Years ago I had someone on the bed sideways, her head over the edge. Licking My balls as I masturbated. I’d like to do that again. But this time have you masturbate as well. I could pinch your nipple with my other hand. Shoot My cum on you or shoot it in your mouth.

I’m tired of My hand though. I need a wet tight hole fuck several times. A three holed slut.

I want to spank some ass and pull a little hair. Clamp some nipples and spank a pussy with the crop. Tie you up and have My way with you.

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Morning thoughts

I don’t think I’d want My cock sucked if it was done as a favor. No, give me someone cock hungry. Someone with a G spot in the back of their throat. Someone who gets even more excited when I pull their hair and talk to them. Tell you you’re a good little cock sucker and if you keep sucking like that you’ll get all My creamy cum.

I like My cock sucked all day long. Not always cumming. I have your cunt for that. Fucking you on the carpet. From behind. My balls slapping against your ass as I ram it deep. Your ass already lubed up to take My cock when I’m ready to cum. I’d love to do that. Fuck My pussy and then switch to your ass, using your pussy juice for lube. Having some lube there beforehand so it wouldn’t be too bad. Shooting a huge load up your ass. Staying hard so I could fuck your juicy ass again. Yes, fucking your cum filled ass with My thick cock. Yummy.

Oh, I need to spank you. Naked over My lap. To see the blush of your cheeks. To fill your hungry cunt with My fingers. Or have you touch your clit. Have you cum while I spank you. Shove a wet finger up your ass when you ask to cum and keep spanking with the other hand.

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Taking the day off

Too much politics and football going on today.
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It’s Your pussy, Sir

So I was going through an old picture thread at lit. A nice looking 20ish girl doing what looked like Gor positions. My favorite was her in the carpet on her knees, breasts down and ass in the air. That’s what I need today but instead of her it would be you.

You, after you had sucked all the cum out of My cock. You, wanting to feel Me deep inside you for the first time. Of course, I could take your ass. But no, I want that pussy first. Mmmm, I can’t help but to lick it a little. But you want that big cock that thirty minutes ago squirted twelve times in your mouth.

I want to rub the head on your shaved pussy until you beg for it. Think about how long you have waited for this very moment. A pussy you gave to Me long ago now about to be truly claimed. It’s going to pinch a little going in, but you are so fucking wet it’s going to feel good fast. Remember to ask before you cum because I want My cock deep inside when you cum so you don’t push it out.

“Tell Me it’s My pussy,” I say, giving your ass a slap.

“It’s Your pussy, Sir, please stick it in.”

“Say it again.” <SLAP>

“It’s Your pussy, Sir. Please fuck it.”

“One more time. <SLAP>

“It’s Your pussy, Sir. OH GOD, YES, take it. Claim it. Fuck me harder Sir”.

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Your Daily Dose of Wetness

Maybe I’ll get back to the story later.

For now I want to write about you. Not the first time we meet. That’s always a little awkward. First times are usually magical but the second time there are no nerves only excitement. And we can talk about what went really well and what could be improved on.

Yes, your panties will be soaked the second time I see you. I’ll have you strip down to your panties and stand before me. I’ll run the tip of the crop over your curves. Tap your cunt a few times. Slap your nipples a few times. Not hard enough to hurt, just to make you want them sucked. Walk around behind you and spank your ass eleven times just because I can. Have you hold the crop between your teeth as I press my cock up against your asscheeks and pinch your nipples. Biting your shoulder. Kissing up to your slutty ear.

“If you want to taste My cock get on your fucking knees,” I whisper.

And you do want to taste the cock that tastes even better than in your imagination. Getting to suck it all weekend has only made you want it even more, if that is possible.

“Don’t move your head pet let me fuck your face then I’ll let you do what you want when we get on the bed.”

You feel my hand tighten in your hair. Your hungry mouth forms an O. My hard yet velvet soft cock fills your mouth. Deeper and deeper until I see you having trouble with it. Then all the way out.

“You feel so empty and incomplete without My cock inside you don’t you pet?”

“Yes Sir, please again, please?”

I fuck your mouth slowly like it is My cunt. And it is My fuckhole. I close my eyes and pretend that it is My tight pussy. Or My even tighter asshole. I’ve missed you more than you imagine.

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Another rainy day in bed

It’s raining like crazy and we have another hurricane headed this way. But we really need the rain. The lake near here looks like the river it once was. And for a while, Atlanta was concerned about running out of water.

Another rainy day. We’re lying in bed.

“May I suck your Sir? Please?”

“No, but you can kiss it.”

Not what you wanted but you kiss it good, even the back side. You’ve learned how I like it and if you mess up it takes longer to get to the next step.

“Now kiss My entire ball sack. When you are done you can start licking but lick the balls before you start on My cock.”

It always makes you even more hungry for My cock when I make you work for it this way. So many guys have to beg and plead for blowjobs and here you are worshiping My cock. You lick it with enthusiasm knowing if you please Me I will let you suck it dry.

“Would you like to suck it now slut?”

“Oh yes please Sir.”

“Ok, first get your ass up here by My head. You know how I love to finger you.”

I’ve always love to finger pussies. See how many I can fit inside. I only fisted once. And almost another. I’d only try that if they wanted it. I’d prefer someone too tight to fist, but I guess the real key is muscle control. The one I did fist was still a good fuck.

69 is great but this off center finger fuck allows me to feel your mouth better. When I eat pussy I get lost in it. I know sometimes it is harder to suck when you are getting played with but too bad. I love to make a salute and rub the tips of four fingers softly up and down your wet slit from your fuckhole up and over your clit. And I want to try some new things I learned on the youtube “how to eat pussy” clip. More in there about fingering than eating actually.

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Knot so naughty

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babe part 1

A little more intense story for those who like it that way.



I want you in the room by 2:00. By 2:10 I expect you to have the play collar and restraints and suck chain on. That’s all. And get in bed under one sheet. I want you to mentally masturbate until I get there at 2:30. Don’t touch My pussy. You may squeeze your muscles and move your hips slightly. No nipple play either. Think about our last visit. I will check to see how aroused you are when I get there. If you are not, there will be hell to pay. And not in a way you will enjoy, babe.

I get there on time. Pull back the sheet a little exposing your breasts. I give each nipple a little bite. I have missed them so. I pull the sheet off. My shaven pussy is glistening with wetness. There is even a golf ball sized wet spot on the sheet.

“Very good, slut. I will give you a reward. Sit up and grab your feet.”

I connect the ankle and wrist restraints. Grab your feet and push you onto your back. The weight of your body keeps your legs spread in the air. I kiss My pussy and then start licking you. Just like you like it . I wet your asshole with your own juice and gently play with it at the same time. It doesn’t take long.

“May I cum, Master?”

“No, it’s not that big of a reward. Besides, I haven’t even cum.”

“Then may I suck your cock, Master?”

“You may later. Right now I want to get your free then I want you to get into the middle of the rook and bend over and grab your ankles.”

I go to My bag and get out my quirt. It’s a very short 24 inch whip used on horses. Despite it’s small size it has quite a bite. I place it between your teeth like I do a lot of toys I use on you. I spank your ass. Not super hard but solidly to warm you up.

“Now this isn’t punishment. We are going to do a lot of spanking play today. Just little bits and pieces here and there with a flogging scene later. Now I know the quirt isn’t your favorite. We are going to do it first and get it out of the way. I want you to count them. One Master. Two Master. If you take it well and don’t be a baby we’ll stop at ten. But if you break position or cry out too loud we’ll start over with one. Do you understand slut?”

“Yes, Master.”

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Rainy days and Mondays

The true beauty of submission is giving yourself totally to another. To serve, pleasure, and please. It also pleases me to give pleasure on My terms. I want you to cum harder for Me than you ever had before. You may say you do now. You may wonder if you cum so hard now, how hard would you cum with My wet finger shoved up your ass when you ask? Pretty hard I would think. Or if I tie you up and deny you three times then thrust My thickness in your little cunt how hard would you cum? Or how hard would you cum if I had you over My lap spanking you for My pleasure? Slow and Erotic and with some fingering of pussy. Telling you it is My ass to spank.

I wish we could spend a lazy rainy day like this together. Rest My cock a few days so I could cum at least 7 times before our final spoon in the bed. And I’m always horny in the morning.

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Afternoon delight

Do you remember those toy airplanes that ran on a rubber band. You’d turn the propeller and the band would get tighter and tighter. That’s what I want to do with your sexual energy. Wind it tighter and tighter so that when I do let you cum, you fly.

That’s a partial reason why you get to suck My cock so quickly every time we meet. Yes you love it and think about it a lot. But it not only drains My cum, but My sexual energy as well. So I can focus more clearly on you without a pending need to fuck you. I guess in a democracy we’d 69 or take turns. But I’m a dictator. The Captain of My pussy. Of course you know I’m not a cruel Master. That I would hope in the end that you had at least as many orgasms as Me, and hopefully more if they come easy to you.

I wonder if I could seal my lips around your clit and suck you off. I like that. But it generally isn’t the way I make someone cum. Most of the time I do it with very steady and slightly firm licking. Another technique I recently learned is just to place the tongue on the clit and let you move using it as a masturbation device. Seeing how you move and duplicating it with my tongue.

I’d like to lick you for thirty minutes today. Each time you ask to cum, I’d say “no..”

You’d probably last a minute and we’d rest for a minute or so. About 15 times you’d ask. One the 14th time you’d feel the cool lube on your naughty little ass and you’d know you were getting the finger and could cum. Maybe use my finger like a second tongue on your asshole with the same motion as I lick your clit. Then when you ask to cum I’d shove my finger deep in your ass pushing you over the edge. Hopefully we wouldn’t be in a motel room because you’d be pretty loud I imagine.

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Time for another cup

My tramp. Wanton and dirty. A slut for all seasons. Only mine though and only behind closed doors does this transformation take place. Your goals are to please and to serve and your dreams are of Me. Longing for the day when it is more than words leading to lust leading to masturbation. Toys may fill you but they are a poor substitute for Me. They can’t be tasted or heard. They don’t have fingers to pinch and pry. Tongues to lick and teeth to bite. They don’t moan against your neck and fill you with jets of pleasure.

To give yourself completely. Accepting both pain and pleasure. Certainly a lot more pleasure than pain because nothing pleases Me more than you cumming on my cock, fingers, or tongue. Or just watch you as I too stroke. And letting my cum rain on your body.

That’s far off though because I’m tired of My hand and need your holes. To claim them each in turn. To take you in so many ways. Growing with you as we learn each other and strive for perfection. Nirvana. But it will all be good from the beginning I think. From the second My cock parts your lips and you at last taste what you have wished for.

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This made Me hard

I’m horny today. I want to tie you up and bring you almost to orgasm but deny you three times. And the forth time shove my cock deep in My pussy and let you cum hard on it. Then flip you over and tie just your wrists. Leaving your legs free. Then take that tight ass of yours. Stick it in all the way. Give you a minute to adjust to the girth. Then tell you to fuck that cock a while. Then I’d fuck you hard. My torso slapping against your open ass. Then long and slow as I tell you I’m about to cum. I want you to feel every squirt as my cock thickens to spit it deep in your naughty hole. Then keeping it there until the sensitivity stops. I don’t think my cock would go down at all if was somewhat rested. If you didn’t cum I’d untie your wrists and fuck your ass again while you touch your swollen clit. Stick it in as deep as I can so you don’t push it out when you cum. Feel all of your wonderful contractions and spasms through your ass as you chew on that fat cock with your muscles. We’re all alone cunt so you can scream if you want.

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