A love story

Once upon a time there was a girl. A very nice and smart girl. But she had a dark secret. Inside her lived a slut. Wanting to please and serve a man in any fashion he wanted. Dark desires, like being tied up and whipped only excited her.

One day she found him. Or he found her. It’s hard to say because from then on life was never the same. They didn’t just have sex. They would do sex all day long. It was as if they couldn’t get enough of each other.

Finally the pain of being apart was too great. He collared her and they moved in together. It wasn’t always perfect, but it was always good. And they lived happily ever after.

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Cum Hither, slut.

I like to use WordPerfect. Most pompous asses do.

Nice to hear that some ladies DON’T sleep in their bras like the ex. I like to sleep naked when it’s warm. I like it warm. No fan of cold. No snow this year and I’m thrilled. Snow to the north, snow to the south. I guess I’m in some geographic oddity.

But on the show.

This time your legs are spread by a spreader bar. The wrist restraints holding your hands behind your back like handcuffs. Handcuffs are kinda sorta dangerous and leave marks and make your wrists hurt for days. A true masochist might like that. But I want you to be comfortable.

As usual, I like to start with your nipples. It seems to me that for most women, not all, there is a nerve running from each nipple to the clit. So I pinch them both. Harder and harder until I get a reaction from your face or body. Something that says “that’s hard enough.”

Then I like to grab the entire breasts and squeeze. But I notice you keep eyeballing me so I wrap black silk around your eyes and tie it at the back of your head. Now you can’t see me opening up the toy case and getting my black English crop. But you recognize the feel of the leather tip caressing your inner thighs. Then without warning is slaps hard against your shaved cunt. Six times or so. You bite your lip trying not to cry out and your legs feel a little unsteady.

You sense me walking around you and yelp as I give you 5 hard smacks on each cheek. Three more on my pussy from behind. Then five on each cheek once again. You feel my teeth biting your shoulder. My hand pulling your head back by your hair. A hot low growl in your ear.

“I’ve got you now, slut. There will be no flowery romantic crap this weekend. Just you serving as my fucktoy. I promise you’ll go home sore on Sunday. In every way possible. Mouth chapped and sore from sucking. Pussy hurting when you walk. And feeling my cock in your slutty ass for days. And that creamy ass will have plenty of marks to remember me for quite some time. I’m going to get the bar and restraints undone. Leaving the blindfold for now. Get on your hands and knees. You can have the right to walk once I’ve taken every hole. Follow the sound of my voice to the couch. Find my balls with your tongue. And start licking them. If you do a good job, I might let you suck my cock.”

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Fucking Master

“Undress slut, and fold your dress and place it in the chair. You won’t be needing it for a while.”

Your heart is racing. It’s been too long since I touched you. The shyness you used to feel is gone. God, how you need me.

“Inspection. Very good.”

I touch you with the crop. You want my warm skin. Not the leather tip that circles your breasts and draws neat to your shaved cunt. I spank my pussy. Not too hard, but hard enough to make your legs shake. Then I circle around behind you. Press my hot cock against your womanly ass. Oh, how you need that cock again.

I squeeze your breasts and pinch your nipples.

“Whose breasts are these?”

“Your breasts Master.”

You fight the urge to ask to suck my cock. Your little clit throbs with every heartbeat. I face you again. Pull you to me and kiss you deeply as a sailor home from the war would.

“On your knees my fucking slut. Press your nose against my shaved balls and breath me in. Good girl. Now suck my cock.”

You moan as you taste my cock again. Almost heaven. You feel my hand tighten in your hair. I start to fuck your face.

“That’s enough. I want to feel my tight pussy again. Come sit on my cock and fuck me.”

I sit on the couch. You straddle me. And feel the pinch as my big cock fills you.

“Oh God, I love your cock, Master.”

“My cock loves you. Now fuck me nice and slow”

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Notice there is a Tweeter link on my blog now. It’s some new feature of Woodpress now. I’m not sure what tweeter is or does, but there it is if you want to follow it. I’ll talk to my tweeter advisor tomorrow and maybe learn a little more


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Kate and Laura

My darlings,



Here is how I think it would work. And this is just fantasy for now. Laura calls Kate, Kate. Laura has to obey Kate just like she has to obey me. But if there is work to be done like cooking you do it together. Say I’m at work or something. Kate can say, “Laura, come eat my pussy.” Or “Laura, I’m going to eat your pussy.” “Laura is allowed to ask things of Kate. Like, “Kate , may I eat your pussy?” Kate can say yes or no, or give me a bubble bath first. 

Together we would have two on ones where two please one. Or whatever else I wanted. 

And it would be ok if Kate wanted to pamper Laura at times. Give her a bath. Wash and dry her hair.


My two sweet girls. I think we’d have a King sized bed and sleep together. If someone is feeling sad they can get in the middle and be cuddled.


I’m not sure if Kate would punish Laura. That might be my job


I want Laura on top of Kate. Both kissing deeply. While I fuck each of you, going back and forth. You’d both know when my cock goes in the other by the way your bodies react. And Kate would have to clean out Laura’s pussy if I came in it. We can’t let my seed go to waste.

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Anal day

Anal day. You’ve turned into quite the anal slut. But I don’t give it to you enough. Not enough for you anyway. I want you to crave it. On anal day, it’s usually the first hole I take. Preceded by some flogging or spanking play just to get me hotter.

I like to stick my cock in your tight cunt first and then add additional lube. By then you are plugged to help open you up a bit. I pull it out, lube you up some more and sink my cock in deep.

It hurts a little going in but you have learned to even enjoy that part now. Today I’m letting you touch your clit as I fuck your tight ass really slow. At times just holding it deep so I don’t cum too fast. I want you to cum on my cock today. While I hold it deep inside you so you don’t accidently push it out. Then I’ll take my pleasure there. That’s what you really like. Me cumming. But even more so in your ass because you can feel it there better than my pussy. Even feeling my cock get thicker before I cum.

I always stay in your ass for a little while after I cum. Then we go to the shower where you wash me off good with soap.

I think we would do this every weekend. It would make me horny for the rest of the day. Lots of fucking on ass day. It’s more of a slut day too that I don’t let my romantic side show much.

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Where did spring go??

I need someone to practice on. I get ideas but unsure how well they would work. Like attaching your suckchain to your ankle restraints so your legs are straight up in the air. I saw a picture of that and it was interesting. Maybe just use toys on you until you cum.

Yeah, I get hard and write. You read and get wet and cum. It would be so much nicer if you were here and we could do. Feel what it is like to submit to me. Maybe go to dinner first. Or just begin. I don’t know which is better.

Inspections are good only if a woman is comfortable with her body. And a lot of women are not. I’ve seen women who couldn’t be more perfect and yet still hate their bodies. If I like you I don’t care what you look like. Yes, I know, I write about beautiful women a lot. But that’s just writing. My first sub must have been about 250 or 300 pounds. We still had fun. I wished I had done more to help her because she was trying around the time we met. I could have weighed her twice a month and rewarded her if she lost weight, and beat her ass if she gained.

It gets cold in the house on day like today. Even though it’s 55, it seems like winter.

We’d probably spend the night in bed fucking. Keeping each other warm with our bodies. Have hot chocolate breaks.

Not a lot of play tonight. Just a few spankings. Maybe a pussy spanking.

Tomorrow I’ll do a good panty wetter.

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And now

There is rain all over Georgia through Western Alabama. We needed this so bad.

I want to cum inside you. And never pull my out. I really think it would stay hard and we could fuck again. Of course to be inside you forever isn’t practical. But that’s how close I want to feel to you.

Sappy sappy romantic WriterDom.

I can’t help it. I’ve always been a romantic. With a cane.

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god I miss you

just to hold you

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For the straight girls

What am I craving?

Rope from each leg of the couch connecting to your wrists and ankle restraints. Legs are spread wide. You are wearing your tightest pair of panties. Inside your panties is a small vibrator like a pocket rocket. It feels good but almost uncomfortably good as you struggle against the ropes.

The couch is pushed away from the wall and I’m standing behind you pinching your hard nipples. Hard enough to crush a cherry. You’ve been told not to cum but we both know that is a promise you can’t keep. When I see that you are near the breaking point I will allow you to cum. But I’ll take away the toy and spank your pussy hard with the crop the entire time you are cumming. Then I will cut your panties away with a knife and stuff them in your mouth and fuck you silly.

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Just a tease

Cold and rainy. We might get as much as 5 inches before it’s over.

You are pouting because I told you that you couldn’t masturbate this morning until I get back. You are a little cum slut who needs to cum at the very least two times a day.

You spent some time on the blog which was a bad idea because my pussy is all wet and achy. Little clit throbbing away. You’ve been told to take a shower thirty minutes before I get there and to put a soapy finger in your ass.

That means you will definitely get an ass licking and probably an ass fucking as well. You have become quite the anal slut. Even enjoying the moment of pain when I enter you there. And the way you “feel fucked” there for a day or two later.

So you shower not getting your head wet. And shave my pussy for me. You know I like it nice and smooth.

So excited. Like everyday is Christmas for you. You hate orgasm restriction but you also know when it’s over I fuck you all day and night. Now it’s time for you to kneel naked on the bedroom rug.

You hear the door. I’m not alone. I’m with a 25 year old woman. Long black hair and soft curves. She kneels beside you without saying a word. I undress and go from mouth to mouth until I finally cum in your mouth. I tell you to kiss her deeply. The soft kiss of a woman mixed with my cum. You are both in heaven. Both in need of release.

I have you 69 with her with you on the bottom since she is shorter. I tell you that whoever makes the other one cum first will get my cock first.

More later.

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I love this song

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