tree trunk legs

Slutty headspace. Like when I’m putting clothes pins on My pussy. You did handle two pretty well. Lets see how many those pussy lips can take. See if you get as wet as my first sub many years ago. I didn’t even do a lot of slut talk back then. I was pretty fucking clueless back then but she was too. Most of it to me is mental anyway. Power exchange. Yeah, you can hone your skills and learn lots of stuff. The intoxicating part though is the power. To me anyway. Having someone turn over their bodies to you completely. Allow you to do things a little outside of your comfort zone.

A lot of people ask what is in it for the Dom/me? Seems to them that all the attention is on the sub. I get to be the director. The decider. Anything I want I get. The only thing better than getting my cock sucked, is getting it sucked with a handful of her hair in my hand knowing that it is making it more exciting to her as well. She like that. Hair pulling, nipple torture, sweet spot spankings. And I’ll keep probing and pushing around the edges. Turning this sweet vanilla girl (when I met her), into the slut I want. And she is a slut now, I’ll give her that. We have the same appetite for sex. A morning, afternoon, and night kind of deal. I peak in the morning and she does at night. That’s probably a good thing or we’d fuck each other to death.

Now my cock is cumming to life. Have to save it for the gym though. Those damn squats. Nothing better for your legs and ass though. I see so many girls there doing the little girl machines. With little girl weights on them. I bet if they did squats they wouldn’t be able to walk the next day. I feel that way if I quit and go back.

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