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the back door

“She sleen.”

She got in position in the floor. Her breasts on the carpet. Ass in the air. Her favorite position. Her breath quickened as she felt the footsteps of her Master. The only man to ever take her ass. She now welcomed the sharp pain of His thick cock entering her there. Knowing the pain would soon fade into pure pleasure. She was reborn as His slut. And that feeling had only grown. She was happy, but not truly happy unless he was filling one of her holes. Each time he fucked her she only wanted him more. He made her cum more than anyone ever had. Turning her into a ravenous feral sex animal. Often times she got so loud, He would have to cover her mouth. Just being in His presence made her wet. Once he sent her a shirt he had worn. She placed it over her face and came so loud the neighbors knocked on the door.

Now she felt Him over her. She wanted fucked so badly she was on the verge of tears. Knowing that begging would do her no good. She felt His hand on her hips. He kissed and licked her lower back right above her ass knowing that drove her crazy. She felt his fingers against her pussy lips and for the first time wanted his fist inside her cunt. But that would remain a fantasy as she was much too tight. She moaned as she feel the cool lube applied to her waiting asshole. He did this often so it didn’t mean she’d have his cock there. But she wanted it there. More than ever.

He slapped her tight ass hard.

“I guess my little slut wants some cock? It’s been a week.”

“Yes Sir, please fuck me.”

She felt his thick mushroom head against her tiny opening. The familiar hard push then a little pop as the head entered. Then the pain as he enter her fully.

“Fuck that cock, slut.”

She moved like a dancer on his cock. Taking Him deep and backing out to the head. Often He made her do much of the work but she knew He’d take over soon and fuck her hard.

“Say it’s your ass Sir, over and over until I tell you to stop.”

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mmm more you say?

I want to wrap black silk around your eyes and put earplugs in your ears. So you can’t see or hear. Lie on the bed and let you suck My cock. Feel it’s smooth silky texture. The smell of My sex. The oh so sweet taste of My cock. Take Me in as deep as you can. Yes, that’s where you belong. As if My very cock is part of you now.

Well, maybe not earplugs, I do like to talk. I can feel your entire body react when I call you a cocksucking slut. Makes you suck harder too. You want your reward. Those sweet jets of Master honey splashing into your mouth as quickly as you can swallow them. Hearing me growl with delight and knowing you pleased Me. Think about how wet you’d be. Telling you if you suck Me good, it will be your turn. I don’t have to do much really. Hold my hot wet tongue to your sweet clit and let you move your hips. Show me what you like and I can duplicate it with my tongue. And throwing in a few secret tricks. Watching your reaction. Learning what you like so every time will be better than the last. Feeling the cool lube on your ass. Watching your reaction as a finger fills your naughty hole. Then back outside playing with all those neglected nerve cells of your anus. Licking and waiting until you ask to cum. Then feeling My finger go deep in your ass. Hear you scream as you cum harder than you ever had. And glad we rented a cabin instead of a room.

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Hands. Hands you’ve dreamed about for so long now touching you as you stand naked, feet apart, eyes cast downward, hands behind your head. Softer than you imagined. The caress your body as I soak in your beauty. Fingertips slide down your smooth breasts and give your nipple a little pinch. A finger tests the wetness of My pussy, yes, it is My pussy. On my knees now gently kissing your shaved mound. My hands kneading your buttocks. I can smell the sweet arousal of your sex. I know I’ve made it wet many days and nights but it’s nice to finally experience it.

I’m standing now behind you. I take your hands and place them by your side for now. Your knees almost buckle when you feel the heat of my cock against your ass. I give your shoulders a little bite. I kiss your neck and move close to your ear. Whispering.

“Whose pussy is it, slut?”

“Your pussy Sir,” you say, it that quiet submissive tone.

I slap your ass. Hard enough to shock you a little but not painful.

“Whose ass is this, slut?”

“It’s your ass, Sir to do with as you wish.”

I take my finger and run it down your spine, between your cheeks, dip it in your wet pussy well, pull it back a little to your anus and insert just the tip in your ass. Very tight. I take your little hand and guide it to my thickness for the very first time. You grip it tightly like a tennis racket.

“Please, Sir, may I suck it? I know I shouldn’t ask but I really want to please You.”

“Get on your knees and kiss every inch of my cock.”

You kiss it like you are in love with My cock. And you are. It’s the most beautiful cock you’ve ever seen.

“Now lick every inch if it.”

Now you can taste it and it’s even better than you imagined. But what you really want is to have it inside you. Anywhere and everywhere inside you.

“Now I have my watch. If you lick my shaved balls for 90 seconds I’ll let you suck it.”

If felt like the longest 90 seconds of your life. But you would have licked them for an hour if I had asked. Simply mesmerized by my smell. The smell of your Master.

“Five, four, three, two, one, now suck slut.”

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Butt, the other pink meat.

It’s been a long time since I fucked an ass. One in the last 8 years. I think because I fucked the virgin sub in the ass for 18 months that maybe I didn’t want to go back there and be reminded of her. Maybe subconsciously anyway.

But I did fuck the ex ex. Or the one before the ex. And tried with the ex but she was just too small. She must shit spaghetti. But the last was so good. Seems like some asses offer little beyond the hole, but she was tight all the way. It popped right in and sunk it in deep. I could tell it hurt her but she didn’t scream or tell me to stop or safeword or anything. Once I started slowly fucking her ass she relaxed and it began to feel good. Even after I had cum something like nine times in the last 24 hours it was so good I didn’t last very long as I remember. Like a pussy, when I came I jumped up and headed for the shower. I regretted that. I should have stayed right there inside her and held her. Maybe I would have stayed hard and could have fucked her again. I know if my cock is fully rested it won’t go down after one orgasm. I just need half a minute or so and I can go again. In theory anyway. I never put it to the test. And it would have to be without a condom. Cumming with a condom is very hard for me. I even looked into buying the thinnest condoms on the market. They helped, but only a little.

That’s happened at least three times. That someone wanted to be fucked in the ass but I just couldn’t get it in. I guess one would need toy training in that case. Starting small and working up. She would piss and moan over her little plug on the phone, and it wasn’t much bigger than my finger.

But I’d say my success rate has been around 70%. That’s pretty good. And with all the failures I never got a second chance. I’m sure that given enough time any couple could figure it out.

Well my cat is rubbing her cold wet nose on my leg so I guess it’s time to go. I’m in a rambling mood anyway, not a sexual mood. Eww, cat booger on her nose. There, now she’s a pretty girl.

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Off Center 69

I pet your hair while you suck My cock. Yes, I am aware that you like it pulled but we have all day.

“You are suck a good little cocksucking slut. Spit it out and tell Me you love My cock.”

“I love your cock, Sir. Please, may I suck it?”

“Yes, you greedy cum slut. Get back on that cock where you belong.”

We’re almost in a 69. But you are shifted to the side. Your knee is against my head. I don’t feel smothered this way and I can spank your ass and finger your wet cunt. Two of your favorite things. Getting spanked and sucking my cock at the same time. Or I can get my thumb wet with your juice and just hold it against your clit and let you hump it. Or I can fill you with two fingers and push down against your muscles. Or I can take four fingertips and lightly strum up and down your wet slit. Or play with your little asshole. Or even reach your nipple if it pleases me.

Right now lightly touching My pussy sounds good. I want you to concentrate enough to make me cum. And of course, I’ll tell you when I’m cumming. I don’t like a lot of simulation as I cum. But I do think I’d spank you the whole time I was cumming. You’d feel those hot jets of cum hitting your mouth at the same time my strong hand was spanking you.


That’s all I have this morning. Maybe an ass fuck later.

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Deceleration of Servitude

I hold these truths to be self evident. That I have, by agreement, unalienable rights to all


three of your holes as long as there is no sickness that would prevent your service. Your orgasms are mine now. You will only cum with my blessing. Outside of a few agreed on limits, there is nothing you will not do to please me. Your sexual life is mine now. From the bundle of nerves leaving your nipples reaching your throbbing clit, to your wet achy vagina, to your tight little wrinkled fuckhole, you are mine. You enter into this freely without reservation. This is the authentic you. What you have been missing your entire life. Occasionally you will fail Me. You will accept punishment willingly. I, being human, might fail you at times. You are free to bring up a grievance if you feel I am wrong. Better to get it out than to let it fester and grow inside you. I will make an effort to see your side, but in the end, the judgement is Mine

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Blow Jobs

I think in the vanilla world blow jobs are more like presents. Or for special occasions. Like birthdays or Christmas. Like the old joke:: what’s the difference between a marriage and a job? After a year the job still sucks.

But submissives/slaves are different. They almost have vaginas for mouths. And that can be nurtured and encouraged. How many of you have read something here and thought, damn, I don’t know this guy but I sure would suck his cock right now.

Then there is the pulling of hair. When a slut is sucking your cock and you start with the hair pulling she can feel it in her clit. Then you ramp it up by talking to her. Telling her what a cocksucking dirty slut she is. And most are cum sluts. Some aren’t. A bad experience from her teen years can fuck that feeling up for good. Or at least make it very hard to overcome.

And I’m not saying that lifestyle women corner the market on cock sucking. I know there are women who don’t want anything to do with bdsm but would still never refuse a cock in their mouth. I just don’t think it is as common. My first girlfriend was that way. She’d suck me off as we rode the backroads. Sometimes I wish I could turn back the clock and met her again. With all the knowledge I have now. I’d shave her pussy. Fuck her ass. And turn her into a little slut. She was very sexual for her age, but a bit of a bitch. A few good spankings might have cured that.

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Thank you Thank you Thank you

This week should be the best week ever in terms of views. Only need 29 more or so to beat the old record from last year of 950. And that week we had the one day that had over 400. Kind of a fluke really.
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Good morning

The Awakening

You are still asleep when my mouth seals around your nipple. It hardens instantly when I give it a little nibble. You moan as I pinch the other one. Licking, crushing it between tongue and teeth, sucking, pushing it down with my tongue, all the little things you like so well. This is not the first Sunday morning I’ve woken you up this way. Already your hips start to roll. Damp and horny, nothing makes you want My cock more. I step over to the other side. Equal treatment for both. I know you can stand it much longer. And you know I’ll make you beg.

“Please Sir, fuck me now. I’m so wet. Such a needy slut I know, but I need your hardness inside me. Please Sir, I need to feel the sweet pinch as you enter me. Take me Sir. Claim your pussy. Fuck me hard and fill me with your sweet cum. Oh God, I just felt a trickle down my ass. So wet for you. Please Sir hold me down and fuck me hard. I need it so bad. I’ll do anything for you if you just fuck me.”

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More speader bar fun.

Sitting in the floor. A spreader bar between your legs. The soft leather wrist restraints are cuffed behind your back. I slap my cock against your cheeks. Have you stick out your tongue and spank it with my cock. Grab a handful of hair and slowly start fucking your face. Then I stop and let you suck it on your own. Then all the way out.

“Do you want my cock, slut?”

“Yes Sir. Please.”

“Convince Me.”

“Please Sir, put it back in my mouth. Fuck your mouth. I want your cum, Sir. Please?”

“When I’m ready.”

I kneel beside your bar. Reaching up, I pinch both nipples, harder and harder until I get a moan out of you. Then I pinch one, then the other, then both. Very steady, like some weird milking machine. Your mind is reeling. You want to suck my cock. You want to be fucked. But at the moment you are totally helpless. And the nipple play is getting you wetter and wetter. I free your hands from behind your back. I take the bar and lift it up, rolling you onto your back. Your legs now spread and up in the air. I hold the bar in my left hand to help support you. With my right hand I start finger fucking you with two fingers. Pushing down hard so it feels more like a fuck.

“May I cum, Sir?”

“No you may not.”

I stop fingering and start slapping your upturned ass. From one cheek to the other. Until they are nice and pink. Then once again with the finger fuck. You bite your lip trying to fight it. But I haven’t let you cum in three days.

“Please Sir, let me cum.”

“No, I’ll get you out of the bar. We’ll go to the bed where you can finish sucking Me. Then I’ll roll over and you can give me a back rub. And then, perhaps, I’ll let you cum on my cock.”

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It must take a lot of strength to submit. To turn yourself over to someone. I had someone drive five hours to see me and later they said they sat in the car for an hour about a mile away getting up the courage. The virgin in Nashville.

And the first. Who was trembling at the door. Ten years ago or more. I was very green then. Just a little spanking experience. And she was new as well. But really all you need is a power exchange for things to work. Someone willing to give up power and someone willing to take it. I made a few mistakes but I did no harm. If I could go back and start over I probably would get involved in the group setting thing. But I don’t have any interest in getting that involved at this point. To me this is a very private thing that I have no interest in sharing.

I write a lot about inspections and first meetings but the reality is there is an adjustment phase where you have to get comfortable face to face. Almost like a date. You might get lucky on a date, but you don’t hop into bed in the first hour.

I almost want to say I don’t like meeting people. That I like to get beyond that to where I’ve seen them before. But I’ve had so many good first experiences. One bad one when I hit a lady in the forehead with a spreader bar while she was blindfolded. I know I’ve written about that before but it was a nightmare. She laughs about it now. And we quickly got beyond it. I’m sure I was nervous. She was kneeling in the floor. I picked it off the bed and turned towards her with the bar in my hand and hit her right between the eyes almost. She could have gotten dressed and left and I wouldn’t have blamed her. But she stayed and it was one of the best nights I ever had. I think she would say the same thing. But she had to go back to Jersey and met a guy from NYC and has stayed with him for 4 years now so I guess she is happy.

I know I’m rambling about this morning. But it’s 5:30 in the morning and I’m not in a sexual mood. I should be later though. I didn’t cum yesterday.

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