Afternoon delight

Do you remember those toy airplanes that ran on a rubber band. You’d turn the propeller and the band would get tighter and tighter. That’s what I want to do with your sexual energy. Wind it tighter and tighter so that when I do let you cum, you fly.

That’s a partial reason why you get to suck My cock so quickly every time we meet. Yes you love it and think about it a lot. But it not only drains My cum, but My sexual energy as well. So I can focus more clearly on you without a pending need to fuck you. I guess in a democracy we’d 69 or take turns. But I’m a dictator. The Captain of My pussy. Of course you know I’m not a cruel Master. That I would hope in the end that you had at least as many orgasms as Me, and hopefully more if they come easy to you.

I wonder if I could seal my lips around your clit and suck you off. I like that. But it generally isn’t the way I make someone cum. Most of the time I do it with very steady and slightly firm licking. Another technique I recently learned is just to place the tongue on the clit and let you move using it as a masturbation device. Seeing how you move and duplicating it with my tongue.

I’d like to lick you for thirty minutes today. Each time you ask to cum, I’d say “no..”

You’d probably last a minute and we’d rest for a minute or so. About 15 times you’d ask. One the 14th time you’d feel the cool lube on your naughty little ass and you’d know you were getting the finger and could cum. Maybe use my finger like a second tongue on your asshole with the same motion as I lick your clit. Then when you ask to cum I’d shove my finger deep in your ass pushing you over the edge. Hopefully we wouldn’t be in a motel room because you’d be pretty loud I imagine.

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