First Time

The version of how we meet keep changing.

I know people have different rules on how they meet. Some insist on nothing physical happening the first time. That almost never applies to me. After a couple of months the girl wants me bad. They all did.

We both know what we want. I start by helping you remove your dress and stepping out of my clothes. You are in your special panties you only wear on days you meet me. You are so beautiful I get the same thrill I got when I saw my first girl naked. I pull you to me and hold you tightly, getting my hands inside your panties to squeeze your ass. I’m very much into asses. My cock is hot and throbbing against your belly.

Our first kiss is a good one. I can’t wait to eat you but that comes later.

I kiss your neck and kiss up to your ear. My voice is sexy on your ear just like the phone.

“I know you want to taste my cock more than anything right now. You may get on your knees and do that now.”

You get on your knees and I grab a handful of hair and tug you toward me. Not guiding you. I want you to do what you want with it. I feel your little hand around the base and then your warm wet mouth on my cock. Cum soaks your panties and you moan into my cock from wanting it for so long. For masturbating about me all these months.

You suck it so good my knees feel weak. But I don’t want to cum. Not yet.

“It’s time for your first spanking. I want you over my lap on the couch.”

“Yes, Master.”

I slap your ass lightly on the panties and feel how wet your crotch is. Shamefully wet. I know your clit is throbbing. I pull your panties down over your ass. It looks so much better in person. I can’t wait to lick you there later.

Unlike a lot of inexperienced submissives, you know you want to be spanked hard. And that’s what you’ll get. A nice slow erotic spanking until both of your buns are nice and red.

“When I am done, you can finish sucking my cock. I could tell from your knee sucking that you’ll make me cum. Remember to be still after I tell you I’m cumming. And be ready, I cum a lot. I don’t want you missing a drop. Then I want you to kiss me. I want to taste my cum and cock on your mouth. That’s kind of nasty but we are a nasty couple. After I cum in your pussy I want you to clean my cock with your mouth. You know you’re juice is running off of me. Glad I put a towel down. You are such a little slut. Your ass is a nice magenta now. How did you like it?”

“I loved it Master. It made me feel more submissive to you. I just want to make you happy. My ass feels so hot and my clit is throbbing like crazy.”

I bent over and gave your warm ass a little kiss and pulled your panties up.

“It’s hard to say goodbye to that sweet little ass. It will get more attention later. But for now I want to get you even wetter. By kissing you. Biting you. My hand roaming everywhere but your sex. Sucking your nipples. Doing my secret tricks to them. Now remember when it gets painful and you need to cum you can ask me to eat you. Just don’t do it in the first minute.”

“Oh Master, I’m almost there now. If you just licked me now I would cum right away.”

“Ok then baby. Just let me make one trip from mouth to neck to nipple to neck to mouth. Then I’ll give you relief. Right now I want you to suck me and drain my big balls dry.”

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I want this

so I wan this

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Lots and lots of foreplay. Your cunt just gets wetter and wetter. Little clit throbbing away aching to be touched. My hand roaming everywhere but your sex. My mouth sucking and nibbling on your nipples. Once in a while it meanders north to kiss your neck, bite your shoulders, and whisper in your ear. I can tell by your sounds that you are running out of patience. Excited to the point of pain. Needing my tongue down there so bad. I’m in a merciful mood. I remove your wet panties. Stuff them in your mouth so you don’t scream. I press my tongue against your clit and let you masturbate with it by moving your hips. This teaches me just what I need to know. Exactly how you like it. I reach up and pinch both nipples. Your hips still moving from excitement but now I’m licking you just like you moved against my tongue. I know you are close. Very close. I draw some of your wetness down to your little anus. It’s actually already wet from pussy leak. I hear a please escape your mouth.

“Cum for me baby.”

I stop licking your sensitive clit. Force my finger about an inch in your ass to feel the contractions as you cum so hard for me. It goes on forever. You are still panting. I know the next won’t be far behind. I straddle your face and give you another taste of my cock you drained minutes before.

“Are you ready for it? Spit it out and tell me it’s my pussy.”

“It’s your pussy, Daddy. Please?”

I’ve dreamed of this moment so many times. I rub it up and down your wet slit getting the mushroom head wet. Kissing you deeply on the mouth. Then kissing up to your ear.

“I love you, little girl.”

“I love you too, Daddy.”

“Oh God, you are so tight.”

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Fucking you

I like to think that we have met before. You are standing with your legs spread and your hands behind your head. Naked. I’m pinching your nipples. The gateway to your throbbing clit.

“Whose nipples are these?”

“Your nipples Master. To do with whatever you want. I just want to please you.”

“You please me just by being here my little pet. It’s been weeks. Would you like to taste my cock again slut?”

“Oh yes Master. May I?”

“Yes, get on your fucking knees right now. Make your mouth into a vagina and suck me for your pleasure. Oh God, that’s good. I don’t want to cum though. Not in your mouth. Not this time. I want to cum in my pussy and then eat our juices out of you in a 69.”

“My body is yours Master. For whatever pleases you.”

I put your legs over my shoulders bending your knees to your perky tits. Once again I claim my pussy. Impaling you on my thick cock that pinches a little as it enters you.

“Oh, I love my pussy. Tell me it’s my pussy.”

“It’s your pussy Master. Fuck me hard Sir. I need it so bad.”

“Yes, I know you do. I want to fill up my pussy with my cum. So much that it runs down your ass with I pull it out. You know how much I cum with rested balls.”

“Please Master, it’s your pussy. Only yours. Take me as hard as you want.”

“Oh God, baby. You are so tight and juicy. I don’t know how long I can last. But I’ll be fucking your cunt all day long. It pleases me so much. More than any other I’ve had. I want to take your ass next. After I wash you good so I can lick your naughty little hole. First I’ll spank you hard for liking it so much. You are such a little slut.”

I’m only a slut for you Master. Please claim all your holes. I want you to hurt me today. Leave marks that last a week on my ass. Chew on my nipples until they are too sore to touch. Piss on my tits if you like, Master. Whatever you want. I was born to please you.”

“Squeeze my cock tight my little whore. I can’t last much longer. It’s just too good. I’ll make it up to you later.”

“Please take your pleasure Master. Nothing more makes me happy.”

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Another Daddy post

I don’t write about incest. This is just two people enjoying role playing.

Daddy’s beautiful girl is on her way. I’m so excited I could cum. But I want to save all of Daddy’s creamy cum for my girl’s hungry little slutty mouth.

As soon as you get here, I want to undress you. Feel your young body pressed tightly to mine while we kiss. My hands squeezing and kneading that sweet ass I want to spank so hard and so bad.

“Oh God, baby, Daddy needs you so much. I could pick you up right now and fuck you against the wall.”

“Whatever you want Daddy, I’m yours.”

“I want you to suck my big cock. I know how much you love that. Get on your knees now and do it, girl. Oh yes, I love that feeling. I have saved up so much cum for you. You like it when I pull your hair like this?”

You nod yes.

“Let me sit on the couch. You make my knees weak with pleasure. Yes, that’s it. Just like that and I’ll cum in a few minutes. I can’t wait for Master/slut time. I do want to Daddy fuck you and bathe you and lick your ass. Then I’ll switch before I fuck that ass. Tie you up to the bed. Make you fuck my cock with your ass. I’m going to pull all the way out and paddle your slutty ass if you aren’t fucking it good enough. I better feel you trying hard to squeeze it. I know it hurts like hell for the first minute or so but you know you’ll end up liking it. Maybe if you make me cum hard I won’t paddle you. That scary looking paddle with 10 holes in it. You are becoming such a pain slut you probably want to be paddled. I’ll give you a little taste of it when you crawl to the bed to fuck me. Make you stop a few times. Not extremely hard or anything. Once we get to the bed I want you to fuck me on top. You cum so hard that way. I want to watch you do all the work. My pretty girl riding Daddy’s hard cock. That’s what I love about you. You really know how much you please me in so many ways. With your beauty, with your body, with how hard you have always cum for me. Oh Damn, I need to cum. Here I cum baby. Enjoy every squirt.”

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I think about all that lies beyond the voice
intoxicating smell of a woman
soft smooth skin of youth
can only imagine how sweet your kisses
knowing how you are
more and more excited
until you can’t contain it
one end gushing as the other screams
soon ready for more
a mere swallow to your thirst
I never wondered if I could
turn you into a quivering mess of ecstasy
I do that just whispering in your ear
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going off the deep end

You are on your knees where you belong. I grab a handful of hair and jerk your head back. I bite you hard on top of your shoulder. Growl in your ear.

“You are nothing but a cunt to me. Three cunt holes to use all night long. You’ve wanted my big cock in your ass forever. Knowing that it will hurt and you will relish in that hurt. I’d fuck you there first if I didn’t know how much you want to drain my balls into your belly. Maybe I’ll fuck your ass after I make you worship my asshole. I know you want your face buried in my beautiful ass and your tongue slivering up my most private place. Don’t worry about it. You’ll be there more than once I assure you. Yeah look at that big cock a foot from your slutty face. I know how much you want to taste it. How many times you laid awake at night and rubbed my little pussy raw and here it is. You can gently wrap your little hand around it now. Feels heavy doesn’t it? And so hard, yet soft in a way too. Kiss it now. Every inch of it. You can smell your Master now. I bet you are so wet right now. I want you to crawl everywhere you go until I fuck all your slutty whorish holes. Now lick it good with your tongue. That’s it, the back side too. Let me get two handfuls of hair. Oh you like that don’t you? Now suck it. Suck it good like you have wanted to suck for so long. Touch your clit while you suck me but don’t you dare cum yet. I’m going to fuck your ass next. Tie you down and fuck it hard. Use it for my pleasure. I want it to hurt at first. Then you’ll accept it and realize that you can finally please me this way and you’ll be begging for it even harder. I want to fuck it so hard I can’t fuck it for days. I want to you walk around feeling me there on Monday. I’ll have your pussy to fuck. My pussy. And your mouth to get me hard. I want to pump my cum into you all day long. Use your mouth just to get me hard. By licking my ass or sucking my cock. I don’t know what my limit is but I want to find out. Cum a dozen times until I wear you out. Drink a few bottles of water so you can take my warm piss on your breasts in the shower. Water it down enough to where you can drink a little bit. I know deep down a part of you wants to get that nasty. I want to spank that pussy while you lie on the carpet with your legs open. Facing away so all you see is my tight ass you love to worship so much. Smacking it with the crop a thousand times so you remember me there. I’ll put a towel underneath you since I know a whore like you will be very wet. Then I’ll shove my cock in deep and fuck you so hard your breasts will bounce. Biting those hard nipples so they ache for days.”

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ass fucking

We’ve met several times before. I say that just to make it easier. No drama. This time we decided to get a room halfway between us. I’m already there waiting as you knock on the door.

You take off your dress and drop to your knees. The normal way of greeting me unless I tell you otherwise. You are delighted to see that I’m kicking off my shorts. My cock growing as you stare. You reach up to touch it.

“No hands. Not yet pet.”

You give a little frown but then open up as I move in closer. Giving you more and more of my cock until your mouth is stuffed. I pull your hair so your eyes lift and meet mine. So pretty. Then you groan as I pull it all the way out. Moving my hips side to side slapping your cheeks with my thick cock. I give you just the head. You try to move forward to take more but I have you by your slutty hair.

“Crawl to the bed and I’ll let you suck me dry. Place the crop that is on the bed between your teeth. Then spread your legs and lie across the side of the bed.”

I grab the crop from your mouth and start spanking your asscheeks. But not hard so it is only irritating.

“I guess you want it harder. Like this. Does that make you wet?”

“Yes Master, please, leave marks.”

I give you a nice long spanking. Not counting them. Until your ass is as red as the bag of coffee I brought. I take a cube of ice from the bucket and rub it up and down your heated ass. Feels cooling. I see how wet you are and stick two fingers in my pussy.

“You feel very tight. Have you been squeezing my pussy everyday like I asked?”

“Of course, Master.”

I want to feel that on my cock. So I ease it in deep cherishing every inch of your wet pink tightness. You moan as I start fucking you slowly.

That’s enough. We can fuck all weekend. I want that first juicy load in your stomach. Get your pussy pointed back here so I can see it while you suck me. And spank that ass a little more. Later I’ll fuck your ass. I think you have progressed enough to take a hard ass fucking. Easy at first but then pound that ass some later.

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The Tent

“Honey, come in here please.”

“Yes, Sir?”

“Get on your knees and suck my cock.”

She didn’t have to be told twice. And she loved the feeling of it growing bigger and bigger in her mouth. She put her little hand around the shaft and started sucking just like he liked it.

“You are getting it hard so I can fuck you. I have the tent set up outside. In there is a ball gag so you don’t alert the neighbors with your loud slutty noises. The tent has a floor but that’s it. I want to feel like I’m fucking you on the planet. I’m going to fuck you hard and steady until I cum. Cum anytime you need to. I want you to gush all over me. It’s cold out there so wear your long jacket. It’s about 40. You can wear a long T=shirt and socks to fuck in. When we are done we’ll shower off and get in bed and watch tv until we get tired. Maybe one gentle fuck with you on top before I turn out the lights.”

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I wish I could kiss my pussy right now. Sweet soft kisses everywhere. Telling you how good my pussy looks. How good it tastes. Seeing a various points how much of your tender flesh I can suck in my mouth. Watching it get wetter and wetter. No rush. Just me enjoying your tight little cunt. I want to seal my lips around your clit and make a vacuum. See how you like it. You like it when I lick you like this. Yes, I know. You cum every time I lick you like that. I’ve noticed some women suck my cock very well but stop and do something else. Not good. That’s why I never stop licking you when I start. I learn what makes you cum and I keep doing until you do. Not today though. I’m just getting to know it better. Having my fun with it. You are on the edge of the bed and I’m on my knees licking you.
I’m so hard right now. I think I’ll make you cum. I don’t think you’ll last a minute. When you ask to cum I’m going to stick my hard cock deep in your cunt and hold it there while you cum. Then I’m going to get on the bed and have you ride my cock. I want you to use it for your pleasure. Hit the right spot so you cum hard and gush. I’m going to try and cum with you like we do on the phone. If I can’t, I’ll turn you over and fuck you for my pleasure until I do. Shoot my cum deep inside you.  
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New offical drink of the blog

Peach Tea Diet Snapple

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yellow dress

There you are in the middle of the room in your little yellow dress just as I asked. You tied a scarf around your eyes as directed. You hear me coming down the stairs. Feel me touch your dress and hear the zipper fall. I haven’t removed it yet. Instead, I bite the top of your shoulder, kiss your neck, and whisper in your ear.

“How was the drive?”

“Fine Sir. I have missed you.”

“Missed you too pet. In many ways.”

I grab both breasts squeezing lightly.

“Whose breasts are these?”

“Yours Sir.”

“Whose nipples?”

“Yours Sir.”

I slip the dress off your shoulders letting it fall to the floor.

“Step to the left out of the dress. Let me put it on the couch. I see you are wearing the panties we bought together. The ones I told you to always wear with me from now on. Did it make you wet to put them on?”

“Very much, Sir. I’ve been wet since I woke up. I need your cock bad this weekend. Everywhere.”

“Spread your legs for me slut. A little wider. That’s it.”

You feel six hard spanks to each cheek. And feel your cunt ooze more of your wetness. God how you have missed being spanked.

“Touch your clit.”

“Oh please Sir. I can’t do this long. I’m on the edge as it is.”

“Ok, stop. Step out of your panties. Remember the picture of me on the couch on my knees I sent you?”

“Of course, Sir. How could I forget?”

“That’s how I want you. Something like that. I’m going to stick my cock inside you and let you cum. If you have to touch your clit a little that’s fine. I’m going to hold it in deep so you can’t push it out. Then I’m going to fuck you until we cum together. I have towels down so if you need to gush by all means do it.”

“Please Sir may I taste your cock first? I’ve missed it so much.”

“Sadly you can not suck it. I want feel your cunt on my rested cock. But I will allow you to lick my balls first then lick my cock. Just don’t put it in your slutty mouth.”

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