babe part 1

A little more intense story for those who like it that way.



I want you in the room by 2:00. By 2:10 I expect you to have the play collar and restraints and suck chain on. That’s all. And get in bed under one sheet. I want you to mentally masturbate until I get there at 2:30. Don’t touch My pussy. You may squeeze your muscles and move your hips slightly. No nipple play either. Think about our last visit. I will check to see how aroused you are when I get there. If you are not, there will be hell to pay. And not in a way you will enjoy, babe.

I get there on time. Pull back the sheet a little exposing your breasts. I give each nipple a little bite. I have missed them so. I pull the sheet off. My shaven pussy is glistening with wetness. There is even a golf ball sized wet spot on the sheet.

“Very good, slut. I will give you a reward. Sit up and grab your feet.”

I connect the ankle and wrist restraints. Grab your feet and push you onto your back. The weight of your body keeps your legs spread in the air. I kiss My pussy and then start licking you. Just like you like it . I wet your asshole with your own juice and gently play with it at the same time. It doesn’t take long.

“May I cum, Master?”

“No, it’s not that big of a reward. Besides, I haven’t even cum.”

“Then may I suck your cock, Master?”

“You may later. Right now I want to get your free then I want you to get into the middle of the rook and bend over and grab your ankles.”

I go to My bag and get out my quirt. It’s a very short 24 inch whip used on horses. Despite it’s small size it has quite a bite. I place it between your teeth like I do a lot of toys I use on you. I spank your ass. Not super hard but solidly to warm you up.

“Now this isn’t punishment. We are going to do a lot of spanking play today. Just little bits and pieces here and there with a flogging scene later. Now I know the quirt isn’t your favorite. We are going to do it first and get it out of the way. I want you to count them. One Master. Two Master. If you take it well and don’t be a baby we’ll stop at ten. But if you break position or cry out too loud we’ll start over with one. Do you understand slut?”

“Yes, Master.”

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