WriterDom’s Island

I’d like to be on a Island with you. Somewhere warm. All alone. An island with only us on it so we could run around naked. In this perfect world there would be no pestering insects. Just white pristine sands being met by beautiful green waves. I’d like to find the shade of two coconut trees about ten feet apart. Tie each wrist and ankle to a tree so you were spread out. Facing the ocean. I’d be standing behind you with my hardness pressed between your buttocks. Biting your shoulders and pinching both nipples hard.

“Whose nipples are these, slut?”

“Your nipples, Master.”

Then you hear the whoosh of the cane break the air and land across your buttocks. Two more fly and leave three parallel strips across your ass as you struggle against the ropes.

“Whose ass is this, slut?”

“It is yours, Master.”

“And what is its purpose?”

“To accept your pain and give you pleasure. My purpose is to serve, obey, and please you in any way, Master.”

I step through the ropes. Place a cool bottle of water against your lips and give you a few gulps. Then pour a little down your full breasts and down your spine and through your cheeks.

“Did you shave as I requested, slut?”

“Of course, Master.”

“How would you like to be inspected? With my tongue or fingers?”

“I serve at Your will but you know I love your tongue, Master.”

I release your ankles from the restraints. I pull you forward placing your ass on a small padded stool. In your hands you have suspension cuffs so you are quite comfortable. I start licking My pussy in nice long strokes checking for stubble. Working in from both sides until I reach the juicy center. Finding none, I decide to give you a little reward. And start licking your hard little clit just like you like it.

“May I cum, Master?”

You feel finger wet with your own juices fill your ass. Which you have learned, is a “yes.”

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ah coffee

Twas the night before morning

And all was quiet

No flogger was stirring

Not even a quirt

The slave girls were hung on the St. Andrews cross

Passive and quiet; They know who is boss

The submissives were huddled all snug in the bed

While visions of spankings danced in their heads

My slut giving my cock one last kiss

While I lie in glory of sexual bliss

When deep in the dungeon

There arose such a clatter

As pet’s metal buttplug hit the mirror with a shatter

Some early morning silliness as I try to wake up

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Rest in peace.

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putt putt

Right now I’m in a chat room. Female sub sought. Not that I’m seeking in here. And I doubt very many of the “subs” and wanting to be sought. Most just chat in the room. About nonsense mainly. These are like little social clubs where many go to the same room to hang out. Trying to think if I ever have actually met someone from a room. Met alex there. Several of my old stories were about her. Very beautiful lady both inside and out. But we never met in person.

Perhaps there was one I met. A nurse in Tennessee. One of those one and out things. We were pretty far apart distance wise, and about that time she took over the entire clinic, so no time for me.

It’s hard to tell who wants to be bothered and who doesn’t. And I’m looking at an area of about maybe 15 million people of who I want to meet. Sounds like a lot but it’s only one in twenty. Then they have to be in an acceptable age range for us both, not to mention being single and looking. So I don’t see it as a very effective tool. Other than I can sit in a room and do other things. Occasionally, if I’m in a good mood, I’ll join in the conversation for a bit. Then you have to put up with the trolls being nasty just because they can hid behind the screen and be an ass.

It was better when you could do an aol search and bring up people on line at the time and send them a message. But I guess too many people got tired of IMs and complained.

So more and more lately, in the past few years I have turned to literotica to meet people. But the same logistical problems exist there. So I’ll just have to wait. And maybe in the meantime work on making the blog a little better. I know it has been sparse this weekend but I was out of town a bit playing putt putt.

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I shaved My Balls

Say “Thank You, Master.”

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The red thong means anal fuck later.



It’s nice when I have an original thought. Doesn’t happen every day. Early on, when I meet someone online, at times I’ll pick out their panties. I’ll have them inventory them for me. Task them with wearing a certain pair everyday. Eventually I get bored with the game and it goes away. But I could see it working in real life.

So in real life she would either ask or I’d leave a pair out. The red thong would mean she’s getting her ass fucked tonight. Of course, she’d have to really be into anal for it to work. Not everyone is.

Maybe other panties could mean other things. The seashell print might mean a flogging later. The cyan thong a 69 session. I don’t know. Maybe that’s overdoing it. But I think the anal fuck idea is good.

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crime and punishment

what do you fear?


I punish with what the sub fears the most. It’s not always corporal punishment either. To some that is no punishment at all. There are other things. Like standing with your nose to the wall. Or forced exercise.

For one it was the hairbrush. She hated it. Canes are very scary to some. And the tawse is just fucking evil. Any paddle is usually effective. I don’t like bratty submissives so I rarely punish. If you are not here to please me then hit the door and take up someone else’s time. And I think by rewarding good behavior you get better results.

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morning note

So how many times have you sucked My cock in your mind? Soon you will know its taste. A taste you will never forget. The only thing sweeter than My cock is My cum. Soon you’ll be feeling those sweet squirts hitting your throat. Hearing those moans in person. Feeling my hand tight in your hair.

It always starts with a cock sucking. My cock rested. My balls full to feed you. Then where do we go from there? I may introduce you to my friends. Mr. Cutting Board Paddle and company. Or tie you up. Take one of my slutty holes. I don’t know. Honestly I don’t.

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I have a nice big bag of clothes pins. Or pegs as the English say. I wonder how many I can fit on your pussy lips? We’ll see. Maybe I’ll be mean and slap them off with my crop.

I like spanking pussy about as much as I do spanking ass. What I like even more is creating sexual tension. Women crave sex. Subs and slaves crave to be dominated. When the two are combined it is a very powerful force indeed.

First timers have lost their appeal to me. I’ve caught and released my share of them. I want someone who knows they want this. But no, I wouldn’t turn anyone away for lack of experience. But I would prefer some experience. The pickings in North Georgia are pretty slim as it is.

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My Friends

I sound like John McCain. Anyway, this a site that’s kind of like a “Myspace” for kinky people. If you want to join and add me to your friends list it would be cool. Or not. Up to you.


I am WriterDom there as well.

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Tuesday Morning

Tomorrow you’ll put on your favorite white panties. And get a secret thrill knowing that all that stands between the world and My pussy is a thin strip of cotton. And dream of the day you nadu before me. Licking your lips. Waiting to taste that cock you have dreamed about for so long. Your spinning world now stops as you obey my every command. Existing only to give me pleasure. Your very body a toy for my amusement. Making you cum so hard you feel it in your toes. Feeling the pinch as I take you fully. Filling you. Consuming you. Taking you. Tying you to your own bed to use as a fuck toy. Shooting my hot cum up your body and rubbing into your skin. Making you wear it all day. Yes, you are mine. To do with as I please. A three holed slut for my pleasure. To be used. Taken. Fucked. Fed. Spanked. Flogged. Caned.

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The Queen City

It’s Saturday. Early evening after dinner. You have served me well. With a little soreness from the fuckings. Marks on your ass that won’t fade for days. Nipples that feel like you have been body surfing without a bra.

So I prepare you a bath of soothing salts. Wash you gently with a sea sponge. Dozens of candles flickering in the bathroom. Classical music. Dry you off with a heated towel. Carry you to bed. Carry you to bed. Lie you in the middle of your bed. Put a fluffy pillow under your ass.

Suck, lick, nibble and pinch My pussy. Making you ask cum three times before I say “yes.”

Making you ride that big cock until you cum again. Telling you when I am about to cum so you can take the seed in your mouth. Trying to find sleep in each other’s arms, but no, our bodies are drawn to each other again. I fuck you on top. Spilling a few tired drops on your smooth belly.

Tomorrow, our last day, but not last time. I will fuck you hard. Making you sore well into the week. Remembering Me with each step.

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