Fuck Suck

Let’s play fuck suck. Start off by sucking My cock. You on top in a 69. When I say “Fuck” turn around and impale yourself on my thick cock. Then when I say “Suck” turn around and suck your juices off My cock. I want to see how big your little hole opens for My cock. Think of it as almost a workout as you will switch often. A game with two of your favorite things, getting fucked and sucking your Master’s cock, When you are sucking I’ll be licking My pussy and spanking your slutty ass. Teasing your little butthole with My finger. When you are fucking Me, I’ll pinch your hard nipples. Or pull you down to Me by your hair. If I say “Reverse Fuck” you will face away. Good exercise don’t you think? I’ll even let you decide where you want My hot juicy cum. We could even have your ass lubed if you wanted it there. I’ll tell you to pick a hole when I’m getting close. After all that fucking and sucking there must be a hole where you want My hot creamy cum more. I don’t care, I love all your holes. They all bring Me great pleasure. I’ll say,

“Pick a hole, slut, I’m getting close.”

Do you know what hole you would pick? If you think you know, let Me know, I’m curious. And it might be that you don’t like to decide. If you didn’t want to, then I would decide for you.

Anyway, that’s an original thought. Just off the top of My head.

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I wish I had a sweet little pussy to play with. That’s better than getting sucked off. Because I can get myself off. Yeah, not as fun, but I can. But I can’t taste you, see you, smell you, watch you squirm.

Today I’d tie you up and make you ask to cum three times before I said yes. Well, I wouldn’t say yes. I’d stick my finger in your ass which you know is a yes. And feel the waves of contractions moving through your body.

Then I’d fuck you. Nice long strokes. Our bodies slapping together. Then little strokes. Going halfway in or less. If you fuck a woman that was about ten strokes and then go all the way in, she just melts underneath you. Do that a few times. Five strokes, ten, fifteen, so she doesn’t know when it’s coming. Then the last time just grind against he when it’s deep. Like you are churning butter inside her cunt. But most women that I have made cum came from straight fucking. Yeah you can tease in both pussy eating and fucking, but if you want her to come you have to be consistent. Give her what she wants and keep giving it to her and she will cum.

I’d like to spank someone while they came. A few can cum from that alone, but most would need some clit play. I could finger your pussy between spanks. Feeling you squirm getting closer and closer. My hand heating your cheeks. The other pulling your hair. Stopping for a second. Getting my fingertip wet with your juice. And spreading it on your asshole. That would probably send you over the edge.

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Friday is pink panty day

The country seems to be going to hell but you can find some diversion here. And it’s free. I do take donations of wet panties.

I miss fucking in the car. I did a lot of that as a teen. All with one girl. I had a 1975 Ford LTD. Huge fucking car. No need to get in the back. Usually she’d ride my cock. I don’t think she had an orgasm that way. Even with the condoms I didn’t last very long. She had a really cute little butt. The thought of fucking it never came up. I guess now with the internet kids get exposed to a lot more sexuality.

I would like to fuck like that again. Not in the car so much, but on a couch. Your butt in my hands. Your arms around my neck as you hit the right spot. I could pull your hair. Pinch your hard nipples. Yum.

You in the floor on your knees. Wrists connected together behind your back. Me, holding your ponytail tight as I fuck your face like a cunt. Yum. I don’t think I’ve ever cum standing like that. Maybe fucking at the edge of the bed but never a blow job.

Fucking your tight ass. Cumming in it. Staying hard and after 30 seconds or so fucking you with my cum making you slippery. Then cumming again. If you could take it anyway.

Tying you up for an hour. On your back in the morning. On your tummy in the afternoon. Dripping wax and water from a cube at the same time. Clothes pins on your pussy lips and nipples. Getting you to the edge and telling you no, you can’t cum.

Writing down all my spanking toys on paper and putting them in a hat. Having you pick three. Making you take all three one at a time. Hard enough to leave marks that would fade in about 5 days. Yeah, a little scary to some. Hell YES for others.

FRIDAY IS PINK PANTY DAY! Or pink thong day if you prefer.

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Just a little one to get you started

So I put you in She sleen. One of the slave positions. A little like doggie. You sucked me off a little while ago but I’ve yet to touch My pussy. Your lips are engorged and open. The wetness is about to spill over. That sweet shaved pussy. Puckered little rosebud of an anus. I don’t think any man on the planet could resist burying his bone in your tight little pussy. Except Me.

I take cock in hand and rub it up and down your pink little gash. Spreading the wetness from your throbbing clit to your asshole.

“Please Sir, may I have Your cock?”

“Yes, you can have My cock. When you ask to cum that is.”

“May I touch Your clit, Sir?”

“No, that would be too easy. Doesn’t this feel good?”

“Yes Sir, it does, but I want you inside me. Fucking me.”

“Well, the sooner you ask, the sooner you get it.”

“Yes Sir. It’s your pussy, Sir.”

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part two

It needs a lot of work if I’m going to post it. A complete rewrite into 3rd person. And there might be a part three later.



I removed the small plug and replaced it with a larger one.

“Oh God, Master, that hurts.”

“Just give it a minute and the pain will ease.”

I grabbed your hair and give you a few whacks on the ass just to help get your focus off the plug..

“Does it feel a little better now, slut?”

“Yes Master, but I’m afraid of Your cock. Please go slow.”

“I’m going to show you something. I’m going to pull it out and put it back in. It will barely hurt this time.”

You moaned as I pulled it out. Then I pushed it right back in and you barely flinched.

“You were right, Master. It barely hurt at all. Please take Your virgin ass. Claim it as Your Own.”

“It will hurt a little. Your ass has to adjust to My cock. I’m going to put it in and let you relax. Then I’m going to pull it all the way out like I did the plug. Then I’ll fuck it.”

I put extra lube on your asshole. Sticking My finger in so I’d know the angle. One stroke of My cock deep in your cunt to get it wet. Then more lube. The big mushroom head popped in follow by the rest of My cock filling you completely.

“Oh Master, it hurts. I don’t know if I can do it.”

“Shut up, slut, it’s in now. That’s the hardest part. Just try to relax. I’ll free one of your hands so you can touch your clit. Maybe that will help.”

I pulled it out all the way, added more lube, and pushed it back in. Slowly started fucking you.

“Oh God, Master that feels really good. Don’t stop. Fuck me harder if you wish.”

I twist your ponytail in My hand a pull it hard. Fucking you in nice full strokes. My torso smacking against your ass. I drop your hair and grab your hips. Getting My cock all the way in while you feverishly rub your throbbing clit.

“Fuck My cock, slut. Show Me how you like it. Squeeze it with your ass muscles. Oh yes, that’s good slut.”

“May I cum, Master? Please, let me cum on your cock.”

“Yes, cum now,” I said, forcing my cock deep in your ass.”

I don’t think I had ever seen you come so hard. Or have anything squeeze My cock that tightly. About halfway through your one minute orgasm I too started to cum. And you could feel every pulse of My cock as My balls emptied deep inside your naughty hole.



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Anyone like to edit?

I might turn that last post into a short story for Literotica. If anyone would like to clean it up for me when I’m done, let me know.
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The Cane, part one.

So we are having lunch in at a small sidewalk café outside on a beautiful autumn day. Right before we leave I hand you a small heavy little box and tell you there is a note inside and you need to go the bathroom and read it.
You hurry off anxious to find what is inside. Once inside the bathroom you open it up to find a small stainless steel buttplug, and packet of lube, and a note.

Dear pet,

I realize it’s been a week since I fucked your sweet ass. I know you are aching for it by now. Put the plug in your ass. When we get home I’m going to tie you face down on the bed. Clamp your hard nipples. Perhaps tease you a bit. Flog you a bit. And finally fuck your ass. But before I lube My cock, I’m going to stick it deep in your cunt to give it some natural lube. Then some real lube too as I know My thick cock barely fits in your tight little asshole. I know you’ll blush from excitement as you make your way through the crowd with the heavy plug in your ass. Wondering if they know. If they smell your wetness that I know is oozing out of you as you read this. We won’t speak of this on the way home. But the fullness in your ass with be a constant reminder.

Your Master

You head into the stall. Pull down your red and black panties. Lube the plug and your ass. And slide it in with a little moan happy that the bathroom is empty. You clinch your ass as you leave hoping it doesn’t find its way to the floor for people to see.

When you sit it puts pressure on the plug making you feel it more. You are soaking wet and getting wetter by the minute. You had secretly hoped for an assfuck today but knew better than to ask for one. But this was totally unexpected and thrilling.

Once home, I strip you down and connect your wrist restraints to the bed leaving your feet free. Order you on your knees as I go to the freezer where I have kept the steel clamps. You start moaning as I attach them. The plug and clamps are enough to put you into a submissive frenzy. You feel the heavy tails of the flogger caressing up and down your back. Then I start to flog you in a figure eight motion, striking you about once a second. You start moving your hips.

“Yes pet, fuck the flogger. You look so hot with that ruby jewel peeking out of your ass.”

“Yes, please Master. Hit me harder. Make it hurt.”

“Now, now, pet. Isn’t that topping from below?”

“No Master. I mean I’m sorry if you took it that way.”

“Hey, if it is pain you want it’s pain you’ll get. When I’m done here you’ll get the cane.”

You are speechless. You have only seen the cane and have feared it greatly. You try to put it out of your mind as the heavy thud of the flogger feels so good. You start to drift into subspace. Like an out of the body experience looking down on yourself. But you are shocked back to reality as you feel five of my fingers being forced in you cunt. “My God,” you think, “Is he really going to fist me?” Knowing your cunt is much to small for that. But I stop and instead fill you with three. Pressing down hard inside My pussy.

“It’s such a shame. I was ready to give you such great pleasure and now we have to deal with your ignorance. Perhaps you’ll learn from it. I’m only giving you ten. But each time you make the same mistake it will be doubled. Now I want you to count them for me. One, thank you Master.. Two, thank you Master. Do you understand.”

“Yes, Master, but no pain can equal your disappointment in me. I will not do it again.”

You feel the cane cutting through the air and the intense pain as it strikes both cheeks leaving a red stripe.

“One, thank you Master.”

Then again this time harder.

“Oh God, two, thank you Master.”

By the time I get to ten you are crying. I leave and come back with an ice cube to sooth the burning stripes.

At the same time you are oddly excited. Wanting to be fucked hard in the ass. You moan as you feel my mouth suck the fleshy parts of your pussy into My mouth. I kiss every stripe. I kiss up your spine to your ear, lightly licking it.

“Whose ass it this?” I ask gently tugging on the plug.

“Your ass, Master. To do with as you like.”



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Over the river and through the woods

A little something. Not really into writing today. Politics and football have crowded things out. Oh yeah I have to go to the bank and let them know the street number changed with the enhanced 911. Took these redneck retards this long to figure it out. The local government here is a fucking joke. I could go on for an hour about all the shit they screwed up. Every year they want more and more money for the budget. The golf course loses 50,000 a year. The first thing I would do is put it on fucking Ebay.


“You’ve been a bad bad girl and you know it. Bend over and grab your ankles. I’m going to spank you with the little birch paddle. One hundred times. Ten sets of ten. Then all will be forgotten. And I’ll let you suck My cock with your tear stained face. I love how you turn your mouth into a pussy and really get into it. You love how I taste. How I feel in your mouth. Then you sense me getting close and you suck even harder. Because nothing thrills you more than having my cock explode in your mouth. Jets and jets of Master cream to savor. Then we’ll have some tea. Maybe start on a movie. Then pause for a sideways sixty-nine. But I don’t want you trying to please me. Just let My cock fill your mouth as I lick your little clit. But it doesn’t end when you cum, it ends when My tongue gets tired. Then I want you to ride My cock until you cum again. Then I’ll take My pleasure doggie style.”

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I think you’ll like this one.

There are times when I tell you in great detail what we’ll be doing. Other times I tell you nothing. Today I will tell you the first thing I’ll do Friday when you come. First of all, I want you to wear that cute little sundress with no panties. When you get in the county I want you to start clinching your pussy. Once every ten seconds or so. Once you get here I’m going to grab you by the hair and take you straight to the couch. Spreading your legs wide and eating you while I sit in the floor. Thing about that when you clinch. I’m sure you’ll be very wet by the time you get here.

It’s Friday. I’m so excited. I wait by the door when I hear you pull up. I open the door so you don’t have to break stride. I close it behind you.

“Sir, I’m a little embarrassed. My wetness has escaped and is streaking my thighs.”

“I see that. It’s very slutty and I love it. Lose the dress and be quick about it.”

I grab you by your hair and lead you to the couch. I sit you down where your ass is at the edge.

“Spread your legs wide, slut.”

“Yes Sir,” you whimper.

I lick the cum off your thighs. Getting closer and closer to My very wet pussy. You squirm as I reach your inner thighs.

“Be still, slut.”

“I’m sorry Sir it tickles.”

I kiss every inch of My pussy. Then I lick it all over. Put My tongue deep inside you. I raise and kiss your mouth. You suck your juice off My tongue.

I put a little KY on your asshole. And start licking your clit just like you like it. Like you have said many times no one gets your pussy like I do. As I eat you, I reach up and pinch both nipples hard. It doesn’t take very long.

“Please Sir, may I cum?”

I stick My finger deep in your ass which you know is a “yes.” I keep licking your clit as I feel your tight contractions through your ass. I keep it there for a minute feeling a few aftershocks.

“She sleen on the carpet, slut. And be quick about it. I had other plans but I need My pussy now.”

You get on your knees and lower your chest to the carpet. I start rubbing My cockhead up and down your very wet slit. I slap your ass hard.

“Say ‘Stick your cock in my wet hot cunt, Sir’”

“Stick your cock in my wet hot cunt, Sir.


“Stick your cock in my wet hot cunt, Sir.”


“Stick your cock in Oh God! Yes in my wet… hot… cunt Sir, Yes fuck me hard Sir.”

Your pussy feels hot and tingly as I feel you. Like it’s going to burst. You squeeze your muscles tight as I pound your wet hole. You feel me grab a handful of hair and fuck you even harder.

“Please, may I cum, Sir?”

“No, wait for Me, slut. It won’t be long.”

Not long because I have saved My cum for three days. I can feel it building.

“Oh please Cum, Sir, it’s your pussy. Cum in your pussy Sir. Please” I can’t wait any longer.”

“Cum with me slut.”

I thrust My cock in deep so you can’t push it out. And fill My tight pussy with squirt after squirt. My pussy clamps down so hard you can feel My cock grow harder with every squirt.

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I’ll have to expand on this one day. MMMM

“Come here slut. Let’s talk. I’m going to tie you up today. Fairly tight. You’ll have a few inches of range. You’ll be blindfolded. I’m putting ear plugs in. And your mouth with be taped. With painters tape so it won’t be too abrasive. So you’ll only be able to smell, taste, and feel. You can cum as much as you like without asking. If you feel something touch your nose it will be My cock wet with precum. I will use My tongue, My fingers, My cock, My candles, My ice, My vibrators, My flogger, My crop, and maybe a few surprises. My goal is simple. To make you cum as many times as I can in a hour. I may put things in your ass, but I won’t fuck your ass until tomorrow when we do this again only face down. Oh, baby, I’m going to make you cum so hard and so often. For an hour. Give you so much pleasure that it might even become painful towards the end. I want to see you fighting against the ropes. Bucking your hips like a bronco. Tears running down your face. A puddle of wetness below you on the teal sheets. Then I’ll untie you. Free you from all the restrictions

.Let you get on top and make love to Me to show your appreciation. Any questions?

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I’ve given you a key. That’s how much I trust you. And you trust me too. Completely. You are surprised and a little disappointed to see that I’m not home. You enter and are greeted by my male cat who loves people. The girl keeps her distance as she hasn’t bonded with you yet. There is a note on the couch.

Dear pet. I assume it is close to two o’clock. I want you to take a hot bath. Make sure you insert a soapy finger into your ass. Dry off and get in bed. She sleen on the bed. Put the blindfold on. Try to be ready by 2:30.

I have missed you.

Your Master.

You do as I request. Smiling at the cat now rubbing against your thigh. My pussy is steamy wet as you think of your last visit. Your heart leaps into your throat as the door opens. You hear My footsteps. The bed sinks by your head. There is a little worry that it might not be Me, but when I grab your hair and guide you to My cock you know for sure. The sweetest cock you have ever tasted. My domly scent.

“Oh God, I’m missed the feel of your mouth. But I’ve missed your ass even more.”

You feel me kiss your cheeks. Your crack. Your puckered little hole. You moan as my tongue lightly flicks against it.

“You are so fucking wet. Let me drink your sweet wine. Mmmm. So good. Tell me it’s My pussy.”

“It’s your pussy, Master. To do with as you please.”

“Yes, three holes for My cock. And I know you’d be pleased to have anyone of them filled right now. And disappointed if they all didn’t get filled by sundown. As appealing as that pretty pink pussy looks, I think I’ll start with your mouth. I want you on top of me in a 69. You’ll suck My cock good. I’ll just lick you a little once in while so you can concentrate. Keep My cock in your mouth after I cum. Then I’ll make you cum which probably won’t be very long. Once you cum, get back into she sleen and I’ll fuck My pussy hard and deep.”

You straddle Me and take as much of My cock as you can while holding the base. That sweet pussy inches from My mouth. I give it a long wide lick from your clit to your asshole. You moan through My cock. I knead your firm buttocks.

“Oh yes, slut. Suck it good. Suck it good and I’ll give you all of My seed to swallow. My sweet cum splashing in your mouth. Shooting down your throat. Oh that’s it. I haven’t cum in three days so it won’t be long. Keep it in your mouth slut as I pleasure you. Stop sucking after I tell you I’m going to cum. Then I’ll dive into that sweet pussy as I fill your belly.”

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Assignment 12

Does talking about My cock make you want more? What if I told you to kiss every inch of it. Then lick every inch of it.

“May I suck it please, Sir?”

“No, slut, start over from the beginning.”

I don’t know though. I really want My cock sucked bad. I want to fill all your holes. Claim each one as Mine. And do things to you. What you ask? Anything I want or desire within reason.

I want you to cum soon. Deny yourself twice before you finally do cum. Then cum hard on the third time. Think of Me either watching you or fucking you. If I watched I’d damn sure fuck you later. Probably as you were cumming. I like cum sluts. I’d make you cum all day and all night. Just as I would take My pleasure as needed.

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