Happy New Year’s Eve.

My fiscal year starts tomorrow. I will celebrate this year every June 1st. Heartbreak, Sadness, Separation, Death, and Greed. But that’s life I guess. Hard times awaiting everyone. But next year I hope there are a lot of good memories to celebrate. I hope I’m healthier, happier, with more friends, and a even bigger garden. I hope the economy is better. The wars will wind down. And the Dawgs will kick some Tech ass in football. The blog has its ups and downs. I hope overall it is doing better by next year. I know Twitter is bringing in a few views and I have 153 followers now.

And if your wish is to suck my cock, I hope it comes true!

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I wish you were here on your knees blindfolded.  Say you have been here a few times already so no nerves only wanting. You want to suck my cock so bad but I won’t let you. But I do let you smell my shaved and freshly washed balls. You try to lick but I pull your hair hard and say no licking.
It’s pure torture having to smell your Master’s sex and not being allowed to suck me. Nothing makes you happier.
But I don’t want your dirty little mouth on my big cock. Not when I have my tight little pussy to fuck. The one you squeeze 100 times a day for me. Or more. The one you have been rubbing for months.
So I push you back onto the cool hardwood floor. Put the head between your hungry cunt lips. While you want to suck my cock, you don’t really care as long as one of your holes is pleasing me. And you know you’ll be sucking on it all weekend.
I start pushing it in a little. Not past the head though. You want it bad. That wonderful feeling of being completely filled. Then I notice you are dripping onto the floor. I remove your blindfold.
“Go to the bathroom and get a towel, you dirty slut. Getting your cum juice on my floor. Lay it flat on the floor over your spill. Then join me on the couch. Lay across my lap. I’m going to spank you for being such a slut. Then I’ll fuck you in the floor. You know how horny I get after I spank you. Now get moving.”
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My favorite band growing up. Times have changed.




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Are going to be ok. I’m getting my life back. I settled this thing in a manner that makes me look good. And I’ll get what I deserve. And that’s all I ever wanted.

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I want you to lie on the side of the bed with your ass at the edge. Me standing, my cockhead rubbing on your wet gash while you play with your clit. Maybe I lick a little too but you aren’t getting my cock until you ask to cum. We’re not using protection either. I want to feel you cum on my flesh. I want to hold it in deep so you can’t push it out. And I want to twist those nipples like I used to. My cock would split you open it’s been so long.
Then I guess I would put a condom on and you could ride my cock and cum again. You know, I don’t think you ever lasted longer than a minute on top.
Then me on top pounding that little cunt hard. I don’t want to cum though. I want to cum in your slutty mouth. You probably gained five pounds from all the cum you swallowed.
Then I’ll tie you down to the bed and spank you hard with something. The hairbrush maybe. Until you start to cry. Then I’ll untie you and hold you until you feel better.
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close enough to perfect


I’ve never really admitted how much I like country music. In California I found a lot of comfort in the bluegrass bar.

This is a very old song. But even back then I was thinking about you.
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Short morning post

I like beating on women. I don’t even have to like them to do it. But I do have to like someone to fuck them. Size doesn’t matter. I’ve had large girls and skinny girls What turns me on about it? I guess that you allow me to do it. Not just allow but it gets you very wet. Some pain is erotic. Some pain is just bad. Like getting stung by a bee. And it’s all about warming you up too. The slower I go the harder you can take.

There are people who can play that way and not have any sexual involvement. If you are a reader here you know that’s probably not going to happen. Some people probably don’t agree with what I do. That I encourage horny net geeks or something. But sex is what I do. If you don’t like it I’ll give your money back

The reason I don’t write about spanking and flogging is that it is very difficult to write about without BATMAN type POWS and SMACKS.

But you can count on all you can handle each time we are together. And a rough fuck once we are done. It really turns me on. I want you to get so wet it runs down your smooth thighs.

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Garden picture


Beans are the bright things you see on the left. They get bigger every day. About half on the right will be turned into corn and beans. Beans that will run up the corn. So come fuck me in two months or so. Lots to eat!




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New Orleans

I’d like to meet you in New Orleans. Wake up and fuck you in the morning. From behind. Later go somewhere for lunch. It’s really hot there. Hotter than anywhere I’ve been I guess. It’s not the heat really but the humidity. So we’d both need a shower when we got back to the room.

We could shower together. I love soft soapy hands on my cock, balls, and ass. Then we could play a while. Tie you up in the floor with a spreader bar between your legs and tease you with my cock. Giving you a taste and then pulling it away. Until you get sloppy wet. Then I’d take hold of the bar and push you on to your back. Push the bar all the way to your breasts so I could fuck you deep. I like to fuck. Blow jobs have their place, but I really like to take a women when she is helpless. And if the truth were told, I think a lot of vanilla women would like that too. Maybe not on the first date, but if they felt safe and secure then yes, I think most would like it.

Then corporal play. Spankings, floggings, various toys. Leaving marks. Nice pussy spankings too. That gets me hot and ready to fuck again. This time your ass. Tying you up and making you beg for it. No safe word either. Don’t even try. I don’t care how bad it hurts. I won’t be rough but you need to learn to take a cock there.

Then another shower and some cuddle time. I’m a horny mother fucker and might even fuck you again. Before dinner.

A nice dinner and I’d be ready to go again. It sound a little like bragging but that’s just the way I am. t didn’t completely believe me but she found out. Maybe some bondage this time. I bet they have some nice beds there. If not you can always tie up from the legs of the bed. A lot of sensation play. Wax and ice play. Get you to the point of cumming then sticking my cock in you for you to cum on. Fucking you again after you calm down.

Maybe another fuck before we sleep. I could go on like this for about three days before I got worn out.

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Lest We Forget


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On this day: 1925 – Scopes Trial: John T. Scopes is indicted for teaching Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution.


Today’s birthdays:Theodore Huebner Roethke, Tom T. Hall , Anne Celeste Heche





Word of the day:The Word of the Day for May 25, 2009 is:

obnubilate • \ahb-NOO-buh-layt\ • verb

: becloud, obscure

Example Sentence:

The essays include a significant amount of digression and extra commentary, all of which tends to obnubilate the author’s main point.

Sunrise/sunset in Atlanta GA May 25, 2009 6:31 AM 8:39 PM

Didn’t sleep very well. Lack of sex I guess. I feel really guilty about all the masturbation because my thick cock feels so good in my hand and it needs to be in your little hand along with my three holes.

But I know one day it will happen. You’ll be sucking on my cock all day. Maybe not to orgasm. I’d rather fuck you anyway. Fuck a women with shallow little strokes for about 10-15 strokes and then go deep inside and they just melt. Or go all the way inside you and just grind like I’m churning butter.

I want to fuck your ass too. So badly . You can feel every squirt when I cum in your tight ass.

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Just ask

I think about meeting you for the first time. Knowing you’d be so nervous. If I could just get you inside the room or house I’d be ok. I’d have you get on your slutty knees right away. Just sitting with someone for an awkward thirty minutes sucks. Been there and done that. I’d just whip out my cock and have you start sucking it. Like you have done a thousand times in your mind. Now you have something to focus on rather than your nerves. I’d grab your hair really tight, pull away, and make you say, “I love your cock, Sir,” and then have you get right back on it.

Then I’d have you crawl to the bed, not walk, to finish me off. I’d want to cum fast so I could turn my attention to you. I’d tell you it’s not time to be shy and to get naked for me. Then I’d spank you over my lap. Nice, slow, and erotic. I know that would get you even wetter. Getting my fingers inside you. Wondering how good that will feel when my cock splits you open.

Have you on the side of the bed with your ass at the edge. Me standing watching you rub your little clit. My cock at your hole waiting on you to ask to cum. Maybe pinching your nipples hard. Talking to you like I do on the phone. My cock right there and you want it so bad. You don’t even care about cumming you just want my cock, but you know you must cum to get it. Maybe I get in a few licks of my pussy as well.

Telling you how hot I am for your cunt. How much I want to fuck it once your pussy is done trying to spit it out. How good it will be to fuck your tight juicy fuck hole. Stick a finger inside you and rub the wetness on your little asshole. Not putting it in though. That’s comes later. After I bathe you.

I can tell you are getting close now.

“Come on girl. If you want the cock you have to ask to cum. Just ask and I’ll give you what you have wanted for so long”


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