I’ll be at the cabin tonight with brother and sister.

I wish they’d tell me in advance.

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more of the story


At last Lauren was able to relax enough to start really wanting her ass fucked. Two weeks ago he licked it three times but refused to fuck it even though she begged. He told her that she would want it much more if the waited till next time. And John was right. Her panties were almost ruined as she drove to his house from her wetness.

She came in, took her clothes off and got in the bath he had prepared her. The water was blue and kind of slick from the bath beads. She almost squealed with delight when she heard his footsteps.

“Hello little one.”

“Hello Master. May I suck your cock? I’ve been thinking about it all day.”

“No, not this time. Not until I fuck your ass. Don’t pout. You have over two days to suck on it.”

He knelt beside the bathtub and began washing her soft skin with a sea sponge. She loved when he pampered her.

“Now get on your hands and knees. Oh God, your ass is so hot it gives me chill bumps each time I see it.”

He soaped her ass up good and cleaned it with the sponge. Then his soapy finger there teasing like his tongue. She never gave much thought to ass licking until she found the blog. It make it really easy for her to enjoy because she knew he loved it. She even started working out harder just to please him. She almost came when he washed her cunt.

He didn’t bother drying her off. She liked to be wet. He ravaged her ass like a starving man with a plate of food in front of him. Stopping when she asked to cum.

“No, don’t cum yet. Let me get my cock in that tight little ass first.”

He lubed up his hard cock and her pucked little fuckhole. And sunk his cock deep into her tightness.

Touch your clit. And say It’s your ass Master. Over and over until you ask to cum.”

She was so excited she stutters over the words three times and then asked to cum.

“May I cum, Master?”

“Yes, cum on my big cock,”

She screamed when she came and her tight ass milked his cock that he kept buried deep inside her so her strong muscles wouldn’t push him out. It seemed like she came forever and was still panting as he started to slowly fuck her ass.

“Keep touching your clit. I want you to cum with me.”

She couldn’t cum on demand with no touching. But she could get to where she needed to cum very easy and he knew what that sounded like even on the phone.

“Hold on just a little longer baby. I’m close. God your ass feels better than any hole on the planet. Ok, I’m going fill your ass up. Cum with me!”

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Anal blog coming. You’d know that if you followed me on Twitter

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Good morning sluts

Two new poems.
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This might be a 300 hit day

The power of tits!

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Let’s talk about Mandy. First of all, I can’t fuck Mandy so don’t be jealous. But Mandy likes girls. A lot.
There is no power exchange between you and Mandy. You are both here to please me and please each other as I see fit. I can spank Mandy’s ass and cunt but I can’t leave marks like I can on you. I can see you riding my cock while she straddles my face. Licking her pussy as your pussy is getting fucked. As soon as I cum I want you to straddle her face so that our cum in dripping into her slutty mouth. Pretty naughty huh?
I want you on top of her in a 69. After watching for a while, I start fucking you from behind. But I want to stick my cock in her mouth when I’m ready to cum. Pussy makes me squirt so hard.
I can’t fuck her but you can with a strap on. From behind while she sucks my cock. I want to make a replica of my cock. So she’ll know what my cock feels like.
I want you both in a bathtub washing each other. Making sure you both get a soapy finger in each other’s ass. Then I want you in bed kissing while I lick an ass and finger both pussies. Once in a while telling your to roll over so I can lick the other.
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Time for more coffee

Another Domme has linked me. I find them interesting. As I do lesbians. Not sure I want to repeat my lesbian experience but I will always love j. I’d love to give a Domme the night off. Not looking to convert or change her. The next morning she can go back to her boys. No one needs to even know. But for one night you’d be my slut. You’d pay me too just for the humiliation. You get the room and pay me twenty bucks.

If any of that Domme attitude showed its ugly face I’d beat your ass. Seriously. Tonight you are my slut. Nothing more. Three holes for me to fuck anytime and anyway. I don’t think I’d let you walk either. If you need to pee you can crawl to bathroom. Squat in the tub and pee so I can watch your filthy piss come out. You talk about small cock humiliation let’s try big pussy humiliation. How many fingers can I get in your cunt? My whole fist? It has been done before.

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How did you find me?

Just wondering

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Are you male or female?

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I want

I want a big padded stool you can get on all fours and it would fit you perfectly. The perfect height for me to fuck either your mouth or your cunt. I guess I could walk from side to side but not today. When I say “cunt” I want you to stop sucking my cock and present your ass to me. When I say “suck” turn back around and start sucking. You, just a spinning little whore to serve me. I could even have your ass all ready to take my cum. I know you want it in your mouth today.

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New poems

Two new poems both mentioned in the new poem review thread.
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Wet or your money back

On Human Bondage

I’ve been tied up a couple of times. Ten years ago or so. It was an interesting experience.

Today I’m going to tie you face up to the bed. Wrap black silk around your head to take away sight. Earplugs in your ears to take away sound. Not a “first date” kind of thing but we’ll pretend you know and trust me.

Other than the restraints and play collar you are naked. It’s been about twelve days since I’ve seen you so your are extra horny. Your pussy has been wet all day just thinking about your last visit. From the time you put your special panties on that you wear only when you meet me. Adding to your misery, you were not allowed to masturbate yesterday. You hate that because normally you cum two or three times at least.

I did allow you to suck my thick cock first. More for me than for you. I need to get the edge off my desires for this kind of play. You can’t see or hear. You can smell, feel, and taste. I take a fresh strawberry, dip it in chocolate, and place it in your mouth. It tastes almost better than my cock. You chew it up and swallow and smile. You feel so safe and secure with me knowing I’ll take good care of my pet.

I start stroking your curves with my hand. Feeling like my hands are instruments of love and I’m showing you love. But I avoid your sex for now. You moan slightly as I slide my hand across your tender inner thighs.

An ostrich feather now. (tell me if you are too ticklish) Lightly from your forehead, around both breasts down to your even wetter now sex. Then, out the blue, I give your cunt five hard spanks. Finish by sticking two fingers in your wet tightness, then quickly out and into your slutty mouth. You squirm with delight.

I leave you for a moment and go to the freezer where I get two metal clamps I found at Home Depot. They are pretty strong and you give a little “Yelp” as I attached them both at the same time to your hard nipples.

I light a red and blue candle. Hold them in one hand and in the other I have two ice cubes. And start dripping them both on your breasts. Creating art I think as the dots start to cover your body. I do this for about seven minutes. Then stop to take a picture for the internet.

You feel the bed sink as I straddle your face and lower my balls to your nose. You breathe your Master in deeply, then instinctively start to lick me. Enough of that for now.

I had many other plans for you but seeing your body writhing on the bed has make me horny again. I remove the earplugs. And start running the mushroom head of my cock up and down your wet cunt.

“Beg for it, slut.”

“Oh God, Master, I want your cock so bad. Please give it to me now.”

“When I’m ready, you fucktoy.”

“Oh shit Master, please stop, I’m going to cum if you don’t”

“I like it when you cum. You want to cum on my big cock, don’t you?”

“Yes, please, may I Ohhh fuck.”

I impale you on my cock as you cum. You scream with I remove the clamps from your nipples. I keep my cock deep inside you and pull your hair and bite the top of your shoulder. Your cunt is like a toothless mouth sucking hard on my cock as you cum for what feels to you like forever.

“Oh my slut, I think that was your best yet. Say ‘I love your cock, Master’ over and over while I fuck you.”

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