Hump day, two more nights!

On this day: FDR becomes the first president to appear on TV


Today’s birthdays: Cloris Leachman, Willie Nelson, Kirsten Dunst


Word of the day:


voluptuary \vuh-LUHP-choo-er-ee\, noun:1. A person devoted to luxury and the gratification of sensual appetites; a sensualist.

adjective:1. Voluptuous; luxurious.

Colette used to begin her day’s writing by first picking fleas from her cat, and it’s not hard to imagine how the methodical stroking and probing into fur might have focused such a voluptuary’s mind.– Diane Ackerman







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Lake Lanier water level:




Physical activity: Nordic walk

That sounds really good today. A nice slow erotic 69. I think sometimes W/we, or more like, I, focus too much on orgasms which is silly because we both cum like rabbits multiple times. We should focus on the shared enjoyment of each others bodies. It’s not a “win” if we come together, and it certainly isn’t a race. Or a contest to see who lasts. Its about being in the moment. Living in the moment.

There are men who think women want screaming orgasms, and they do, but women remember and appreciate little things. How they are touched, kissed, and held. Little reminders outside of the bedroom that let them know they are wanted. There is a lot about women I don’t quite get. Men and women are just different. When a woman has a problem, or a bad day, she just needs someone to listen sometimes. Not someone to fix the problem.

When men have a problem they want to crawl in a cave and not talk about it.

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just a note

Slut talk really gets her hot. I would say most don’t need it but it does affect most. Sluthood didn’t exist for her in October. Well, she was a blog reader then I think. One of the silent majority. Touching + slut talk, well, she has no defense for that.

Yes, it’s time to release the inner slut. Starting with the greeting. Moving on to the spanking. Then, before we begin in earnest, some much needed sex. Some food for energy. A shower. Then set course for uncharted territory.

Speaking of food I need to eat. And finish up at the gym from yesterday.

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Is it Friday Yet?

I think we’ll take care of some sexual needs we both have, been too too long, and then take a break to eat and shower. Then try to get her into full blown slut mode. A lot of talking. Words and touches excite her. Knowing we have hours. And that’s just night one.

My electric hands touching her. The nice girl will be a little appalled at being completely nude. But the slut will be happy being in full slut gear. We just need the nice girl to curl up and read a book. Maybe come back for the afterplay.

Get the slut to spread open My pussy. Show me the tight little hole I fucked an hour ago.

Then tying her hands to the ropes. Not as much give as we have been leaving. Same with her ankles. Now I can do anything I want.

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Covers Dixie like the dew

On this day: 1945 German army surrenders in Italy


Today’s birthdays: William Hearst, Hirohito, Uma Thurman


Word of the day:


cap-a-pie \cap-uh-PEE\, adverb:From head to foot; at all points.

Yet it is increasingly hard to ignore other scientific predictions sashaying into the press dressed cap-a-pie in silver lining.– Andrew Marr







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Lake Lanier water level:




Physical activity: Upper body cont, pole walk

Surprisingly strong yesterday. I’ve been going up on other lifts as well. I added a 4th set of dips yesterday. Didn’t do all 48, but got to 44. I can’t bring myself to do Pilates. But I have been doing some ab work on leg day.

This is last night to cum before the fast. I might let her cum on her own tomorrow night.

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Brother Iron, Sister steel

I’m not too sure how strong I’ll be tonight. I had one of those nights where I don’t sleep well. I think a lot of it is mental when you start getting a little heavy. And 205 is pretty heavy to me on the bench. Two sessions ago I really struggled with 200. Then about 4 days later blew right through them. I can’t go much farther without a partner anyway. I guess I could do more dumbbell work. At my age I’m not gonna turn into the incredible hulk anyway.

The way gas prices are I should take the bike. I can get there in 12 or 13 minutes. That’s not happening tonight though.

Sideways 69 is winning the duel right now on how to start. Hell, might even let her finish me on her knees. Just going to quit debating it and go with what feels right at the time. Probably better that she doesn’t have a clue.

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NASTY vs nice

One of the things they talked about, or she talked about rather when they first started talking was her love of riding cowgirl, or on top facing away. She cums so quickly on top. Almost uncontrollably. He wondered if the angle would change her orgasm. But he fills her so completely he doubts that it would matter. And he added a twist that delighted the slut but horrified the nice girl inside her. His finger would be deep in her ass as his cock filled her fully. He had felt toys in her ass and knows that’s a very thin membrane separating the two. So that would even add more to the feeling of fullness. That’s so nasty and naughty that the nice girl would surely huddle in the corner of her mind covering her ears and closing her eyes. But the slut would fucking love it. With the proper preparation and mind set. He could even have her say things the nice girl would never even think. Like,

“I’m your nasty slut, Sir.”

“Say it again like you mean it!”


Then he would feel her ass literary chewing on his big finger when she came.

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Ben and Jerry’s

Sometimes it is hard being the decider. A nice slow sensual sideways sixty-nine sounds so good as well. Deny her orgasms for a couple of nights before we meet. But would that jeopardize Me cumming inside her later? Will the new condoms make a difference? I have two brands to try. Crown skin less skin and a extra sensitive lifestyles. And my cock would still be fairly fresh for the second orgasm. I’ll wrestle this in My head for 5 days.

It’s like picking out a Ben and Jerry’s ice cream. They are all good.

It will be nice to see her in full slut gear. The collar, silver suck chain, and wrist and ankle restraints. And we’ll try out the thigh restraints early as well. And a lot of slut talk. Some people are verbal and some visual. Slut talk drives her crazy. I haven’t taken full advantage of that when I’m with her. Easier on the phone when that is all you have.

That’s the second stage. Have her shower so she’ll feel nice and clean. Or bathe. She is more of a bath girl. Have her dress in nothing but slut gear. She won’t like that. She sleeps in her bra. Might have to give her a few whacks on the ass with the riding crop if she whines.

Get her tied up so the nice girl inside her will go sit in the corner of her mind and the slut will cum out.

The tendency is to want to rush. But now is the time for touching and talking. A little suck here and there. In fact, might be better to start with her panties on. She’d love that. And I’d love getting them wet. Yes, all the time in the world.

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Another day closer

On this day: 2004 Oldsmobile builds their last car


Today’s birthdays: Michelle Pfieffer, Andre Aggassi, Dale Earnhardt Sr.


Word of the day:

fetter \FET-uhr\, noun:1. A chain or shackle for the feet; a bond; a shackle.2. Anything that confines or restrains; a restraint.

transitive verb:1. To put fetters upon; to shackle or confine.2. To restrain from progress or action; to impose restraints on; to confine.

The right ankle of one, indeed, is connected with the left ankle of another by a small iron fetter.– William Wilberforce,








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Lake Lanier water level:




Physical activity: Upper body.


All systems are go for this weekend. I think she has a serious desire for some slut action. We were close before we met, but I think there has to be some face to face time for a woman to completely let go. More so if she is new to everything.

Saturday I get to meet two people from that I’ve known a long time. Just for coffee while my slut does her treadmill. She’d be welcome to come, but she isn’t active at all on the boards. Other than reading what I post. She’s not jealous at all, and has no reason to be.

It’s still dark outside and raining. I’m enjoying my morning coffee and checking on my baseball fantasy team the WriterDom’sDungeon. The first week I didn’t know they started and lost 0-8-2. I’ve won the last two weeks and now have a winning record and a pretty strong team I think.

That reminds me. I need to order a 5 pound bag of coffee.

Maybe I’ll get a slutty letter soon. I like to know what she is thinking. We both like the same things. But there might be some nuance that I haven’t picked up on. Sometimes the simplest things can be a huge turn on for a woman. Like going slow at first just touching her. Talking slut talk even though we have talked so much. It’s different in person lying in bed. It’s nice to have the time to think about what we’ll do. Not THIS much time, but it was a hard month for her in a couple of ways. I hope I can be creative enough to always have something new to try. What works we can add to the inventory. At some point I might have to start looking outside myself. Reading stories, and other blogs. Books. There are just a lot of things that don’t interest me. I hate blood. I love bondage but have no interest in spending 30 minutes tying her up just for it to look pretty. I’d rather watch paint dry. I can appreciate the art in it but it’s just not my thing.

I think the main thing is getting out of her what I want. And I do that. But like her, I’d rather give than receive. Well, maybe a little less. I do love to receive. And I don’t think guys got her sexually like I do. I do most everything ten times better than her other partners. That sounds very arrogant. And I wouldn’t make that a blanket statement. It only applies to her. I might be 100% wrong for someone else.

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Happy birthday, slut.

Having to wait this long has been awful. I just feel so needy in many ways. The sexual frustration I can deal with. It’s just not being with her. Not being able to touch and hold her. But … only 5 more days to go. And she’ll be on her knees sucking that big cock she loves. A quick spanking. And then get in the middle of that King sized bed and fuck like there is no tomorrow. Then I guess we should take some time and eat something after a shower. Maybe a South Beach frozen pizza. The first time we meet we ate nothing on Friday but each other. Which was fine until 3am when you are too hungry to sleep.

Then some serious slut time. I’m sure I’ll be horny and I know she’ll want to finish sucking my cock. So maybe some long slow sideways 69 before we get started. I want that at least once every day. My shorts look like a tent right now I’m so hard. Maybe we can talk soon.

And… it’s her birthday today! I wish this weekend would have worked out. But then we’d be saying goodbye right now. I wish it could be like the movie Groundhog day where we wake up and it would be Saturday everyday.

Hmmm… could just cuff her hands behind her back and fuck her face while she is on her knees and then eat her later. After I put clothes pins up and down her pussy lips. Eat her like she doesn’t like first. She’s very sensitive. To make her cum you have to barely lick it, or just hold it there and let her hump it. I don’t think anyone else figured her out that way. I’m going to make her cum like crazy next weekend. Really, some naughty things planned.

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My pussy

On this day: Xerox introduces the computer mouse 1981


Today’s birthdays: General Grant boo boo boo, Sheana Easton, Rogers Hornsby


Word of the day:


peccadillo \peck-uh-DIL-oh\, noun:A slight offense; a petty fault.

No peccadillo is too trivial: we learn that the mogul once blew his top because his laundry came back starched (” ‘Fluff and fold!’ he screamed”).– Eric P. Nash







6:52 AM 8:19 PM 



Lake Lanier water level:




Physical activity: Not sure yet


I place my hand firmly on the cunt. Not rubbing, just pressing, and begin with your left nipple. I start by only licking it. You squirm underneath my hand wanting more. The rough treatment you crave. I give you a kiss, biting your lower lip as we break.

“Whose nipple is this, slut”

“Your nipple Sir.”

I seal my lips around it with suction. Pulling off it several times with a pop. Then again with my tongue pressing it hard against my teeth.

“I know you like that slut, but please don’t hump My hand. We’ll get there soon enough.”

I take my hand from your cunt and wipe the wetness on your lips. Then I pinch your right nipple. Alternating between biting the left and pinching the right. Then a series of five bites to five pinches. Then 5 together.

“She sleen.”

You roll over and place your face on the bed with your ass raised. I enter you with two fingers and fuck you three times. Followed by three hard spanks to your sweet spot. Then four in the series. All the way up to ten. By ten you are dripping wet.

“Clean off my fingers slut. Suck them like you suck my cock. Very good. Now say I love Your nasty pussy juice, Sir.”

“I love Your nasty pussy juice, Sir.”

“We’re going to do the same thing now with My other hand. I had planned to play with you for longer, but you have Me so hot I have to fuck My cunt first. Does My cunt need fucking?”

“Your pussy is always open and ready to please you Sir.”

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Yeah, more slut time. Where I do anything I want to you. Spank you with the quirt or something. Tell you if you take it like a good little slut, I’ll give you an orgasm. Gonna teach you a few gor positions. she sleen I think you pretty much know. Pleasure you somewhere, a nipple, cunt, clit, asshole, and put you in she sleen for a spanking before we move on to another. Not hurting you really, just strong on your sweet spot. While I spank I tell you what is up next. Guess I could include your mouth as well and fuck it for my pleasure. Start with a nipple, run the gambit and end with a nipple. Talking really dirty about what I’ll do to your next “part”
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cum slut

“You have to spread your legs wider if you want My cock, slut. That’s it, now open my pussy and show me some pink. What a nice tight wet fuckhole you have. Whose pussy is it?”

“It’s Your pussy, Sir.”

“Stick your slutty finger in your cunt. Deeper. Now suck off the juice. Oh you are such a nasty slut. Does my pussy taste good?”

“Yes Sir,” blushing.

“Yes, My pussy is sweet. After I claim it again with my big cock, we’re going to shower off and then sideways 69. You don’t have to ask to cum, but don’t take My cock out of your mouth even if you do cum.”

“As you wish, Sir.”

He strapped on a tight Japanese condom and mounted her. He took his cock in his hand and rubbed it up and down her sloppy wet cunt.

“Please Sir, may I have it?” she begged.

“When I’m ready. I want you to feel this emotionally. Feel our bodies join together as one. Give yourself over to Me completely.”

He kissed her deeply. At the same time he entered her tightness and felt her pleasure through the kiss as she moaned from her throat. His thrusts were raw and primal but not too hard. Slapping against her cunt as if trying to get deeper. He bit her shoulder hard and licked up to her ear.

“Yes, it’s My pussy. I own this pussy.”

“Your pussy, Sir,” she panted.

“Oh, I’m going to cum, I can feel that already. I want you to cum with Me like you have 200 times on the phone. Oh so good. Is My pussy getting close?”

“Oh yes, please Sir, cum inside me.”

He interlocked fingers with her and pinned her to the bed. Her heels were digging in his ass.

He fucked her fast and furious.

“Oh God, slut, I’m going to cum. Cum with Me slut. Cum on your big cock.”

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