sucking on a peach

Discussion on the Lit boards about Doms and oral sex. Some won’t do it because it is unDom like. What hogwash. Yeah, I know. I probably talk about it too much.

There are no rules in BDSM other than what the Dom lays down. We don’t really need Doms cockfighting on message boards about who is Domiest. Or subs and slaves fighting. Or the poor switches who always seem to have something to gripe about. It’s even worse at I stopped even reading there.

Off the soapbox now.

Oh my God! I saw this bamboo cutting board at the store for 5 dollars and it’s shaped like a paddle. It’s beautiful and only 5 dollars. It’s fucking huge too. And I do need a cutting board.

It feels like the middle of winter today. Really depressing. But today is the worst of it. The thing is I really need a workout. I guess I could get the Nordic Track out. I hate it though.

There is a rather odd comment on Nasty Nasty slut. A woman having dreams about me and my slut. Me cumming on a saltine and making her eat it would humiliate her I think. It is kinda hot in a perverse way.

The thought of me masturbating does make her hot. The thought of watching me squirt does too. When I pulled out of her pussy and came up her back she said “Oh that was so hot.”

I see some of that in the future. In phone sex we go over countless scenes. Some we have done, some planned for next time and some for later.

Anyone miss the daily shit I was doing? If so, let me know. birthdays and word of the day and so on.

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  1. I did like that…its what intrigued me enough to read here. It was very different from other blogs.

    And I did think you’d be amused by that dream. LOL!

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