Guess it’s not fair to make you suffer too.

You stand before Me. Trebling with anticipation. Wet with excitement. Torn between turning around and finding a safer outlet for your needs and submitting completely. I pull your hair back. Hard. My roughness seems to calm you. I bite your soft shoulder blade. Harder than anyone has bit your. I grab your nipples. I’m rough with them. But you like it. Your knees feel weak. I scratch My nails down your body. And then slap you hard on your shaved cunt. My pussy.

I have you place your hands on the bed. Bend over at the waist and spread your legs so your ass and pussy are open for Me to view. Two of My man sized fingers enter your sweet wetness. It has been so long since you’ve had a cock they fill you completely. You wonder if you’ll be able to take My big cock. I think about sticking it in you deep right now. And fucking your furiously from behind. But what’s the hurry?

You feel the coldness of lube against your tiny asshole. The stainless steel plug with the jewel slides in easily. The red ruby suits you. I know I promised to wait to fuck your ass but I’ll have to renege on that promise after seeing your sweet ass in person. But that too can wait.

I search My mind for a toy to spank you with. Something not too intense. Not yet, I have lots of training for you in mind. For now, I decide on the crop.

“Keep those slutty hands on the bed. I swear to God if you take them off you’ll live to regret it.”

“Yes, Sir,” you say nervously.

I start spanking your ass. Not hard at first, but stepping up the intensity as I go. The little leather tip leaving red triangles on your slutty ass. I stop for a moment and stick two fingers back in your tight wet pussy and rub your G Spot.

“Whose pussy is this, slut?”

“Your pussy, Sir.”

I fuck you with the little plug in your ass. In and out. You love it, for now. We’ll see how you handle a bigger one later.

“Whose ass is this, slut?”

“Oh, God, it’s your ass, Sir. Please take it today.”

“You want to be My three holed slut?”

“More than anything Sir.”

“Then get on your knees and suck My cock.”

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Bring me soup

Maybe one day I’ll feel like posting again. The latest thing to hit me is a lingering cold. It’s just annoying, I don’t even think I’ve had a fever. And day after day after day of cold weather. Yeah, I know it’s January but still, give me a break. This is Georgia. We deserve one day above 70 even in January.

I have lost about 9 pounds this month which is good. I am squeezed on gym time tonight and tomorrow. I have to do legs tonight and a full upper body tomorrow morning. Then stop by the cabin tomorrow to see a couple of my nieces and nephews I haven’t seen in a while.

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Oh, to have you here. Stripping you down slowly. Smelling your fear. Smelling your excitement. Fear is an inward emotion. Overcome by touching. My hands at last on your body. As you begin to relax. And yearn. Wrapping the soft silk around your eyes. Yet, you feel Me as if I were a heat source like the sun. Just the gaze of My eyes heat your body. In your mind, you step though totally in My world. Forsaking your world, and the outside world. Nothing else matters. There is no where you’d rather be but here where you belong. To serve Me. To please Me. To experience a newfound freedom in My chains. Your authentic self. Who you were meant to be. Those long sleepless nights of loneliness a distant memory. And the fear you once felt now gone forever.

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A gift before I go to Walmart

“Get undressed slut. Quickly. Very good. Now get on your slutty fucking knees. Now get your nostrils between My big balls but no tongue. That’s it slut. Breathe Me in. Do you want to taste My cock?”

“Yes, Sir, please.”

“Fuck no. Not now. Maybe not today. Maybe not tomorrow. Maybe if you are good, before you leave on Sunday. Now touch your little clit, you fucking whore. You can’t keep your fucking hands off yourself can you? Other girls were playing with Barbie, you were in your room under your sheets rubbing that clit raw. You fucking slut. Now crawl to the bed. I’m tying your fucking ass up. Slower. That’s it. Roll that sweet ass as you crawl and you might get it fucked today. Not making any promises though. Now get up on the bed. Let Me get you hooked into the ropes. What do I have here? Twenty clothes pins. Lets see how many you can take. Starting with those slutty pink pussy lips. Twelve? Very good. Now lets try one just above your clit. That leaves seven. Two on your nipples. Five left. Two on your ear lobes. Now stick out your tongue. Three on your tongue. What? I can’t understand you. You’ll just have to shut the fuck up while I go get a bottle of water.”

I come back with a bottle of water and crop in hand. I set the water by the bed. My feet straddle your breasts as I stand facing away.

“I guess you want them off. I’m going to beat them off your cunt with the crop. Yeah, it will hurt a little. So what? You like a little pain don’t you slut?”

You muffle a scream and clothes pins get bounced away by the slapping of the crop. In less than twenty seconds they are off and your cunt is burning. But I continue to spank My pussy. Harder than I ever have before. Then I slap them off your nipples and spank each nipple four or five times. My knees sink to each side of your head. I pull the pins off your tongue and ears. And shove My cock so far in your mouth, you start to gag. I mount you. Bite each shoulder so hard I almost draw blood. I pull your head back by your ponytail. You feel My hot breath on your ear.

“Ask Me nicely to fuck My pussy.”

“Please, Sir, claim Your pussy. Take me, I’m Yours.”

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Nicolae and Sasha

Nicolae was very wealthy. So much so he never really gave money much thought. He’d searched for a few years for the perfect submissive to make his slave. All he asked was a year of training. Locked away on his Montana ranch of over 2000 acres. A few had tried. None made it through the summer.

He liked to travel. When he did, he didn’t flaunt his wealth. He stayed in nice places, nice hotels, drove nice cars, but you wouldn’t know he was one of the five hundredth wealthiest men in America.

He was in Panama City, Florida when he met a waitress named Sasha. Sasha was a collage student who while visiting on Spring break caught the eye of the manager who offered her a job for the summer if she wanted to come down. Ms. Watson was her name. No one really knew her first name. But she had an eye for people and knew that Sasha would bring in some repeat business just on her personality alone. And her looks as well. She was stunningly beautiful. When Ms. Watson told her there was a room for her with no rent above the bar, she just couldn’t say no.

Nicolae walked in the bar one Saturday afternoon about two o’clock. A little late for lunch, but he had finished up 18 holes at a nearby golf course. He ordered a beer and a chicken salad and tried to read the paper. But he couldn’t keep his eyes off of Sasha. He wondered how he should approach her since she wasn’t even his waitress. He decided to wait and take his chances tomorrow. Sit at the bar and see what section she was working and then sit down.

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St. Augustine Beach

July 19. My birthday. Sun rises about 20 minutes before seven. We go to bed early and set the clock for 5:40 so we have time for coffee and a morning fuck, though maybe not in that order.

I wake up about ten minutes before the clock goes off. Get up, turn the alarm off, start the coffee, and get back in bed to spoon against your warm body. I gently start kissing your neck and shoulder, and rolling your hardening nipple between My fingers. You yawn, and stretch, and roll over on your back.

“Good morning, Master, Happy birthday.”

“Thank you My slut.”

I start sucking a nipple. And caressing your soft curves. I know My pussy is wet. It always wakes up wanting Me. I can tell by the little sounds you make that you are very horny. And not having sex after dark yesterday makes you even more so.

“How would You like Your birthday pussy, Master?”

“Getting inpatient are we? Maybe we should start a new tradition of giving you My birthday licks. Fifty-two of them. Wow. Roll over and get your ass in the air. And count them for Me. Like this, ‘One Master, thank you Master, Two Master, thank you Master.”

“As you wish, Master.”

Now your bottom is very red. I’m not sure your black bikini will cover all the redness, but there shouldn’t be very many out. After all, it’s still dark. But while you are still there, I take you from behind. Hard like you like it. The spanking has made you sloppy wet. The wet spot is huge by the time we are done.

Then we snuggle on the couch sharing coffee. Make a to-go cup for the beach. And sit in the lifeguard stand and watch the sun rise up over the hazy blue warm waves. The sea breeze in your hair. You lay your head on My shoulder. You hand finds the huge bulge in my shorts.

“Master, can we make love right here??

“No, silly, unless you want to be hauled off to jail.”

“Can we stay here forever, Master?”

“I wish we could, slut. But we’ll have to settle for breakfast across the street. Then a few hours of fun back in the room.”

“Do I please you, Master?”

“Yes, slut, more than you’ll ever know.”

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Sunday poetry night

Cozy to My voice

It remains with you

like a beacon on

stormy sea it guides

away from rocky shore

with a promise of

safe harbor once

the journey completes

and a last you dock

to knotted rope safe

within My lair

sea legs weak

with desire long fated

My wayward wanton slut

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Back in the Saddle

You’ve been told to come inside, undress, and line your feet up with the paper cutouts on the rug. To close your eyes and not speak. You feel the cat rubbing against your ankle and hear him talking to you. You have missed him and it makes you smile.

You hear My footsteps coming down the wooden stairs. I brush your hair to the side and kiss your shoulder. You feel My cock, meaty and hot against your ass. My hands reach around and cup your breasts, squeezing slightly. You moan as I pinch your nipples. Your shaved sex so needy and wet. Little clit engorged and throbbing. No one has ever turned you on more.

My hand takes you by the hair and pulls your head back. I kiss your neck.

“Have you missed Me My slut?”

“Oh yes Master, more than you will ever know.”

“I’ve missed you. To the point where I cannot wait another second. Turn around, get on your slutty knees, and suck My cock until I cum. Keep My cock in your mouth after I cum until I tell you different.”

Oh to taste your Master’s wonderful cock again and have it fill your mouth. Nothing makes you happier. Except when I do shoot My hot cum down your throat. It’s been so long it doesn’t take long for you to get me off. Liquid heaven fills your mouth and stomach.

“Very good, slut. Now keeping My cock in your mouth, turn 90 degrees to the left. I’ll walk with you. Very good, now walk forward on your knees. Keep going. Ok, stop.”

I pull My still hard cock out of your mouth and slap it against your cheeks.

“Now, sit on the edge of the couch while I put your restraints on.”

I attach the restraints to ropes tied to the legs of the couch spreading you wide. I rub the head of My cock up and down your dripping slit, but pull it away each time you try to mount it. You feel the cool Astroglide on your asshole and my wet finger exploring but not going in very far. My soft warm tongue hits your clit and your ass rises off the couch. Licking you there like no one else can.

“Please, Master, may I cum?”

“No slut, don’t you dare.”

I walk to the freezer and get the tweezer clamps out and attach them firmly to each nipple. Then I grab the small riding crop and begin wacking your cunt. Then I stop, realizing we’re going to need a towel under you to continue. More clit licking, getting two fingers deep in My pussy.

“Please, Master, may I cum? Please?”

“Cum on my cock,” I say, as I plunge it deep inside you.

I keep it deep inside you riding out your orgasm. Knowing My tight pussy will squeeze it out if I fuck you too soon. Now I’m fucking you. Both hands holding on to your ponytail and pulling hard. Fucking you so hard the front legs bang on the hardwood. Taking you deep. Nice long strokes as our bodies bang together. I feel Myself getting close.

“Cum with Me slut. Cum on My hard cock again. Do it now.”

“Yes Master, oh God I’m cumming. Fuck me. Oh damn shit yes.”

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I shall return

 Unlike MacArthur,  it won’t be two and a half years.  Probably tomorrow.  I’ve been a little sick here in the last week. Right now I just want to cuddle in bed with my cats. At least one of them anyway. The girl has followed me up here and is on the monitor where she usually sleeps. Since it’s getting down to 10 or so, I’ll leave it on so she’ll have a little heat. I spoil her a little but she was a feral cat raising kittens on her on and had enough cold and hungry nights on her own.
If it’s cold where you are stay warm. And tomorrow maybe we can get back to WET!
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Ok, here you go!

I blindfold you with black silk. Have you tied to the four posts. I start sucking your nipples like only I can do. Pinch one and sucking the other. My hand roams around your smooth body avoiding your very wet sex. You feel something enter you. Hard, larger than a finger but smaller than a cock. I move up to your mouth and start kissing you. A deep passionate kiss. You moan into My mouth when I turn the bullet on. I let it run for five or so seconds and cut it off. Back to your nipples now. Sucking them, bitting them, making you squirm. Every once in a while turning on the bullet for a few seconds. Each time I do your hips come off the bed. Once you push it out. So close to cumming.

I put a condom on the other bullet. I have two on one control. I lube it and your asshole. I turn it on and let it vibrate against your anus. Pushing it in slightly. In and out each time going a little deeper. Until I let your ass completely swallow it. Then I turn them both on high. You have never felt so much stimulation before. In less than twenty seconds you are begging.

“Please, Master, may I cum?”

“Yes slut, cum for Me.”

I bite a nipple hard and pinch the other as you cum. I’ve never seen anyone cum so hard and for so long and thirty seconds later you cum again.

I’m so hard watching you cum like that. I pull them out and plunge My cock deep into the core of your cunt. Pulling your hair. Biting your shoulder and breasts. Ravishing you. Taking you hard than anyone ever has. Our bodies slapping together as you raise your hips to meet Me.

“Oh baby, My pussy is so wet and tight. I love fucking you. I’ve missed you so much. Please say ‘It’s Your pussy, Master.’”

“It is Your pussy, Master,” you moan.

“Keep saying it.”

“It’s Your pussy, Master. It’s Your pussy, Master. It’s Your, Oh Master I need to cum. May I?

“No, wait for Me I’m almost there.”

I grind My cock deep inside you then a few deep strokes as deep as I can get.

“Ok slut, come with Me.”

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Part 2

I haven’t even started yet. Working on the stairs until 10. Then if I get it done in an hour I’ll post it.
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You’ll have to wait

For the part two. Got an  urge to rip up the rest of the carpet. Now I have to go to the gym. I’ll have it sometime in the morning.
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