what are you dressing up as?

I wonder what it feels like to have your clit licked? Or to have your clit licked but not like you like it. It took me a few times with the ex to get it right but then she couldn’t last a minute. I think the best advice is to just place your tongue on the clit and let her move her hips the way she likes it. Then you can take that information and repeat it with your tongue.

There are women that don’t like it all that much and want the cock. I like to make a women cum. It really doesn’t matter how. I like to “help” with masturbation. Deep kissing, sucking a nipple, playing with your ass, biting, licking your neck, whatever gets you off. Ideally, if we met around noon and had all night, I’d want to cum 5 or 6 times and would hope you could at least double that.

I also think about you asking to cum and me sticking my cock in your pussy or ass as a “yes.” Or you just holding my thick cock in your mouth and masturbating. Don’t try to please me, just enjoy my cock being there.

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Lunch time

A lazy day would be nice. Maybe watch a movie. Pause it to grab your hair and lead you to My cock. Then maybe a fuck. I cum a lot. Once a lady met Me at her door in her panties like I asked. We went straight to the couch and fucked. Then to bed where I came four more times. Five orgasms in row without getting out of bed. And she probably could have kept going. That was almost ten years ago. I might have lost a little since then. But not much.

A Scorpio. They are all horny as hell.

Most women are horny. Most don’t get enough sex even in a marriage. That’s my theory anyway.

Come to think of it, I’ve never had a woman say no to sex. Not even a vanilla. Within a relationship at least. I’ve made a few too sore after a night. If you know that’s a problem then you can just fuck gentle. It’s only happened a couple of times. Just like cocks come in different sizes, so do vaginas. I never got to see either one again. A shame, they were both very attractive. Except one had fake boobs. A doctor operated on her for something else and later dated and married her. Gave her boob enchainment. I didn’t like them all that much but I’m not a boob guy. More turned on by an A or small B than a DDD. More of a leg and ass man. But asses can be too small. Gotta have some meat back there to spank.

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for the cock sucking sluts

The great thing about imagination is W/we (hate that, but couldn’t resist) can be anywhere we want and the current script can be completely erased.

We can fast forward to where we have met several times and there are no fears or doubts just excitement as you knock on the door. You could have your collar on. Not a bulky play collar but something you really like. I’d let you in. Taking you by the hand into the livingroom. I’d snap the three foot suck chain onto the collar. Give it a little tug. You’d drop to your knees and quickly free My hard cock from My pants and start sucking.

It’s something you wondered about as you drove here. How would it begin? Sometimes it is agonizingly long before you get to suck My cock. But I’m feeling kind today. And you replay My generosity with some skillful cock sucking. My hand gathers up your silky hair and hold it tight against the back of your skull. You get even wetter feeling so dominated.

You suck hard with one goal in mind. My spurts of creamy cum splashing down your throat. Your hands pulls down my pants. So one hand can cup My heavy balls while the other works My cock along with your slutty mouth.

“You want the cum, don’t you, My little fucking whore.”

I feel your head try to shake yes.

“I know your fucking wet. Such a shameless little cock sucking slut. I can almost smell your sweet pussy from here. Get your middle finger in that cunt. All the way. Now stick it about halfway up My ass. Oh yes. Suck My cock. Just like that. I’m getting close. You want that three day load don’t you slut?”

I feel you moan into My cock. You are wearing no panties and you feel your little pussy overflow and flow down a thigh. Your little clit throbs with every heartbeat.

“Oh slut I’m going to cum. Oh God yes.”

Your mouth relaxes knowing I can’t take a lot of stimulation when I cum. The first squirt is always the largest. It stings your tongue with it’s velocity. I keep squirting into your mouth. You lose count. Less than twenty, more than ten, you wish it give you more as you greedily swallow it all.

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I think anal is best if you are tied to the bed. Especially if you are a virgin and agree to take it no matter how much it hurts. Even if you like it, it’s good that way. If you like it but somewhere deep inside you are embarrassed about having a cock in your naughty hole, being tied gives you the more freedom to like it.

I’d spank that ass first. Maybe use a toy or two to spank you. Get you used to the pain from my thick cock popping inside that closed little slutty hole. I remember one anal virgin I took on the carpet. She almost asked me to stop, then it started feeling good. Real good.

I know it really gets some of you hot. Yes, there are women out there who need a good assfucking right now. It’s probably not something I’d want everyday. I’d want to be kind of special. Maybe a once a week thing with a surprise fuck once in a while. And there are women who want to be clean there. Was themselves out with an enema. Might be a good idea. Do it in the morning and make sure everything is out. Then an assfuck in the early afternoon.

Tie you up and make you beg for it like a dirty little tramp. It’s amazing how much more sensitive your ass is. It can fill my cock getting bigger. Feel every squirt deep in your naughty hole. I can’t wait.

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Power and Control

Power and control

I’m not really used to having assignments to write about so what I offer might be far from what you want but I’ll give my two cents worth.

Power is something I have. In itself, it’s meaningless. I cannot impose my power on anyone who chooses not to accept it. Control is what a submissive or slave gives up. I don’t control you. You allow me to control you with my power. It’s often referred to as a “Power exchange.” But are you giving up power or control?

I know it is very addicting on both sides. Submissives, both new ones and ones who have been around, will not waste much time taking up with another Dominant when a relationship ends. I don’t think that is very healthy. That you should take some time to get a sense of yourself back. When you make decisions out of need your judgement can be clouded.

There were a couple of things that lead me down this path eleven years or so ago. I developed an interest or fetish in spanking. And found that there were women who wanted that. And this was before I knew bdsm existed. The entire idea of control was foreign to me until I picked up the first Beauty book of the series by Anne Rice. I loved her books and was just trying to read them all when I picked that one up. And it shocked me. It was like, and I guess we all have had this experience of finding sex in your mother’s books for the first time. The excitement of reading about sex when it was such a mystery. Well, reading about sexual control brought back those kinds of feelings. I knew then that was what I wanted. To be the director and have a woman do everything I asked. That I would spank her just because I could. And all of this I knew before I stumbled upon a bdsm website. Then I truly knew that I was not alone.

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This should get you wet.

“Tell Me you’re My dirty little fucking whore.”

“I’m Your dirty little fucking whore, Sir.”

My hand tightens in your hair pulling your head back and exposing your neck.

“Say it like you mean it, slut.”


“Whose pink hard nipples are these, slut?”

“Yours Sir,” you moan as I pinch them hard.

“I bet My little pussy is already wet. Wet and throbbing and begging for attention.”

“You’d win that bet, Sir.”

I circle around you. Run a single fingernail down your spine to your asscrack. You shiver. I slap your cheeks hard three times right on the sweet spot.”

“Whose ass is this, slut?”

“Your ass, Sir.”

“And what is it’s purpose?”

“To serve you, Sir. To willingly accept pain and provide you pleaure.”

“Good answer. Did you think such a good answer would convince Me to allow you to suck My cock.”

“No Sir. I serve at Your pleasure. My three holes open and ready for you any time day or night.”

“But you do want to taste My cock, don’t you?”

“Of course, Sir. I think about it all the time.”

“Crawl over to the coffee table. Grab the riding crop and hold it in your teeth. And crawl back. And be quick about it.”

I take the crop from your mouth. Give your ass a few spanks.

“On your knees slut. Take as much of My cock as you can in your mouth and just hold it there. Mmm very good. Lets see how well you have been doing on the Gor positions. Sula!”

You lie on your back. Legs spread, palms up.

“Very good. You are a wet little slut aren’t you? Only a fucking little whore could get that wet when I’ve barely touched you.”

“I stay that way for you, Sir. Once I made the mistake of reading your blog at work. I had to go to the restroom and cum. Right as I started to cum my friend came in and asked if anything was wrong. I told her I had really bad cramps.”


You turn over and spread your legs. I sit on the carpet beside you. Rubbing my hands over your smooth skin.

“I think we’ll go to bed now, little one. I will let you pleasure Me with your mouth. Take away some of this sexual tension so I can focus on you. Then I’ll tie you up and get you close a few times. Then perhaps I’ll let you cum on My cock. No toys inside you. Just My cock prying you open as you cum.”

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tiny post

It’s Friday! Maybe we need another pink panty Friday.

I know what I need. You sucking on my thick cock. In the bed. With your ass to the side of My head so I can spank you and finger My pussy.

“You want My cum, don’t you? You hungry little slut. Oh God yes, just like that and you’ll get it. You want that ass slapped don’t you? I know you do. Lets see if I can get two fingers in that tight little cunt. Oh yes, your are so fucking wet. Sucking Me gets you so wet. I swear you have a vagina in your mouth. You love it so much.”

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Vanilla sex sucks. Would I turn it down from a beautiful woman? Probably not. Would I marry her? Probably not. I need a slut who by definition can’t say no. No to anything not covered by your limits. I need someone who needs to serve. Who is happy making Me happy. Someone who likes a little pain along with the pleasure. Someone who can actually come to the blog and see herself in every little scene. Someone who would be unhappy if they didn’t get My cock somewhere everyday. Someone who wants all three holes taken at least once or twice a week. Someone longing to be tied up and tortured. Brought to the brink of orgasm and told, “No, not yet slut.”

Someone joyfully heading off to work with a red hot bottom knowing it will get spanked again when she gets home. Someone who would be told to wear red panties on Saturday and know an ass fuck is coming. Or someone thrilled that on Sunday all she may wear is her collar, suck chain, and restraints. Or someone told they have to crawl everywhere they go for the next hour. Someone so sexual they HAVE to cum more than once a day.

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Another poll

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sluts and such

I think almost all the curious princess types left long ago. So we can get really slutty and rough if that’s what you want. I know, it’s all about what I want. There is nothing much hotter than beating an ass that loves it. Like the one that fucked My flogger. Moving her ass like I was fucking her. Or the one that said, “Thank you, Sir” each time I struck her with something. I didn’t ask her to, she just did it on her own. Or the one who ejaculated as I cropped her cunt.

I guess it’s hard for some to wrap their minds around that pain is good. But some crave it like they crave a drug or sex.

There are some things I call minority kinks that really turn some on but would do nothing for the majority. I should do a really nasty story sometime. See if I can even shock myself.

Why are women so fucking horny? You will literally rub your little pussies until they are raw. Cum again and again. I don’t know much about guy’s sexuality. But I have interviewed 1000s of women about sex over the years. Yippy for the internet! I can’t stop a woman in the walmart and ask her sexual questions. She’d either kick me in the balls or fuck me in her car. And I like My big balls too much for that But online most will tell you almost anything as complete strangers. Maybe that’s how I know women so well. Like the ex said, I’d write something obscure and she’d go, “How did he know that?”

Not too exciting I know but maybe some pussy rubbing material later.

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Lit story of the week.


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Ba ba ba

Ask not what your Master can do for you; ask what you can do for your Master.

From behind, or she sleen, is one of My favorite ways to use a slut. Not just fucking, but using, licking, spanking, and other variations. Also one of the most attractive positions visually. Seeing both fuck holes. Applying the cool lube to the naughty hole. Maybe I would use your own toys on you. So many options. Perhaps you are tied up. Feeling a little helpless. Maybe even blindfolded heightening other senses. Perhaps some slut talk. Women love slut talk or talking dirty. That’s why they love the phone so much. One can hear their excitement rise when you describe in detail what you will do to them. How you will fuck them. How tight, hot, and wet their pussy feels. And I love to have my cock sucked with your ass not in a complete 69 but close enough to reach everything. Fingering your pussy and ass. You can finger pussy and go to ass but never the other way. Without washing. But still a finger in your ass would be wonderful as you suck Me to orgasm. It’s so naughty and wrong and nasty. I guess that’s the part of the thrill. I think most women have both a nice and proper lady inside and a raging whore. And it’s not proper to suck a cock with a finger up your ass, now is it?

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