putt putt

Right now I’m in a chat room. Female sub sought. Not that I’m seeking in here. And I doubt very many of the “subs” and wanting to be sought. Most just chat in the room. About nonsense mainly. These are like little social clubs where many go to the same room to hang out. Trying to think if I ever have actually met someone from a room. Met alex there. Several of my old stories were about her. Very beautiful lady both inside and out. But we never met in person.

Perhaps there was one I met. A nurse in Tennessee. One of those one and out things. We were pretty far apart distance wise, and about that time she took over the entire clinic, so no time for me.

It’s hard to tell who wants to be bothered and who doesn’t. And I’m looking at an area of about maybe 15 million people of who I want to meet. Sounds like a lot but it’s only one in twenty. Then they have to be in an acceptable age range for us both, not to mention being single and looking. So I don’t see it as a very effective tool. Other than I can sit in a room and do other things. Occasionally, if I’m in a good mood, I’ll join in the conversation for a bit. Then you have to put up with the trolls being nasty just because they can hid behind the screen and be an ass.

It was better when you could do an aol search and bring up people on line at the time and send them a message. But I guess too many people got tired of IMs and complained.

So more and more lately, in the past few years I have turned to literotica to meet people. But the same logistical problems exist there. So I’ll just have to wait. And maybe in the meantime work on making the blog a little better. I know it has been sparse this weekend but I was out of town a bit playing putt putt.

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  1. Try Fetlife. It’s sorta like myspace but for kinky people. I’m on as sweetpiv, of course. Great little community, you may possibly find a sub there.


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