Time for another cup

My tramp. Wanton and dirty. A slut for all seasons. Only mine though and only behind closed doors does this transformation take place. Your goals are to please and to serve and your dreams are of Me. Longing for the day when it is more than words leading to lust leading to masturbation. Toys may fill you but they are a poor substitute for Me. They can’t be tasted or heard. They don’t have fingers to pinch and pry. Tongues to lick and teeth to bite. They don’t moan against your neck and fill you with jets of pleasure.

To give yourself completely. Accepting both pain and pleasure. Certainly a lot more pleasure than pain because nothing pleases Me more than you cumming on my cock, fingers, or tongue. Or just watch you as I too stroke. And letting my cum rain on your body.

That’s far off though because I’m tired of My hand and need your holes. To claim them each in turn. To take you in so many ways. Growing with you as we learn each other and strive for perfection. Nirvana. But it will all be good from the beginning I think. From the second My cock parts your lips and you at last taste what you have wished for.

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