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New bed is ready to rock your world.  Plan on painting the room as well.

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Moon is back!!!!!!!!

I found Moonshine at 5:30. Me and her other neighbor got him in a cat cage. Well first I had her call M on the cell phone. I don’t know if she can find a vet on Saturday or not. But he is very strong and doesn’t seem sick to me. I guess it’s typical for even a fixed male to go exploring. It’s just that he never left the 3 yard area before. Or maybe he is a little sick and found a spot to nap.
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car fuck

I’m fixated on extended foreplay. Touching her body but not her sex as I take turns sucking a nipple or maybe licking and biting her neck and shoulders. Women like this and won’t be in a hurry to stop you. But I want to do it to the point where her pussy is so achy she has to ask for release. To either eat her or fuck her. Pain of too much foreplay. Then I’d really believe it would take about ten seconds to get her off with my tongue. She would cum hard and loud as a wet finger invaded her ass.

Fuck her cunt and her second orgasm wouldn’t be too far behind. Maybe two more from fucking. Hear a lot about women who can’t cum from fucking but those that can usually do it often. Like I said before the ex couldn’t last sixty seconds on my cock. If she was on top anyway.

Did you car fuck as a teen? I did a lot. A sitting fuck with her doing 90% of the work. I want that really bad. I like being fuck. Then I can focus more on how my pussy feels on my cock. Some women really clutch my cock tightly when they cum. I can feel that better on the bottom. But it’s all good. Mouth, the three major positions, ass and maybe one more pussy fuck is a typical day for me. Not in that order though. If we wake up together usually I want to fuck right away. If we are meeting I like to be sucked. Usually. I want to try the rested cock anal thing with someone who knows they love anal. Where I cum and stay hard and fuck you again with my cum as a second lube. But for my non-anal fans that would work in a pussy too I guess.

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say a prayer for Moonshine

He is the neighbor’s cat but I’m the only other person he’ll let pet him. He had an infection on his tail and when she came home at lunch to take him to the vet we couldn’t find him anywhere. She’s worried he went off to die somewhere. That would just devastate her. She loves him a lot.
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13 hits from this one thread. See the power of Blog sluts talking up the blog?


Got the bondage bed set up. Might be Friday before I can get the box spring and set it up.

Nice Serta mattress. Home to many orgasms for one lucky girl.


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simple things

Sometimes it’s the simple things that turn a woman on. The brush from behind of her shaved pussy by my cock. My smell. The way I touch you through your clothes. A woman’s neck and shoulders being kissed, licked, and bitten. The obvious sexual places like nipples, clit, vagina, and asshole. Every woman is different though, like a snowflake, and each give me an opportunity to learn. Almost every blog is about someone real. Someone willing to open up and let me learn them. I’ve had readers for years that don’t open up to me. I guess they find what they want here.

You’ll find everything here from young pretty nineteen year olds to 50 year old BBWs. Both would get their mouth and ass fucked and their cunt fucked three or four times. Women in their 30s are great too. They are younger, to me anyway, and over most sexual hangups.

Some women come here for foreplay. Maybe too far, too attached to someone else, too shy to even contact me, but the come and rub their pussy wishing the words were real. That makes me feel powerful. That I can harness that power into something real. That I can make you tremble before me. So wet for just a taste of my cock. That might be a reason why my real sex life sucks. The power scares you away.

I wish you were here right now. You may or may not have the perfect body. You could be three hundred pounds as long as you were willing to serve me. Standing before me naked. I like to start by pinching your nipples. A nerve runs from your nipples straight to your clit. Whatever nervousness you have leaves as I pinch them and you get wetter and wetter. I drop my shorts and kick them away. You get to see that cock you have dreamed about for months. All you want to do now is drop to your knees and suck the cum out of my big balls. I know this because I know you. Instead I take you by the hand and lead you to my bed. Where I lie and offer you my cock. I always start this way. The very first time anyway. You won’t always get what you want so be sure and enjoy it.

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Daddy might have to keep you in the basement. You are such a little whore. A shameless slut who can’t go one fucking day without masturbating. Let me Daddy suck those nipples. Your breasts are getting huge for Daddy. You know what that means? It means you are old enough to fuck now. First I’m going to do all the things to your nipples that drive you wild. Wet your little panties like a slut and Daddy will spank you over his lap. Daddy’s hand is softly rubbing your thigh making you crazy. You can’t help yourself.
“Daddy, please eat my pussy. I need you down there.”
Instead you get a strong spank on your cunt that leaves you wanting more. Fingers now milking both nipples, hot breath on your ear.
“You are such a little slut for daddy. I know you’ll be soaked and I’ll have to spank your ass. You are just bad. Born that way. You’ve been rubbing my pussy raw since the first time you read Daddy in my blog. I know all your dirty secrets too. I know why you can’t go one night without cumming. I want you to hold Daddy’s big cock and touch your clit while I watch. Don’t jack Daddy’s cock though. I want to cum inside you after you finish. I’d get a cam for you to put on a show for random guys on Yahoo but you’d probably enjoy it too much you fucking whorish cock trap. I’m going to rest my head on your thigh and turn my ass towards you so you can see how cute it is. I want your finger in Daddy’s ass later today while you suck me. You are such a dirty slut. Nice girls don’t stick their fingers in asses you know. Now put Daddy big cock in your tiny hand. Think it will fit in your little hole? Show me how your rub that nasty pussy. I bet you can’t last a minute. That’s ok cum quickly so you can take Daddy’s big cock deep in your virgin pussy.”

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pink little piece of heaven

Once again you feel the softness of the sea sponge between your buttcheeks. You love it when I pamper you there. Soon you’ll be on you tummy on the bed. My lips and tongue slowly making their way down your spine. My little tongue moving down your crack a little and then back up. Farther and Farther until I get to your naughty little hole. Have you rise up on your knees so you can touch your little clit while two fingers fill your cunt and my tongue forces it way into your tight puckered hole where I have started fucking you now. The first time I didn’t claim your ass. Just treated it gently. That made you want me there more. The second time you asked me to fuck you there after you came. My thickness really hurt for a minute, but I kept reassuring you it would be ok. I took my pleasure there and emptied my seed into your bowels.

It kept getting better as the months went by to where you really need your ass fucked now. I always spank you afterwards for liking it so much. A lady really shouldn’t let a penis or anything into her ass. But you are no lady. You are my little girl. My fucktoy. My shameless fucking cock sucking greedy little slut. Three holes of pleasure any time I want them. I love to get hard in your mouth and finish in your tight wet cunt. There are times I feel it grip my cock like a fist then a flood as your gush is released. You get spanked for gushing too. You get spanked for a lot of things.

Later tonight I will flog you with your hands tied over your head standing. Your feet spread wide by the spreader bar. I love the sound of the leather tails against your ass. And I love how wet you get. Sometimes streaking down your slutty thighs. I always fuck you hard and deep after a spanking. From behind, our bodies smacking together. Then I stop and make you fuck me like a prostitute in a hurry.

Then we sleep. We always fuck first thing in the morning. You ride me until you cum which isn’t very long then I get on top to shoot my morning load into your pink little piece of heaven.

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pink boy shorts

You were told to get her, undress, and get in the middle of my bed with your pink boy shorts on.

Lets see how wet we can get your little pink panties today. Set the timer for twenty minutes and suck your hard nipples. One hand tight in your slutty hair, the other roaming around everywhere but your sex. Please don’t beg me to eat or fuck you. If you do we will simply reset the clock. And you don’t want that.

When the buzzer goes off I’ll stop and take a picture. Show the world what a slut’s panties look like after twenty minutes of nipple torture. Then I’ll pull them off and fuck your tight wet cunt with my fresh cock. After I fill my pussy with cum I want you to squeeze it out into my hand so I can let our juices drip into your slutty mouth.

Then I’ll spank your ass for liking our nasty mix of juices. Tie you to the bed face down and fuck that ass. Later there will be time for you. For now it’s all about pleasuring my cock. After I cum deep in your slutty little ass, I’ll let you wash my cock and suck it. Sucking it is a privilege and not a right. You must always ask to suck it unless I tell you the night before you can wake me that way. I don’t know that you’ll ever need to ask because I’ll be pulling you down there by your hair when I want it. Sometimes. I might just tell you to. My wish is your command.

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cherry tomatoes

Hey, if you are a guy try this. Fuck your lady with really short strokes. Half or less. For 10 strokes or so. Then go deep. Back to shallow then one deep. You’ll feel her body just melt when you go deep.

The next time you suck my cock I’m going to slut talk throughout all of it. I think that would turn you on. Seems like I’m usually quiet when you are doing that. I like sluts who liked being talked down to. Who see it as a turn on. A dirty little cock sucker. A trashy fucking slut. A three holed fucktoy for my pleasure. A shameless man attracting free whore.

I was writing a story about eating her pussy for 30 minutes. And for every orgasm she has, she gets a stroke from the paddle I drove holes in. I did something similar years ago to some slut on my couch but using an electric vibrator. One of those wand looking things. I remember using a condom and her pussy wasn’t tight enough so I fucked her ass. And she loved it. I don’t know why we never hooked up again. She was only fifty miles away. But that was over 10 years ago.

Might go to a baseball game tonight. All Star little league. Support the local boys. Oh, and I have to pick cherry tomatoes for my neighbor. I don’t like them and no sense in having them go to waste.

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Sweet comment from the ex

Ummmmm I have actually been with Writer Dom and I know this will sound like a BS. But he can does and can, cumming 3 times in one day is his low avg when in the mood! I had been with men my own age, he was just a little older than I am and he puts them to shame ! I am not overstating the facts. He did not ask me to write this, we are friends now but… OMG I have never been so fucked before


What a nice thing to do!  We had amazing sex didn’t we?  You are the best cocksucker I’ve ever had. My cock always came even if it was the 5th time in a day. I remember one Saturday I fucked you really good. You on top, me on top, and from behind. You came all three times. Must have been the condoms that wouldn’t let me cum much.  So you would finish me off with your mouth. I’m sorry I never got in your ass. Maybe if we had more time I could have.  Honestly I think you are small there. And we know I’m thick. And I wish I spanked you more.

I’m always on good terms with my old lovers. Except for C. She was writing and one day stopped without warning. I figure her new hubby put his foot down.

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