But I’m not going to cum in your ass. It would probably be too much cum. I’m going to try to pull out and make it to your face. Jerk off into your mouth. I know what a cum slut you are. Then you can clean and finally suck on that cock you love so much.

Next I want to flog you until cum streaks your thighs. I’ll tie you up to the door hook. Put a spreader bar between your legs. Bite you a little. Reach around and pinch those hard nipples. Start spanking your ass to warm you up. Then flogging you. I’ll use a thuddy one and the stinging fang. Going back and forth. The fang will be good when I start to get tired. It’s so light. After that, you’ll be able to take something rougher. I’m not sure what yet. Won’t be the cane though. Maybe the tawse or the paddle with the holes in it.

Then I’ll get you down and just cuddle until you are ready for reality. Then I want to make love to you. A face to face fuck with lots of kissing. Not fucking you hard. We over did it last time and you got pretty sore. But I will fuck you hard before you go.

That night I want a long session of bondage. I have some new candles I want to try out. And a few surprises.

Saturday you’ll do a lot of lap fucking. On the couch. At the cabin sitting on the steps. On the couch in the cabin. Let you gush out all your cum. And I like to be able to spank your ass too. Depending on how sore it is after today.

Sunday will be a lot of Master/slut play with hard doggie fucking.

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more anal cumming

I’ve been on an anal kick for a while. Maybe one more will get it out of my system.
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I need nine hits to beat last week.

So share it with a kinky friend if you have one.

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A short one to get you going.

I want to rest my head on the small of your back. Facing your ass. Strumming your wet shaved pussy very lightly. No goal in mind. Not caring if you cum or not. Once it a while I spank your bum. Several times. Or quite a few. No pattern really. I can feel your body react to the strong spanks. Then a different reaction when I stroke your pussy. Getting even wetter from the spankings. I’ve learned how to touch your clit from watching you so often. I cat tell you are getting close. Not quite there yet though. More spanking. Cheeks now glowing red and hot. I stop and position myself behind you.

“She sleen.”

You raise up on to your knees. I rub my cock up and down your very wet slit.

“Touch your clit, girl.”

“Yes Daddy.”

Your first orgasm of the day is getting closer. Fighting it but losing the battle. I don’t want you to have to ask. I plunge my cock in deep. You know when that happens you don’t have to ask. That my cock is a “Yes.”

We are at the cabin so you can scream. And you do. Loudly like a feral beast. I’m grinding against you holding my cock as deep as I can so your strong muscles won’t push me out. My pussy keeps squeezing my cock. Finally it’s over but it has left you close again. A few minutes of fucking and you’ll be squirting all over me. It feels so good on my morning wood. I can’t wait to cum together with you.

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You can pick more than one.

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I need 35 more for 500.  And GO DAWGS!

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warning contains piss

She was told to be waiting in the bathtub of the motel room at 2:30 naked and blindfolded by the scarf. He had three bottles of water on the way there and had to piss really bad. She heard him come in and hurry to the bathroom. She felt a strong stream of piss against her breasts.

“Tongue out.”

She stuck her tongue all the way out and he covered it in pee and kept pissing all over her.

“Mouth open.”

He stuck his hard cock in her mouth where a few more jets of piss came out for her to swallow. They had been working on this a few times with the goal of her one day taking a full load of piss in her belly.

“Wash yourself off you filthy slut. Then get back down to wash my cock and balls and ass. Clean my ass good because you’ll be worshiping it when we get out. Now dry yourself off and crawl to the bed. You haven’t earned the right to walk in my presence yet. Not until I have taken all of your needy fuck holes.”

He was on the bed on his knees with his face on the pillow. She knew to lick his ass whenever he did this. No words needed. She was wet already. She loved his round cute butt that was nearly hairless. And she loved how it seemed to open up wide for her tongue. Nothing was better than feeling how his tight asshole would suck on his asshole.

“Just your ass Master or do you want your cock stroked as well?”

“Just my ass for now slut. I’ll tell you when to lube your hand.”

She was in heaven licking his sweet ass. Knowing she’d get his cock in all her holes multiple times.

“Stop slut. Go crawl and get my birch paddle out of my bag and bring it to me. Now assume the position. I’m going to paddle you twenty times for your poor excuse for licking. I expect you to give me one hundred percent all the time no matter what you are doing. Was that the very best ass licking you could do?”

“No Master, it wasn’t. I deserve it.”

“Count them, One Master may I have another. When you get to twenty say Twenty Master, thank you for training your unworthy slut.”

The blows were hard and painful and with no warmup were no fun for her. But she took them bravely. She was relived to get to the last one. And knew better to ever halfass lick his ass again.

“We aren’t done here yet. As a further punishment I will take your ass with no lube other than your cunt juice. With no foreplay. But after you open up it will be pleasurable.”

He wet each of his fingers and thumbs in her cunt and then stuck them in her ass. Then she moaned as his cock entered her cunt, fucked her a few times, then pressed against her ass. He pushed it in slowly. She cried out into the pillow. And he began to fuck her. Soon she was pushing back.

“Oh yes Master take your undeserving ass. May I touch my clit Master?”

“Yes you may.”

Her ass was too tight without lube so he pulled out and lubed up his cock and her ass. It slipped back in easily.

“Thank you Master. That feels better. Take your ass as hard as you want.”

He fucked her hard. Harder than he had ever fucked her before.

“Please Master, may I cum?”

“No, don’t you dare. Wait for me. I’m getting close.”

“Hurry Master. I need to cum so bad.”

“Ok slut, cum for me.”

She felt his cock explode in her ass. Her entire body shook as she came harder than she ever came before. He could feel her entire ass sucking and squeezing his cock. He collapsed on top of her and just laid there for several minutes not saying a word.

“Ok slut, crawl to the bathroom to clean up your cock. We have lots more to cover today.”

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