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Saw a rather extreme movie on the empflix site today.


Sex and Submission Mz Berlin Mark Davis if you want to look it up. That poor lady took some abuse. She loved it though.I’m a little more playful I think. With the right person I can play hard. I like inexperienced women. Or at least I have always attracted that type. Even those who are curious become attached to my writings. My guess is there aren’t many Dom blogs around who dwell completely in fantasy. Fantasy in the sense that I make it up. But I write about things I’ve done.

Lots of things I don’t have the interest or the skill set to do. Spending a lot of time tying someone up so it looks pretty just isn’t my thing. Bounding a breast so it turns purple is kind of gross. And I’m not into blood. Mildly curious about electric type play but never did it.

Of course most of you who come here know what I like.

The holidays have cut back on views a lot. Still about 500 more than last December. January was good last year so I expect a rebound. Then I started writing about the ex and ran most of you off. I get it. You don’t want to hear about other women. You want it all about you.

The year officially ends for the blog in 4 minutes. A new day starts at seven Eastern. I hope I can keep you entertained and wet and wanting in the new year. And I’m open to requests too if you have a special scene in mind.

I thank you all for inspiring Me to continue. I hope you have a healthy, prosperous New Year.

Hugs and kisses and spanks galore.

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Claiming you

At last I have you under the sheet naked. Your mind is racing. A mix of terror and pure excitement. I slowly pull the sheet down revealing your breasts and perky nipples. Suck one into my wet warm mouth. Your breath quickens a little and you give out a slight moan as I suck. My hand is warm and softer than you expected exploring your lithe body. Stopping short of your sex. Sucking the other one now. Back and forth. Now sucking and pinching. You feel your self getting wet. Almost embarrassingly wet. Little clit throbbing at light speed. You wonder when I’m going to touch your there. It needs touching so bad it’s almost painful like an ache.

Moving the sheet farther now past your navel. I can smell your sweet sex.

I kiss up your neck to your ear.

“Are you sure you want Me, slut?”

“Oh, God yes Master. Take me.”

My tongue dances down to your nipples again. Bitting them slightly. Kissing down your tummy. Pulling down the sheet and finally seeing My shaved wet sex. I take the other pillow and shove it under your ass raising your hips slightly. My fingers part you like a delicate flower. You start to moan as my hot little tongue hits your aching clit. Now pinching both nipples as I lick and suck your clit. No one has ever made you feel this way. You bite your lip trying to make it last. But you can’t.

“Please, Master, may I cum?”

“Yes,” I say, putting My finger in your tightness for the first time. Watching you ride out the waves of pleasure pouring over your body.

I lie beside you.

“Now kiss ever inch of My cock and don’t miss a bit. Mmmm very nice. Now lick it all over and taste your Master and I’ll let you suck it. Just for a little bit. I want to cum in that tight pussy. Now suck it. That’s it, as deep as you can. Remember that taste forever. The sweet taste of Master. Now I’m ready to claim My pussy. And make you Mine.”

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My Fitness Blog


If anyone is interested. It’s mostly just for my benefit.

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May I cum, Master?

I wish we were at the cabin. Spring morning about 10. Seventy-two and sunny. I have you tied up on the balcony with long ropes running from both sides. You are on a beach towel and I have a pillow for your head. You’re wearing panties I’ll have to cut off of you when it’s time. Later we’ll go to town and I’ll pick out a new pair for you. At Belks I guess. There aren’t any fancy shops nearby.

But first I want to see how wet I can get them. Licking, kissing, nibbling, touching, feeling everywhere but your sex. Watching that little wet oval expand. Nipple play that almost makes you cum.

We fucked all day yesterday at the house, but I haven’t fucked you today. We made the short drive in about 20 minutes. My little pussy is sore as usual but you don’t care. You are eager for the first fuck of the day. On the hard wood floor where I can pound My cunt hard. We hear a kingfisher circling the lake looking for a meal. So peaceful out here.

I tease you by pulling your panties down with My teeth. The musk smell of My pussy arousing Me. I want to melt inside you and become one. Feel My balls empty deep inside you. Catch our cum with My hand and feed it to you. I know you’d do anything to please Me. To make Me happy. Any hole, any time, any place.

You want it so bad now you start moving your hips. If I were any other guy you’d be begging, pleading for My cock. I straddle your face and let you lick My heavy balls. Your Master’s balls.

I take out my knife and drag it over your breasts and nipples. Down your flat belly to the cotton. It cuts it like butter. So wet you are now soaking the towel. Clit it throbbing. If I licked you, you’d cum in ten seconds. But I want you to cum on My cock. I rub the head up and down your wet slit a few times then enter you deeply.

“May I cum, Master?”

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I’ll finish this later

What would we do on this wet and warm winter day.

It’s warm enough for a dress. You’d be wearing the special panties you are only allowed to wear on days we meet. Simple cotton panties work with me. Maybe not a thong. Make me work a little to see your pretty ass.

No bra. I’d drop the dress down to your feet in the bedroom. Pinch those hard nipples that were sore for days after the last visit. I pinch them hard enough to get a sound from your lips. Your panties are soaked. It took a while, but now you trust Me fully. Pleasing Me is now second nature for you.

I put the crop between your teeth. And head for the kitchen for the large metal clamps I found at Home Depot that I’ve kept in the freezer for weeks. A perfect fit on your pink nipples. I take the crop from your teeth.

“Spread your legs, princess.”

I start tapping the leather tip against your increasing wet spot. I know you want it harder but I’m in no hurry. I slap both clamps. They are on tight. Your clit is throbbing with every beat of your heart. So beautiful. Almost any man alive would fuck you right now. God knows you are aroused enough. But not Me.

I walk around behind you. Run the crop down your spine. Down between your cheeks inside the panties. Then I pull them down over your ass.

“Ah, no more marks. Just Lily-white perfection. I bet you missed them after they faded.”

“Yes, Sir, but the memories are there.”

You give a little “Yelp” as the crop lands squarely on your cheek.

“You like a little pain, don’t you princess?”

“Only from You, Sir. I am here to serve.”

“Take your panties off and place them in My hand. Very wet. You are such a slut for Me.”

“Only for You, Sir.”

“Get on your knees. Do you want to suck My cock?”

“Yes, Sir, please may I?”

“What is sucking My cock?”

“It is a privilege, Sir.”

“Well, let Me get out My little black book and see who has been naughty or nice. Hmm, on the 23rd you were supposed to send Me a picture of your ass. You did not. Five minute penalty. That one rude email you sent was totally uncalled for. Ten minute penalty. And the last time we were together you came without permission. Five Minute penalty. So you can be on your knees for twenty minutes and think about being a better submissive. When the timer goes off, go take a shower. Don’t get your hair wet. I should be back by time you are in the shower.”

“My I take the clamps off, Sir?”

“Yes, once the timer goes off.”

You were a little shocked that I even had a black book. But too afraid not to carry out your sentence. But you didn’t dwell and used the time for meditation. Until the timer shocked you into reality once more. You wenched as you removed the clamps. A little tighter than you were used to. Then you jumped in the shower. Your soapy fingers feel so good on your shaved pussy you almost wanted to masturbate. But then you might be on your knees until the sun went down.

I could hear water running when I got back. I called your name so I wouldn’t startle you too badly. I opened the curtain.

“I’m almost done Sir.”

“Hand Me the soap, slut. Bend over and grab your ankles.”

I ran the bar up and down the crack of your ass. Then slide a soapy finger gently into your tight little hole.

“Now, rinse off and come to bed after you dry. Then maybe I’ll let you suck My cock.”







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Back again

You are spread eagle on the bed masturbating while I rest My head on your thigh and watch. You like it when I watch. It excites you more. I tell you what to do. Just like on the phone. But here I can smell the wetness. Watch your fingers disappear into that tight little pink hole that belongs to Me.

I can sit up and pinch or suck your nipples. Or have you spread My pussy wide for some licks. Or slide a greased finger in your tight ass. Or add My finger to your two for a tight fit. I can hand you the crop and tell you to spank it ten times. And finding your effort lacking, take it away and show you how a slut spanks her cunt.

If I get too horny I can grab your slutty hair and have you suck Me until I cum. Or wait until you have to ask to cum and slide My cock in a wet hole of my choosing.

You serve at My pleasure. Every hole awaits my beaconing call. If I wish, I can train you to suck My cock when I ring a bell. Or I can tie you up and fuck you when I wish. See how many clothes pins, or pegs, I can line up and down your slippery pussy lips. Whatever I want. Whenever I need it.

I can spank your ass any time it pleases Me. Doesn’t matter how good or bad you have been. I do it because it brings Me pleasure. To punish you I’d probably ignore you while you stand with your nose to the wall thinking about what we could be doing if only you’d obey. Then, after a certain time, I’d walk up behind you. Pinch your nipples hard. Ask if you learned your lesson. Then I’d perhaps sting your buttocks with the quirt or cane ten times just to reenforce it. Of course, to some that might be a reward. Number one run of punishment, know your sub or slave.

I wonder where you are and why you are not hear sucking on My cock. My balls are full. I hate wasting My seed when you could swallow every drop. Or take it in My pussy or deep inside that tight pulsating ass. Such fun we could have doing rather than writing and reading. Do you lie around and think how it would feel to offer yourself to Me? Completely and without reservation? I know for a lot of you it’s completely outside the realm of possibility. Yet, you still come here to get wet. And play out your dreams in a lonely bed.

I will be here tomorrow. No plans you leave you again for a while.

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Merry Christmas and happy holidays. Go Dawgs and Sooners!

I wake to find your warm naked body lying about halfway on Me. The last morning we have before you have to leave. I gently roll you on to your back, get between your legs, spread them and start licking My pussy. Right away you start to moan and move your hips. I reach up and pinch your nipples. They are a little sore from all the pinching and sucking. I see the pleasure on your face, biting your lip, trying not to cum, to make it last. But I know My pussy too well.

“May I cum, Master?”

“Yes, baby, cum for your Master.”

I suck your clit as waves of pleasure rush over you. You never believed it was possible to cum this hard. I suck your clit as you cum.

“Now roll over and give Me My pussy. Get your ass a little lower. That’s it. I’ve been very gentle with My pussy so far. You struck Me as one of the two I made very sore. So tight down there. But since this is our last morning I’m going to fuck you hard like a slut deserves. Is that what you want?”

“Anything to please you, Master. Take my ass if you want it.”

“No. The third visit I take your tight little ass. The jeweled steel plug is yours to keep. I’ll tell you the days I want you to plug it and for how long. Next visit you’ll get a larger plug. After that, you’ll get My cock on every visit.”

“I want it now, Master. I don’t care how much it hurts. I want to be your three holed slut.”

“You’ll get ten spanks with the hairbrush for topping from below after I’d done fucking your spoiled little cunt. Anymore of your mouth and I’ll make it twenty.”

“I’m sorry, Master.”

Your pussy lips feel a little sore as I move My head up and down the pink wet slit.

“Say, ‘It’s your pussy, Master.’ Five times and you can have My thick cock.”

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Wet warning!

You can read a lot of things online about how things should be in a D/s relationship. I’ve even heard some Doms say they forbid the sub or slave to be on top during sex. WTF? Unless the sub is a BBW (big beautiful woman), it’s one of my favorite sexual positions. It’s face to face, I can pinch your nipples. I can knead your ass or slap your ass, and I think you are much more likely to have an orgasm that way. And I don’t have to do much unless I just want to. It’s more of a service to My cock the way I see it.

That’s not a slam to overweight women. If I like someone and find their mind sexy, I don’t care if they are overweight. My very first was heavy and we had a lot of fun. The one before last was too. Of course, after I met her she lost all of her weight and then I didn’t get to see her again. She’s happy now and that’s all that is important I guess.

It’s so cold I want to write about it being warm. We’re at a beach. At night. It’s about 75 with a breeze. We had a early morning fuck. An afternoon play session. Nice dinner. Now we are walking on the beach under a full orange moon just peeking over the waves. Holding hands. Stopping to kiss once in while. A gang of about 5 frat boys walk by and tell us to get a room. They are just jealous of how hot you look tonight and how old I am.

We get back to the room and open a bottle of wine. I go into the bathroom and set up about two dozen candles. Run a warm bath. Then come get you. Strip you down slowly. I get in first and have you bathe Me. It feels so good feeling your soapy hand on my cock and balls.

Then it’s your turn. I Wash you slowly with a soft sea sponge. Have you roll over so I can wash your back and ass. Slip a soapy finger in your ass. I think you know what that means.

I have you in the center of the bed. Wrists tied to the brass rails. Face down. Legs spread as wide as you can get them. I slap both cheeks with My hands four times. Then I wiggle My hot little tongue into your tight fuckhole. Slap your ass the same way four times and lick you again. This time sticking two fingers in your very wet pussy. Rubbing your G Spot. Oh God, you’d love this everyday.

“Please, Master, may I cum?”

“No, slut, not yet.”

I slap your ass again four times and lick your naughty hole. This time without the fingers because I know you’re on the edge. I take the small steel plug and start working in and out of your tight lubed ass. Then the larger one as you gasp. But as I work it in and out the pain subsides. Now you are open enough for My cock. I release your right arm.

“You may touch your clit once I’m inside. Say ‘Thank you, Master.’”

“Thank you, Master.”

I drench My thick cock with lube. The big head pops in pretty easily. I enter you fully. You start to touch your clit. I give you a few seconds to adjust then start fucking your tight little fuckhole.

“Oh, please Master, may I cum on Your cock?”

“Yes, baby, cum on My cock.”

I push it in deep so you can’t force it out with your contractions. You cum for what seems forever. Then I start fucking you.

“Master, may I cum again?”

“Yes, cum.”

You cum even harder this time. Your scream muffled by the pillow. I hold it in deep again. Then start fucking you.

“Say, ‘Master, I want your cum in my ass.’”

“Master, oh God yes, I want Your cum in my ass.”

“Keep saying it.”

“Master, I want your cum in my ass. Master, I want your cum in my ass.Master, I want your cum in my ass.Master, I want your cum in my ass. Master, may I cum?”

“No wait for Me. I’m almost there. Oh, God, you’re so tight. Ok, slut, cum for your Master.”

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Just another Sunday

I wish it were Spring. And you were knocking on My door. I’ve been your Master now for a year. My three holed slut. Trained in the ways of pleasing Me fully. My little cum slut. You would have laughed at someone who told you that you could cum eighteen times in a day. But that’s not uncommon for us. You know it pleases Me. And you know I take My pleasure often as well. All three holes stay sore for days after we are together. But it’s a happy pain to remind you of what we did.

You thought My words made you wet, but nothing like I do. As you stand in your little black dress with no panties wondering what I have planned. Pussy about to spill over on your smooth thighs. What is Master’s mood? Will he take you fast or slow making you beg. Will he spank you? You crave My hand now as much as My cock.

You crave the taste of my cock. My scent. The way My hands feel on your body. The long sessions we have where I’m deep inside you but we barely move. And I tell you to melt My cock and have our bodies fuse as one. We breathe together slowly and deeply. Each finding what we need in each other.

And the last day when I always take you hard. A feral fuck from behind pounding your cunt into submission. Making My little cunt sore for days. And the ass fuck. God how you have learned to love it there. You get so wet as I slowly prepare you for a ass fucking. It took some training for you to get completely comfortable there at your naughty hole. Now it’s just another fuckhole. At times you wish I would just take it without foreplay or warning. And perhaps one day I will, but love making you want it to the point of begging. The one hole where only your Master has been. His fuckhole. My fuckhole. We don’t even call it your asshole anymore. It’s your fuckhole. My fuckhole.

And your mouth. How I love grabbing a handful of hair and guiding you done there. I don’t often cum there though unless I’m full of cum. I like My tight little pussy so much. Fucking it all throughout the day and night.

All these thoughts run through your head so often. Wetting your little panties. Wondering what you’ll find today on the other side of the door when we shut the world out and create our own little fantasy world. My little princess. Captured and enslaved and loving it.

“Come in, slut. Is My pussy wet?”

“Yes, Master. Always wet for you.”

“Stick two fingers in now. Do it. Get them in deep. Now put them in My mouth.”

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Knock knock

Yeah, the couch bondage thing was different. Maybe I don’t look outside Myself enough to find more things. But it all comes back to the mind. We all have human parts, but it’s the mind that makes anything erotic.

Today I just want your legs tied on the couch. I want to watch you masturbate. When you ask to cum, I’m going to stick My cock in deep. Let you cum on My cock. That must feel good. Feeling that full as you cum.

Some women cum from fucking. Some don’t or rarely do. But I think every woman deserves to cum on a cock.

Maybe I could pinch your nipples to speed things along. Or put clothes pins on them. Then I could stimulate your anus. Compound stimulation. They all feel good by themselves but when you two or three together you cum really hard.

I like for you to cum hard. I think you cum harder for someone. I know some of you are too scared to contact Me. But if you just think about things I write about when you masturbate and ask either quietly or in your mind if you can cum, you’ll cum harder.

I was thinking about training. How I could organize it like a course. Have specific goals in mind for each meeting. I’ll have to think about it later though. Time for the gym now. They close soon.

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Another blah blah post

You need to wake up to My hot tongue on your clit. What a way to start the day. What’s in it for Me? Well, I love it for one thing. Giving a woman so much pleasure she can barely last a minute before asking to cum. A lot of husbands would have better sex lives if they did that. Not practical every day I know. But at least once a week.

I read once that if the average couple put a penny in a jar every time they had sex for the first year and after the first year they took a penny out, the jar would never be emptied. I don’ think that would be true for Me. I love sex. I love play. I love making women wet. I wonder how many women have used my stuff for masturbation foreplay? Quite a few I imagine. If masturbation is a sin, I’ll have a lot of explaining to do.

I see sex as a wonderful gift. And I know from My own research that the more a woman masturbates the more orgasmic she becomes. I guess I can consider Myself an expert on women. I wish more of you would send Me fantasies and such. I like to learn and every woman has something unique to offer.

I was thinking how often I’d fuck an ass if I were living with someone. My guess is once a week. That might not be enough for some women, but I’d want it to be special. Something to look forward to. A day where we are sexual for most of the day and night. It wouldn’t have to be the same day every week. Just when we could have time for it.

I’m sure some of you are thinking if you wake up first you are going to suck My cock. Another thing I like, and an old girlfriend did this once. She woke up. Got really horny. She got wetter than anyone I knew. Maybe she masturbated some. I don’t know. I was sound asleep. But she woke Me up by sitting on My cock. So fucking wet. It was so good.

Back to the sofa bondage. I should have spanked My pussy with the riding crop before I fucked you. I know I repeat Myself some, but one nurse came from a pussy cropping alone. She ejaculated too. Of course she did that so much we had to fuck on the floor. She was a fairly large women. Big boned and overweight. I could actually get my fist inside her. But at the same time, it was good pussy. I guess she exercised it a lot.

I don’t have much interest in fisting. I’m not so sure every woman can be fisted especially if they have never given birth. It’s all good though. I can remember three women who had three or more kids and were great in bed. Just like there are huge cocks and tiny cocks there are different sized pussies. I can wear a tight pussy out pretty quickly. Maybe I should be more gentle. Just to see how sore you get. Then on the last day fuck you hard. But the catch is most women like to be fucked hard.

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Mean, but funny :)


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