Spreader bar fun

You are sitting in the floor on a towel. A spreader bar between your legs. A spreader bar across your back as well connected to your wrists holding your arms helplessly out like a scarecrow. My hand is tangled tightly in your hair. My cock so deep in your mouth that your eyes are watering. My pussy soaking wet and I haven’t even touched it yet from your last visit. I start to fuck your mouth like a cunt. In and out. It tastes so good. Master cock. You have gotten off before just touching your clit and thinking about pleasing My cock.

You seal your mouth around it. Trying to give it pleasure. Knowing My balls are full. Very full. And wanting every squirt down in your belly.

“You want My cum, don’t you slut? Beg for it with those pretty eyes. Yeah, I’ll cum in your mouth. I know you are a little cum whore. After I cum, I’m going to tie you to the bed and make you cum over and over. Then I’m going to fuck you. Little short strokes, only about two inches deep, about 10 or 15 then plow My cock deep inside you and feel you melt underneath Me. If I feel like I need to cum, I’m going to pull all of it inside and grind against your clit until the feeling passes. Yes, I want to fuck My little pussy a long time. I want you to cum on My cock like a good little slut. Cumming so hard you make me cum. Make Me spill My seed deep in that pink wet pleasure hole. Then I’ll untie you and let you suck My cock back to hardness. Tie you up doggie style and fuck your ass this time. I love cumming in that tight ass of yours. Cum so deep in your ass and then hold it there and relax against you. Just enjoy being in your ass. Curious to see if your ass can keep My cock hard so I can cum twice. Using My cum for lube. Then, after dinner, I’m going to pick three toys to spank you with. See how much pain you can take. Starting off easy getting you in the right frame of mind. Then leaving all kind of pretty marks for days. Some purple, some black, some still red for days. Then when you get home I want you to look at your ass everyday and thank Me for the marks. Once they are gone, write Me a nice letter asking for more.”

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My Cum

I think often I write about what you want and not what I want.

I want to feel your mouth on my cock all day and night. Just grab you by the hair and pull you down there. I like to cum a lot. My ex thought I was bragging. Telling tales out of school. But 15 orgasms for me in a weekend is about average. I love sex. And other play. A mix of spanking, bondage, and sex for hours at a time only stopping for food and then starting back up. I think I’m hornier now than I was as a teen. I would fuck Anne once. Now I would fuck her all day long.

I want to hurt you. Not in a bad way like slamming your fingers in a door. But pulling your hair and spanking your ass. Spanking your pussy, My pussy, with a crop. I want you to leave with all your holes sore and used. Your nipples feeling like you body surfed on a raft topless. Your ass marked up for days.

I want to own you. Control you. Use you. Claim you. Take you over and over again. Bite you so hard you bruise. Tie you up and torture you with pain and pleasure. Yes, pleasure can be a sweet torture if you aren’t allowed to cum.

My cock is so hard now. I want it deep in your ass. I want you to come here one day and fuck your ass with a rested cock and full balls. Fill you with so much cum you have to go to the bathroom. Oh, how I want My cum in all your holes. Over and over again.

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Suck Me

I guess you want more, huh?


“Ok, strip down to your panties. Now spread your legs. Put your hands behind your neck with your fingers interlaced. Now lower your eyes. Don’t eyeball me slut.

This is called inspection. From now on if I say inspection this is how I want you. No matter where we are. Don’t worry, I probably wont make you do it in public. Maybe in the woods somewhere. Do you understand?”


“Yes, Master.”


“Now lie on your stomach. Turn your face to the side. Spread your legs. Wider. Ok, this is called Belly. Think you can remember that?”


“Yes Master.”


“Now sit on your feet. Spread your legs. Turn your head to the side. And cross your hands behind your back. This is called leasha. I’ll have you do this when I want to bind your wrists. That’s all for today. Tomorrow we will add some more. And Sunday some more. The faster you learn the less you’ll have to practice. But I expect perfection.”


“How many do I have to learn, Master?”


“I don’t know. Fourteen maybe. Twenty. Some I might just make up as I go.”


“I want to please you Master. Learn from you. Become all that you want and need me to be.”


“Take your panties off. Now stand with your legs spread. Bend over and grab your ankles. This is called Cock Ready. I just made it up. Would you like My cock, slut?”


“Oh God yes Master.”


“Ok, just one stroke though. Then I want you to turn around and suck My cock until I tell you to stop. I’m going to put it in nice and slow and pull it out slow so it’s wet with your lustful pussy. My pussy. Oh, you are so fucking tight. I can’t wait to fuck My pussy later. Now get that cock in your mouth and be quick about it.”

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Second time

The second time you come I want you to wear a dress with no panties. Just so you feel naked on the way down. While it may be hard to believe now, the second time you’ll be only excited. No nervousness at all.

Don’t ring the bell, just walk right in. I’ll be waiting in the bed. My cock nice and clean from a shower an hour ago. Don’t say a word, just drop down your dress, get in bed, and suck My cock. Suck it until I cum, and swallow every drop. Up until now, you have only imagined what it tastes like. By then you’ll know and you’ll be so wet thinking about it. Keep your mouth still as I start to cum. I can’t take a lot of stimulation then. Don’t take though. Wait until I pull it out by your hair. And the first words out of your mouth will be:

“Thank you, Master.”

Next I want to spank you. Soft at first but harder as I go. Harder than I did the last time. Stopping to see how wet you are with my fingers. Then I want to finger fuck your asshole. Have you beg for My cock there. Tie you to the bed and fuck that ass. A little painful at first but then it feels good to you. I want to cum deep in your ass. Have you have my cum down both holes. Keeping My cock in your ass for a few minutes just to enjoy the tightness. Then a break as we both wash off.

Tying you face up on the bed now. Torturing your nipples a bit. Maybe making you cum on one of my vibrating toys. And giving you My cock when you ask to cum. Letting you cum all over My cock as it stretches your tight little pussy. My pussy. Then fucking you hard. Biting your breasts and pulling your hair. Pounding My cock deep inside you. Want Me to cum inside you? There can’t be much sperm in a 51 year old man’s third orgasm right? Maybe not. Maybe I’ll just pull out and shoot My hot cum all over your breasts and tummy.

Then we’d drive the 14 miles to the cabin where I’d fuck you on the balcony from behind. Then maybe eat you on the large dining table. On the way I’d have you suck My cock some in the car.

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The best way to wake up

It feels like a dream. My hot tongue just right on your throbbing clit. But it’s no dream. It’s how I like to wake you up. Not every time, but when I’m in the mood. I love how you instantly get wet. How you start to ache for your first fuck of the day. The best fuck of the day, usually.

You start moving your hips like you are being fucked. You want My hard cock more than anything in the world. But you also know I can get you off with My mouth like no one ever before. You doubted Me in the beginning but now it really is My pussy and I can make cum all day long if I like.

My cock is hard as a rock and needs to be inside you too. But I want to make you cum and I know it won’t be long. I reach up and pinch both nipples as I lick your little clit like a licking machine. Your nipples are sore from the night before but still you love it. You feel your orgasm start to tighten around and around like a rubber band ready to be let loose. You hope to get My cock when you ask. Nothing makes you cum harder than cumming on My hard cock. Nothing in the world.

“Please, Master, may I cum?”

You feel me slide up your body and impale you with My thickness. Knowing that’s a “Yes.” You bite your lip to keep from screaming as your tight cunt spasms against My cock. I hold it very deep so your contractions can’t push it out. Ride out your orgasm until the aftershocks are over.

“Good morning, slut. Turn over so I can take you from behind.”

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Two for the Price of One

The second time we meet I’ll give you what you want. Tie you up facing the door and leave welts on your ass. Let you experience the quirt, the birch paddle, the cane, and the tawse. Your ass with be shockingly scary to vanilla eyes for about a week. Black, blue, and purple. Perhaps a bite mark too. You want this kind of hurt, don’t you slut? You have your safeword. And I’ll keep checking on you. Don’t want you to break into tears like that one slut did years ago. She was a pain slut. But I guess I took her a little too far. With the paddle. Shit happens. I should have paid closer attention to her but we all make mistakes.

Oh yeah, I want to spank that pussy too. Tie you to the bed for that with your legs spread wide. Blindfold you. I’ll stand straddling your breasts. Hit you with the crop. You’d like that wouldn’t you? It would make you wet. And make me horny. But first I want to drip wax all over your breasts and belly. A blue and a red to make you look pretty. Then take a picture when I’m done.

Maybe a movie one day. Tie your ponytail to something to keep your head still. And just film your face as you get pounded from behind. Blindfolded again. Have your ass all ready for My big cock so I can go from My pussy to your tight ass. Later we can watch your face as you scream with pleasure. We can watch it together as I fuck you again. Live fucking sounds along with the movie. You’d like that My dirty little slut. Make you talk for Me. Say nasty things. Tell Me how much you like getting fucked like a whore.

Are you wet? I’m very hard. I need My wet juicy cunt right now. To fuck all night long. Cum inside you and then have you suck Me hard again and then we’d fuck again. And again. Oh God, I want you to feel Me there for a week.

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good morning slut

I must dream about you because I wake up so often thinking about you. Wanting to call out your name. Feel your warm body next to Mine. Then I think about how good it would be to tell you to suck My cock. All day long. Not all day sucking, but often. To feel your mouth on Me. And finish in My pussy. Fucking you in every room. Some times tying you up. Other times, you are riding Me as I cup your sweet ass in my hands. So tight, wet, and wonderful.

I think about you going home still feeling Me inside you. All your holes. Jaw tired from sucking. Ass marked up for days. Nipples sore from My teeth and fingers. Oh God, I need you soon. Sucking on this cock you’ve dreamed about for so long. Giving Me everything. Anything. Fucking you so hard from behind. Our bodies slapping hard together. Choking you slightly with the suckchain. So pretty swinging between your breasts. Oh, I need to cum soon. Open your mouth and take all the squirts. Swallow Me deep and let me become part of you forever.

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Brave New World

So would you be scared to meet Me?

I think any woman would be nervous. That’s pretty normal. I don’t think My ex wasn’t very nervous but we talked everyday for almost three months before we met.

I don’t think I’m very scary myself. I don’t look like a biker dude or a mass murderer or anything. I don’t think my voice is that scary.

I’m sure there are some buts out there.

I’d meet you BUT I’m married. Or I’m too far away.

I think we’d have fun if we did meet. Have two or three days together. You can’t really do everything in a weekend but it would be a start. Use some of my toys on you. Take your three holes. Have you get on your knees and suck my cock. Tie you to the bed and play with you for a while before I fucked you. Make you say slutty things over and over again. Press the big head of my cock to your fuckhole and make you beg for it. Make you cum again and again. Squirt My cum all over you and make you wear it. Pull your hair. Bite your ass. Torture your hard nipples. Tie you up all kind of ways. Take you to the cabin and fuck you outside. Yes, we could have a lot of fun if you were just brave enough to ring the doorbell.

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The Crawl

He undressed her slowly. As if he were enjoying each button. She felt a little shy as more of her body was revealed. But that quickly faded as he pinched her nipples hard. Harder than anyone ever had.

“On your knees, slut!”

She quickly obeyed. He stuffed his thick cock into her hungry mouth.

“Now spit it out and say ‘thank you, Master.’”

“Thank you Master.”

“Suck it. Suck it good you fucking little whore.”

She felt his hand tighten in her hair forcing the cock too deep in her mouth until she gagged.

“That’s enough. Crawl over to the couch and bring me the crop. In your slutty teeth. Very good. Now I want you to listen. You are to crawl to the bedroom. Just one crawl of each hand and knee and stop and wait for the crop. Wait for two spanks on each cheek, then crawl again. No, not that way, the long way around. I want your little ass on fire by the time you get to the bed. And if I pleases me I might fuck your wet cunt. Have you been squeezing it two hundred times a day like I asked?”

“Yes, Master, sometimes more.”

“Good. Wait just a second. You need the suckchain as a leash. Be my little doggie slut in heat.”

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cinnamon and apple tea

Sipping tea with you. Contemplating how we should begin. You, already wet from memories of the last time. The first time all you could think on the way down was how scared you were. This time is was how needy you are to have Me again. Wanting to please Me. Wanting to show Me you’ve grown in your submission. The warm tea is soothing. Comforting. But yet you know we can begin at anytime. And you ache to feel My hands on you. My mouth on you. My weight on your lithe body as I take you again. And again. Claiming My holes as you are tethered tightly to the brass bed. Flipping you over to take the forbidden hole. Squirting My hot cum deep inside you.

You remember how I sat you on the floor naked on a towel because you were so wet. A spreader bar between your legs and across your back pinning your arms out to the side helplessly. How I grabbed you by the hair and fucked your face like it was a cunt. Going so deep you gagged. Then not so deep until I flooded your belly with cum.

The tea is almost done. I can see the hunger in your eyes. I take your cup. Set it down on a magazine. Take you by the hand. And lead you to the bedroom.

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Spring at the cabin

One hundred lashes. With the quirt. Your wrists are tethered to an oak tree at the cabin. Simply a rope thrown over a sturdy limb. Attached to both wrist restraints. Stretching you fairly tight but not on tiptoes. Just your ass. Shorts and panties are pulled down to your knees. Nice little breeze on a cloudless spring day.


Why? No reason. Just because I can. And because it gets you wet. Every ten get harder. The first ten too soft it only irritates you. The last ten almost buckle your knees and leave marks for five days.


Done, we walk back to the cabin. You want to be fucked bad. Any hole will do. Just take you like the whore you are. But no, I sit you on the large kitchen table. Strip off your shorts and wet panties. And eat you until you cum. Not want you want though. You want to be impaled on my thickness. Fucked hard until you scream.


While still on the table I put the collar and suckchain on your neck. Lead you over to the couch. Bend you over the armrest and take My pussy hard. My hand wrapped around the chain almost choking you. My other hand tight in your slutty hair. Using you for My pleasure. Taking you like some feral bitch in heat. Tight pussy gripping My cock with every stroke. Wanting Me to cum. To pull out and shoot My cum up your back. And then take you upstairs to continue.

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Top of the morning

I think I’d like using my tack shop toys on you. Like the quirt and the crop. Nothing better for spanking pussy than a crop. And the quirt is very accurate and leaves wonderful marks. And not putting down the bare hand either. One of my favorites. You over my lap. Feeling my hard cock on your tight belly. My hand tangled in your hair. The other making your cheeks nice and rosy and hot. Stopping once in a while to finger your very tight pussy. My pussy, to do with what I like. mmmm, I’m getting hard now. Wanting to tie you up helpless in the bed. Both wrists and ankles.  Drip a little wax and ice on your outstretched body. Clothes pins on nipples, and cunt lips. A small vibrator pressed to your aching clit then taken away. Not wanting you to cum too fast. But when you do ask to cum, I want to impale you with My thick cock deep inside to your core and let you cum hard on My cock. Keeping it deep inside so your strong muscles can’t push it out. Riding out your orgasm so I can start fucking you. Pulling your hair. Biting your shoulder. Slapping the pins off your hard nipples. Maybe keeping you tied up a while so I can come back for more.
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