Another rainy day in bed

It’s raining like crazy and we have another hurricane headed this way. But we really need the rain. The lake near here looks like the river it once was. And for a while, Atlanta was concerned about running out of water.

Another rainy day. We’re lying in bed.

“May I suck your Sir? Please?”

“No, but you can kiss it.”

Not what you wanted but you kiss it good, even the back side. You’ve learned how I like it and if you mess up it takes longer to get to the next step.

“Now kiss My entire ball sack. When you are done you can start licking but lick the balls before you start on My cock.”

It always makes you even more hungry for My cock when I make you work for it this way. So many guys have to beg and plead for blowjobs and here you are worshiping My cock. You lick it with enthusiasm knowing if you please Me I will let you suck it dry.

“Would you like to suck it now slut?”

“Oh yes please Sir.”

“Ok, first get your ass up here by My head. You know how I love to finger you.”

I’ve always love to finger pussies. See how many I can fit inside. I only fisted once. And almost another. I’d only try that if they wanted it. I’d prefer someone too tight to fist, but I guess the real key is muscle control. The one I did fist was still a good fuck.

69 is great but this off center finger fuck allows me to feel your mouth better. When I eat pussy I get lost in it. I know sometimes it is harder to suck when you are getting played with but too bad. I love to make a salute and rub the tips of four fingers softly up and down your wet slit from your fuckhole up and over your clit. And I want to try some new things I learned on the youtube “how to eat pussy” clip. More in there about fingering than eating actually.

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