lunch time

On this day:

Exxon Valdez spills more than 10 million gallons of oil.

Today’s birthdays: Harry Houdini, Steve McQueen, Tommy Hilfiger

Word of the day:

incarnadine \in-KAR-nuh-dyn\, adjective:1. Having a fleshy pink color.2. Red; blood-red.

transitive verb:1. To make red or crimson.

I want to incarnadine your ass.

BDSM word of the day:

Quirt A riding whip with a short handle and a rawhide last.

My cat wants to go outside so bad. She knows it’s spring. I’ll let her go out later when I can go with her. She’s a feral cat and really does love being out. The boy wants out only because he knows he isn’t allowed.

It’s good to be the King. To have any hole, any act, any service given at the snap of My finger. She has always been a pleaser. A little harder for her to accept pleasure. I think she is coming to grips that part of what I need is to pleasure her. Even when the focus is entirely on her. That if I am licking her sluttly little asshole, my cock will be hard as hell. Right now I’m ahead in orgasms which is a little unusual. But she gets me off every time she sucks me. Even if it is number 13 in two days.

I only made her cum once with my mouth. Only because it took me that long to learn what she needed. You have to really passively eat her. I need a lot more practice. I love to eat pussy. After me and my first girlfriend broke up I masturbated for years just thinking about eating her.

No one sucks her nipples like I do. It makes her crazy wet just thinking about it. Last time I didn’t do it nearly enough. We need a nipple session every day. I think we both could be sexual all day and night and be perfectly happy. I guess it is ok to miss a thing or two along the way. Right now she is reading this and getting sloppy wet just knowing I’m going to spend an hour or so on her nipples. Ok, maybe not that long but that they are on my must do list. And never one day without 69. With all its variations.

New rule. She greets me on her knees and sucks my cock within seconds. Her heart will be racing and My pussy wet as she takes the elevator up to the room. Thinking about how I taste. How I feel in her mouth. How submissive she will feel on her knees pleasing Me.

Yes, things are coming together nicely. It took years for me to get to this point. To be worthy of a slut like I have now. It’s always been fun but now I’m seriously in her head and driving her wild. Yes, we have bad days here and there. Mainly because we are apart.

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