Your Daily Dose of Wetness

Maybe I’ll get back to the story later.

For now I want to write about you. Not the first time we meet. That’s always a little awkward. First times are usually magical but the second time there are no nerves only excitement. And we can talk about what went really well and what could be improved on.

Yes, your panties will be soaked the second time I see you. I’ll have you strip down to your panties and stand before me. I’ll run the tip of the crop over your curves. Tap your cunt a few times. Slap your nipples a few times. Not hard enough to hurt, just to make you want them sucked. Walk around behind you and spank your ass eleven times just because I can. Have you hold the crop between your teeth as I press my cock up against your asscheeks and pinch your nipples. Biting your shoulder. Kissing up to your slutty ear.

“If you want to taste My cock get on your fucking knees,” I whisper.

And you do want to taste the cock that tastes even better than in your imagination. Getting to suck it all weekend has only made you want it even more, if that is possible.

“Don’t move your head pet let me fuck your face then I’ll let you do what you want when we get on the bed.”

You feel my hand tighten in your hair. Your hungry mouth forms an O. My hard yet velvet soft cock fills your mouth. Deeper and deeper until I see you having trouble with it. Then all the way out.

“You feel so empty and incomplete without My cock inside you don’t you pet?”

“Yes Sir, please again, please?”

I fuck your mouth slowly like it is My cunt. And it is My fuckhole. I close my eyes and pretend that it is My tight pussy. Or My even tighter asshole. I’ve missed you more than you imagine.

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