About time, WD!

Sometimes phone calls aren’t enough. And it’s even worse after we meet. Sex is fine, but the craving for this far exceeds any sexual need. You need to be controlled. Used. Bit. Spanked both pussy and ass. Hair pulled. Ass fucked. Tied up. On your knees. Crawling. Being My slut. Maybe you didn’t know that a while ago, but you know it now. And the days slowly pass before I can see you again.

So excited your little thong is soaked when you get here. No teasing today. I put you on your slutty little knees and shove My cock in your mouth. You suck like a hungry little calf seeking her milk. But it’s not milk you want but My cum. Squirt after squirt after squirt stinging in your mouth and then the creamy taste of Master that you love so much. Swallowing all of Me.

Then a spanking. Because you’ve been bad? No, because it’s My ass to spank. But not just a spanking. Alternating between a spanking and G spot massage until you cum. This time I remember to lay a towel down first. You are such a wet little slut.

Then to the bedroom where I have promised you a nice hard long fucking. I tie you up by your wrists but leave your feet free. I know you like to wrap your legs around Me or dig your heels into My ass. We fuck hard like two feral beasts in the jungle. I can tell you are close and make you say, “It’s Your pussy, Sir,” over and over until you ask to cum. I take My pleasure deep inside you as you cum, giving you’re a thick hard cock to bear down on.

I untie you for a little break and some cuddle time. Stroking your naked body and listening to your voice I have always loved. It doesn’t really matter what you talk about I just like hearing it. I roll you over and rub your back with oil. Your ass. I love kneading and rubbing and massaging your ass. It makes me hard though. Seeing that once virgin asshole that only I know. So I know I must have it again. And I know we’ve had countless conversations about how this time will be better. Not that the first time was bad, but you crave it even more now. I put the small plug in. You like that one. I fuck you with little jeweled steel plug. Then the larger glass one that does hurt a little. It’s about as big as My cock. But when I pull it all the out and push it back in, it barely hurts.

Enough toys, you are open enough now to take all of me there. My hot flesh. It hurts a little but this time you savor the hurt knowing it will soon fade to pure pleasure.

I let you push back this time helping Me get it in. One the head is in it’s easy sailing. God, your ass is so tight. Tighter than any ass I’ve ever had. Not just tight at the hole, but all the way. Just like My tight pussy.


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More Pablo Neruda

Your Feet,
by Pablo Neruda
When I cannot look at your face
I look at your feet.
Your feet of arched bone,
your hard little feet.
I know that they support you,
and that your sweet weight
rises upon them.
Your waist and your breasts,
the doubled purple
of your nipples,
the sockets of your eyes
that have just flown away,
your wide fruit mouth,
your red tresses,
my little tower.
But I love your feet
only because they walked
upon the earth and upon
the wind and upon the waters,
until they found me.
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Let us strive for that which is honorable, beautiful and highest.

Tomorrow the Dish people are coming. Goodbye to cable. Probably smack in the middle of the Georgia/Georgia Tech game.

I want to feel your body quiver as you cum. Winding you up like those toy airplanes with the rubber bands and watching you sore. My finger being massaged inside your ass. Or better yet, My cock planted deep so you can’t push it out.

I hate being so needful. Wishing I knew your smell. Your taste. My hands canvassing your soft curves. Feeling your freshly fucked hot wetness accept My fingers. Sucking your hard nipples. Feeling the blood rush back to My cock leading Me to take you again. And again. For hours at a time. Then an evening session. Taking you any way I wish. Or just being inside you motionless. A still fuck. How long before someone had to move. To fuck. Or maybe just squeeze. Enter a space of sensuality where time as we know it doesn’t exist. The world outside fades into nothingness. While bodies seek out pleasure from each other.

Yeah a little tired tonight. A nice sideways sixty-nine sounds nice. My arms spreading your legs beyond modesty. Licking that tight little well of wetness as your mouth seeks out My cock. My tongue working your clit. Head using your soft thigh as a pillow.

Maybe I’ll get some focus back by Sunday. A nice long pussy wetting post.

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My DSL is Down GRRRrrrr

It’s always a sweet surrender isn’t it? Even if it is just vanilla sex. There is still the moment where you decide to give yourself to someone. But here it is so much more. To give yourself completely. Scary but exciting.

Then if you have done it before you just want it even more. And even if you haven’t well, if it gets you soaking wet just to think about it, IT is probably what you need and who you are sexually.

But lets pretend we’ve meet before and gotten all the drama out of the way. But lets fast forward and make it spring. My favorite season. You can wear a little sun dress. I don’t know what color looks good on you. Green perhaps? Yellow? Doesn’t matter. I love dresses. Just simple cotton ones and simple cotton panties.

Probably need panties because you’ll be so wet. You’ve learned the drill. Our time is limited. No need for small talk. I want you undressed. Down to your little panties. I love to touch you. Not like a loving man touches a woman, but like a Master touching his slave. Like you are property. My fingers find your nipples hard already. Pinching them. Not asking you today whose nipples they are. I know you are Mine. Even though you really like My voice.

I examine you completely. Asking you to explain any scratches or bruises. I walk behind you. Pull your white panties down over your ass. Let you feel the heat of My cock between your cool cheeks. The very first place you felt My cock long ago. The back of a woman is so exquisite. I reach around you cupping your firm breasts in my hands. Gently, I bite your shoulder. You feel my soft lips on your neck. Kissing up to your ear.

“I find you perfect as always. And beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Would you like something to drink before you service My cock with your slutty little mouth?”

“No Sir, but may I pee?”

“Yes, lose the panties and go pee. I’ll be in the bed. Have your ass by My head so I can amuse Myself with My pussy as you suck.”

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Astroglide X


I bet I have a few shy readers who would never contact Me for a million dollars even. They would probably never knock on My door either. Maybe they even feel guilty for reading my filth. But they come and get shamelessly wet. Then they check the clock to see if they have time to masturbate before the hubby gets home. He is probably sickeningly sweet to her. Wanting to make tender love to her. When in her heart she wants to be treated like a captured sex slave.

Someone will knock on My door one day. Someone will get tired of reading and will want to try some doing. Too often I feel like people think they have to be perfect or something. But I’ve never had a perfect sub. I can write about a perfect sub. Maybe that’s where it comes from. I don’t make judgements on how you look. As long as you want to serve Me. As long as you have passion. As long as you can write a paragraph and spell most of the words correctly.

What I don’t do is strictly BDSM play without a sexual component. I’m a very sexual being. Sex is very powerful to Me. I think a lot of women, even vanilla, want it a little rough. Never once have a had a woman say “you are fucking me too hard.”

I like being in charge. Being the director. Telling you want position I want you in. What I want you to be doing. I learn what turns you on and use it to My advantage. The phone is really good for that. When you hit a nerve that really turns a woman on she reacts about as she would to two manly fingers entering her wet cunt.

I was just getting there with the ex when it ended. I knew so many things that would have driven her crazy then it was over. But that’s ok. While every woman is different, there are common threads that touch each of you to some extent. For over ten years I’ve been asking women questions. Most will tell you anything you want to know from behind a keyboard. A lot I come up with on my own because I’m naturally creative. No one told Me to take a little paintbrush and paint a woman’s clit with warm water, but that makes some leap to the ceiling. Putting a finger up your ass when you ask to cum was just something I thought of that might be fun. The suckchain.

What I haven’t been doing is reading stories or other blogs. I probably should. Might find some little tidbit interesting that I can file away to try.

You should be here tonight downstairs tied up in the bed waiting to be fucked. Limbs tied to the four posts. I’d fuck you until I felt my orgasm building, then I’d stop and leave you there in the dark. Pulling the comforter over you so you wouldn’t be cold. Wait five or ten minutes and fuck you some more. Make you my fuckhole for an hour. Then when I did cum, I’d cum up your body. Then feed you My cum with My fingers. Then I’d roll you over and give you a massage. You get a little sore tied up. Rubbing oil on your ass would get Me hard again. I’d have to fuck your pretty ass with the new lube.

Experience Pure Sexcitement . . . with Astroglide’’s new premium lubricant, Astroglide X.

This new formula was designed for those who demand high performance products to enhance their love life. Astroglide X contains a unique blend of high quality ingredients –– known to act as skin conditioners –– for enhanced silky sensations and prolonged mutual stimulation. For a truly SEXSATIONAL experience, add Astroglide X.

· Silky Smooth

· Long Lasting

· Latex Safe

· Non-Irritating

· Fragrance-Free

· Hormone-Free

· Flavor-Free

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A bit more juicy

Then what? Guess that depends on My mood. Right now I’d be in the mood just to suck your breasts and let My hand roam around your body. Coming tantalizingly close to your wet shaved pussy but not touching it directly. Maybe a little touch to see how wet it was.

“Do you want to touch My pussy?”

“Yes Sir.”

“Well, you can’t. You’ve touched it enough.”

I can see sucking your breasts for a very long time. Then I would have you turn over into she sleen or doggie. Thinking you were going to get fucked. But no, I’m going to spank you some while I begin to explore your pussy with My fingers. Not really trying to pleasure you, just exploring. I’d take the juice from your dripping pussy and gently rub it on your naughty little anus.

“You want that little hole fucked, don’t you slut?”

“Yes, please Sir.”

“It does look very inviting. But I’m in no hurry. I do have a present for you. A little steel buttplug with a jewel on the end. I almost hate to cover up your pretty little asshole though. But I want you to have it. So I can have you plug yourself when you get back home. It’s not very big so it shouldn’t hurt at all. Would you like to wear it now?”

“Yes Sir, if it pleases you.”

“Ok, but first I want to finger you there. See how tight your pretty ass is. Ah, very tight indeed. And so hot too. I know it will please My cock very well later. I’ll go wash My hands. Then I want to give you a pussy massage. I want to rub the walls of your pussy as if it were a clock. Starting at twelve and going all the way around. That way I will have touched every part of My pussy that I can reach. Then we will see what’s next. Judging by your wetness I would say you are ready to be fucked.”

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Sometimes I think it’s best just to jump right in. How nervous can you be when you are sucking on My cock? When I eat pussy I get lost in it. My tongue becomes a part of you. A lot is feedback too. Watching how a woman reacts. A lot of women are shy about telling a guy how they want it. Well, I couldn’t tell anyone how to suck my cock, I just know when it is good.

I know I write a lot about inspecting a woman. That would make almost any woman nervous as hell if it was a first meeting.

I remember the virgin ten years ago. She wanted to go out to dinner first. So we did. Then I bathed her in the tub. Took her to bed and shaved her pussy. She had some bush too. I don’t think she ever had trimmed it. The rest of the night was a blur. I know she sucked me off and I ate her a few times and fucked her ass. Never did fuck her pussy in 18 months. I wonder if she ever comes here. After she was married she wrote a few times then it stopped with no warning. I guess hubby said no more.

I tried some new lube in the tub today. I thought perhaps if I bought some lube, some ass would show up on my doorstep to fuck. Hasn’t happened yet, but there is always hope. And if it does, you won’t hear about it here. I know a lot of you come here to escape and you don’t want to hear about another woman. I wouldn’t want that either if I went to some sub block and I got drawn into it and pretended she was mine. Then she starts on about someone she is fucking. Who would want that?

I did it once and have the 291 view week to prove that it sucks. Besides, fiction is so much better than reality anyway.

Pretty boring today I know. Guess I should have started before I came in the tub.

But the lube is excellent. It’s going to make someone’s ass very happy.

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A nice drive

The second time you weave your way through the mountains will be a lot different then the first. No butterflies, just an aching little pussy who used to be yours but now is Mine. You think about My hand tightening in your hair forcing you to your knees to suck My cock. You never sucked so much cock in your life. An hour didn’t go by with my cock filling your slutty little mouth. Not to cum that much though. I took My pleasure deep in your tight little pussy. Fucking you like there was no tomorrow. Tying you to the bed and taking your virgin ass. Telling you there would be no safe word when I fuck your ass. No “Stop,” no “Please it hurts too much.” That you’ll simply have to take it. Give it a minute and it will start to feel good. And it did. And you can’t wait to feel it again. So sensitive you can feel it growing larger as it swells before it cums. Then you feel every pulse inside your ass as I cum deep in your naughty hole.

Now your panties are soaked. You bite your lip and try to think about something else. While every mile brings you closer. Oh god, the spanking. How I put you over my lap. Feeling my hard hot cock on your belly. How I pulled your hair and told you to tilt your pelvis like you wanted bad. And you did want it. And it was slow and erotic. My fingers strumming over your shaved sex. My hand strong on your ass. The sweet burn. That pretty ass. That’s the name I gave it. Remember the last time we talked three days ago on the phone. How I made you cum so hard by talking about that pretty little ass I was going to spank and fuck again. In three days.

Now you are leaving North Carolina and heading right into Georgia. Thirty-five miles to go. In less than an hour you’ll be serving Me in every way possible. Pleasing Me. And you’ll be cumming too. Harder than you ever imagined. Because you know it pleases Me.

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Just because I can

So you like wearing my shirts? Maybe a light blue dress shirt with nothing underneath. I want to hold My cock in My hand. About a half inch below the head. Sit on the couch and let you mount Me. But that’s all you have to work with. About an inch and a half of cock. Just enough to make you want more. That’s it. Rub it on your throbbing clit. Get the head between your aching pussy lips. Yes, it’s going to feel so good when I take My hand away and let you impale yourself on My hardness.

No, begging won’t help. Now hop off and suck it. If you can take every bit of in your mouth and then lick towards My balls I’ll let you feel all. Just one stroke though. Oh yeah, baby, that’s good. Ok, mount Me you fucking little cowgirl. Put it in once. Really slow. I want you to take at least twenty seconds getting it in. Oh God, you are so wet your cum just ran down my cock to My balls. Slower, that’s good. Now all the way.

Now get off Me and lick it clean. Don’t suck, but lick. Lick all your sweet juice off My cock. I know you want. You want to be fucked hard. Have your little cunt pounded into submission from behind. Go crawl to the bedroom and I’ll give it to you. Not on the bed though. You are too slutty for My bed. I’ll give you a pillow and a blanket because I’m nice. But you are sleeping in the floor. If I wake up and want to fuck you at three o’clock I’ll do it. With no foreplay. You are leaving tomorrow anyway. A sore pussy will just remind you of the fun we had.

We’ll have some time to play in the morning. I want to flog you really good. Until My arms get tired. Leave a few marks there to fade into next week.

Now crawl, slut. Really slow. I might have to fuck that sweet ass again tomorrow. Wait. Here take the riding crop with you in your teeth. I’m going to spank that little pussy before I fuck it. Just because I can.

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Going to a street fair today to try to help my cousins sell their cookbook. They want me to bring my poetry books. But poetry doesn’t sell so I feel like it is a waste of my time. But it’s only about 20 miles away.
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It’s way too cold up here

My fingers are frozen. 21 by morning. But this is the worst of it. Starts warming up a little but not even one 60 in the ten day outlook.

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48 Hours

A purely fictional letter



Dear slut,

I haven’t changed the sheets. They still smell like you and it is maddening.

I remember Sunday morning when you woke up before I did after a sex filled dream. You got up and peed hoping it would wake Me. Shamelessly you masturbated but stopped short of cumming. You had enough. You took My cock in your mouth and felt it grow hard. I stirred. You felt My hand on your head.

You stopped sucking. Lowered your dripping wet pussy over my thickness. Yes, you were a little sore, but that didn’t matter. So wet. Dripping down onto My balls as you rode My cock. Strong muscles clinching My cock. So very tight.

And the Friday after we met. Having you strip down to your pink thong. You were a little nervous. But once I pinched your nipples and raised your full breasts and let them fall, you went into that submissive breathing. Where you can’t hide your excitement.

I took My time going over all of your soft curves with My hands. Pulling at your thong back with My teeth and seeing your smooth waxed mons. So wet I could see your excitement flooding the pink cotton.

Behind you, pressing my cock into the crack of your arse like a hotdog. I remember you saying later that it felt so fiery hot there. Kissing your neck. Biting your shoulders. Whispering in your ear:

‘You are Mine for the next 48 hours.”

My hands grabbing your ass. Spanking it. Wanting it in every way. Plans of pushing you to your limit, but not beyond.

And the whole time you were thinking about My cock. When will He let me suck it? Wanting My cum in your mouth like you never had with anyone before. To swallow it all and have it coursing through your veins. Becoming a part of you forever. And your swollen little clit, constant throb wanting attention. Knowing it will be licked and sucked. That you’ll be tied down and pleasured to the point of torture.

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