One by one the clothes pins go on. Let’s see. Do I do one side first or back and forth like shoelaces? Back and forth I imagine. You were fine with two. Not sure about twelve. Pretty tame I know, but you were about as vanilla as Snow White when I found you.

I’ll take a picture to post somewhere so everyone can see your slutty pussy. Maybe a little vibrator to your clit before I start removing them. I have a very mild vibrator you haven’t seen yet. Or a little paintbrush dipped in your wetness might drive you crazy. Painting your little clit. I had forgotten that. Doesn’t work on every sub but some will rise two feet over the bed as if in a scary possession movie.

Make sure you say,

“Thank you, Sir, ”

after each one or it goes back on and we wait another minute. Now if I were a cruel Master I would just slap them off with a riding crop and beat your cunt while I was at it. But we have 40 or so hours to go. So I will be kind.

I could get on top of you in a 69 when I’m done. Feel you struggle to get my cock in your mouth while both hands are tied. Lick your little clit until you cum. But no, you’ll want a fucking orgasm by then I’m sure. If you take it well I might even let you have your hands and feet back. We’ve talked about how you want to dig your heels into my tight ass. I used to like that when my high school girlfriend would do that.

Then I guess you can go bathe or shower. It will probably be better to do your little masturbation doggie and cumming with my finger in your ass before we do the couch cowgirl.

Slut time on Saturday will probably be more spanking/flogging type play. And what the hell, if we do a three night might as well make another anal attempt.

Of course, everything is subject to change.

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give me your hard aching nipples

1992 The battleship Missouri, the last of the battleships, was decommissioned. I got to see the New Jersey on the ocean. Never got to see her fire the guns though.

Word of the day:

concinnity \kuhn-SIN-uh-tee\, noun:1. Internal harmony or fitness in the adaptation of parts to a whole or to each other.2. Studied elegance of design or arrangement — used chiefly of literary style.3. An instance of concinnity.

He has what one character calls “the gifts of concinnity and concision,” that deft swipe with a phrase that can be so devastating in children.– Elizabeth WardToday’s birthdays: Shirley Jones, Gabe Kaplin, Al “global warming” Gore

Atlanta sunrise 7:26

Atlanta sunset 7:58

Some nipples are too sensitive. Some are not sensitive enough. Her’s are just right. I think a lot of vanilla guys look at a woman and just see a pussy. And many don’t understand the pussy that well. Breasts, well, they just want big. And a lot of women go under the knife because of it.

A Dom sees a woman as many parts, starting with the mind. I’ve had women with huge breasts and tiny and every size in between. Honestly, size makes no difference to me. But give me nice nipples to work with and I’m in heaven.

I can make her sloppy wet with just nipple play. And without toys. Just my mouth and fingers. Once, I had her touch herself while I did that and she came so fast. Next time I want her over Me lowering them down to my mouth while I kneed and squeeze her ass. I would say until she begs for my cock but she might never want that to stop.

It’s hard to remember everything and impossible to fit everything into one weekend. That’s why we started the “Must do’s.” And they come with trade offs. My first orgasm is the biggest and I like to feed her with it. But I do want her to see her rested cock cum. And next a fuck to start things off since I’m having trouble cumming with the condoms. I average 5 orgasms or so a day but just can’t seem to cum with them. But to men, an orgasm is an orgasm and she cums from fucking so it’s all good.

Hopefully we can cum up with a few Must Do’s forever. And then have a whole library of them to revisit. Tweak them a little. That was great but maybe if we do more of this and less of that.

I get so mad at my boy cat. He’ll find a clump of the girl’s fur on the carpet and pick it up with his paw and eat it. If I don’t yell at him before he gets it in his mouth. I’m sure he eats enough of his own fur. Doesn’t need to be snacking on hers. Maybe I need to start brushing them more. He loves that. She things it’s a game and fights back.

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sucking on a peach

Discussion on the Lit boards about Doms and oral sex. Some won’t do it because it is unDom like. What hogwash. Yeah, I know. I probably talk about it too much.

There are no rules in BDSM other than what the Dom lays down. We don’t really need Doms cockfighting on message boards about who is Domiest. Or subs and slaves fighting. Or the poor switches who always seem to have something to gripe about. It’s even worse at Bondage.com. I stopped even reading there.

Off the soapbox now.

Oh my God! I saw this bamboo cutting board at the store for 5 dollars and it’s shaped like a paddle. It’s beautiful and only 5 dollars. It’s fucking huge too. And I do need a cutting board.

It feels like the middle of winter today. Really depressing. But today is the worst of it. The thing is I really need a workout. I guess I could get the Nordic Track out. I hate it though.

There is a rather odd comment on Nasty Nasty slut. A woman having dreams about me and my slut. Me cumming on a saltine and making her eat it would humiliate her I think. It is kinda hot in a perverse way.

The thought of me masturbating does make her hot. The thought of watching me squirt does too. When I pulled out of her pussy and came up her back she said “Oh that was so hot.”

I see some of that in the future. In phone sex we go over countless scenes. Some we have done, some planned for next time and some for later.

Anyone miss the daily shit I was doing? If so, let me know. birthdays and word of the day and so on.

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Nasty Nasty slut

We need something that rotates and puts you at the level of my cock. Where I can fuck you and then spin you around to suck off your juices. Back and forth until I decide which hole to shoot my cum.

Or we could play suck fuck. Where you ride my cock until I say “suck.” Suck it until I sae “fuck.” Cum in My pussy and have you straddle my chest after I cum. Have the nasty mix of our juices ooze out onto my chest for you lick up. Yes, that’s nasty but it makes you hot to think about being forced to do it. My wish is your command.

I came last night and now I’m horny. That’s weird. She’s calling in a little bit. I’m feeling kinda mean. Like I won’t let her touch her pussy for a while. Reenforce the fact that it is my pussy. I own it. I have rights to her piss if I want them. To watch her. To fill my hands up with her warm wetness. Nasty dirty little pissing slut. That urge rarely surfaces in person. But I rather like the idea of pissing on your breasts in the tub. Telling her if she loves my cock she has to love everything that comes out of it. Have her lick the last few salty drops off. Nasty Nasty slut.

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like a bird

She dropped to her knees so hungry for his cock. He grabbed her by the ponytail and forced her to swallow all of it.

He pulled his cock out and grabbed the lube. Wet his big cock and began to Masturbate right in front of her face. He dropped the lube between them.

“Don’t just sit there, slut, lick my balls. And while you are at it, lube up your finger and stick it up my ass.”

Oh my God, she thought. What a slutty nasty thing to do, but she had wanted to do that for months. Nervously she felt for his hole. Worried that she might hurt him. But her finger slid easily into his tight hot ass. He sighed as she licked his heavy balls. She loved the scent. Loved watching him rub is cock. Loved how is ass sucked on her finger.

“Oh, that’s good slut. I’m not going to last long. Prepare your mouth for my cum when I tell you I’m ready. I want to watch it squirt in your slutty mouth. I know you want to suck it. And you will. But first I’m going to tie you up and torture my pussy. Take a picture of it. Then I’m going to fuck you. Long and hard until you cum. Then I want you sucking my cock in a 69. Keep it in your mouth after I cum until I’m done eating you. Oh I’m going to cum. That’s right open your mouth like a bird.”

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tree trunk legs

Slutty headspace. Like when I’m putting clothes pins on My pussy. You did handle two pretty well. Lets see how many those pussy lips can take. See if you get as wet as my first sub many years ago. I didn’t even do a lot of slut talk back then. I was pretty fucking clueless back then but she was too. Most of it to me is mental anyway. Power exchange. Yeah, you can hone your skills and learn lots of stuff. The intoxicating part though is the power. To me anyway. Having someone turn over their bodies to you completely. Allow you to do things a little outside of your comfort zone.

A lot of people ask what is in it for the Dom/me? Seems to them that all the attention is on the sub. I get to be the director. The decider. Anything I want I get. The only thing better than getting my cock sucked, is getting it sucked with a handful of her hair in my hand knowing that it is making it more exciting to her as well. She like that. Hair pulling, nipple torture, sweet spot spankings. And I’ll keep probing and pushing around the edges. Turning this sweet vanilla girl (when I met her), into the slut I want. And she is a slut now, I’ll give her that. We have the same appetite for sex. A morning, afternoon, and night kind of deal. I peak in the morning and she does at night. That’s probably a good thing or we’d fuck each other to death.

Now my cock is cumming to life. Have to save it for the gym though. Those damn squats. Nothing better for your legs and ass though. I see so many girls there doing the little girl machines. With little girl weights on them. I bet if they did squats they wouldn’t be able to walk the next day. I feel that way if I quit and go back.

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Please don’t lick my leg, kittie.

I need to go to Dom Depot. That’s what we call Home Depot. A lot of household things can be used as torture devices. Torture is harsh word I guess. Toys might be better. I want to take my dremel and drill holes in the end of the clothes pins. Tie 8 or 10 inches of rubber bands between two of them. Have one on her nipple and the other on her pussy lips. With tension between the two. Spreading her slutty lips open.

I did make a zipper once where I connected ten together. It’s around here somewhere. Not sure I’d use it on my pet. She is more of a service sub. Sexual sub, than a pain slut. For now. Limits exist to be expanded. She loves her spankings if they are slow and erotic. I spanked her hard twice when she didn’t ask to cum. Doesn’t seem to be sinking in. Might have to take more drastic means. I have a little birch paddle she’d hate. Have her say,

“I’ll ask before I cum, Sir,”

Between every spank. That’s what great about not having a pain slut. You can punish here that way when it would be reward for others. I remember getting paddled in school and there was nothing fun about it.

She doesn’t like scary mean postings. Not that I’m scary or mean. She likes pussy wetting posts. Just not in the mood right now. Too much to do. And for some odd reason I have a sweat shirt on. I broke a thumbnail. One of those breaks that go kinda deep. I have to fix it. Really creepy when it catches on something.

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The note

She found a note on the door of the hotel room.

Dear slut. Strip down to your panties before you drop to your knees.


Her heart raced as she entered the room. He was on the bed. reading a book. Ignoring her for the moment. She stripped down and got on her slutty knees. He closed the book.

“On the bed now. She-sleen.”

Her face was on the bed, forearms flush to the bed, thighs spread wide, hindquarters upthrust for His pleasure. She missed the cock suck she had craved. But widely excited by the unknown.

“You are wet, slut.”

“Yes Sir. I have been thinking about your cock.”

“Touch My pussy through your panties.”

She touched the wet oval spot on her forest green bikini. Her favorite way of masturbating. Touching her ultra sensitive clit through the cotton. He startled her with a strong slap to the ass.

“Whose pussy is this, slut?”

“It’s your pussy, Sir.”

‘Good answer. Now scoot back a little so I can lie sideways to you and let your service My cock. But don’t stop touching your clit.”

She gushed a little wetness as his thick cock filled her mouth. Few things in life excited her more than pleasing him this way. Smelling his scent. Hearing him growl.

“Spit it out and tell me you love my cock then get back on it.”

“I love your cock, Sir.”

“Touch my pussy good. I want you to cum with me.”

He reached down and pinched her nipple hard. Pinching it and releasing. She squirmed and felt the orgasm approaching. Trying to concentrate. Make him cum fast so she wouldn’t have to wait.

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The spanking

Today’s birthdays

Sandra Day O’Connor, Erica Jong, Steven Tyler

word of the day

mellifluous \muh-LIF-loo-us\, adjective:Flowing as with honey; smooth; flowing sweetly or smoothly; as, a mellifluous voice.

She entered the room and dropped to her knees. He dropped his shorts. He was semi erect and rising. She smiled and moved closer to his glorious cock. He grabbed her pony tail. Tightly not allowing her to move. He moved is cockhead close enough for her to lick but not suck.

“Please Sir, its been so long..”

“Shut up slut, you serve at my pleasure.”

She cried. Not real crying but the fake cry she does when she doesn’t get what she wants. He kept teasing her. Drawing it closer then pulling back.

“Remember I decided you’d watch me squirt today. You can suck later.”

He helped her up. Took her into his arms and kissed her deeply. Pulling her tight to his body like a sailor home after nine months at sea. He pulled her onto the small couch over his lap. Raised her skirt. And spanked her through her peach boy short panties. Her face was blushed with excitement when he set her free.

Go get your lube. And remember. I want my cock and your hand very wet. I’m going te stretch out on the bed. Be quick about it. My balls are full and aching. And I’m in the mood for some long slow cunt torture when you are finished.

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back as promised

She travels a lot next month. That is really going to suck. As our sexual to do list grows longer. Feels like we are growing closer though. Do we have a bad day here and there? Of course!

I think it is harder for her because she really really loves sex. I guess we both do. She is amazed that I can cum 12 times in a weekend. We haven’t really reached the limit yet. I know she sucks me so much her lips get chapped. It will be nice to get off condoms then we can fuck like crazy. I don’t know if her pussy could take it.

I do push her buttons though. I can get her dripping wet with my words. The more slut talk the better. I’m going so hot playing with her ass. She’ll ask to touch her clit and I’ll say NO.

I may just lick and suck her naughty hole until she asks to cum and then stick my big wet finger in her ass. Feel her cum like crazy on my finger and know what my cock will feel later.

Beyond that I don’t know. I know we will do a couch scene. Where she sucks me and rides me cowgirl.

Then maybe a spanking with the quirt. She needs to be beaten. She feels like I’m not getting what I need if I don’t. And in an odd way now that I’m closer to her I feel better about hurting her. If I frame it in a slut way. That I’m doing this because I own your ass. You are just a slut. Wet holes for my amusement. Tie her down so she can’t run. If she takes them well I’ll do something nice. Like eat her little pussy on the couch.

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Trout season this weekend!

On this date

1955 US Customs seize Allen Ginsberg poem “Howl” as obscene

Today’s birthdays

Howard Cosell, Elton John, Sarah Jessica Parker

Word of the day:

thaumaturgy \THAW-muh-tuhr-jee\, noun:The performance of miracles or magic.

Another cold day. It’s going to be really nice starting tomorrow.

Read a good book. The golfer’s guide to the meaning of life by Gary Player.

Not feeling sexual at the moment. It comes and goes in waves. Especially when we are playing email tag about sexual and bdsm things we want to do next. Then I get hard as a rock.

I think I’ll get some tea. I’ve been staying away from it for a while. Knowing I’d be forced to drink my fiber junk. But I really want some now. I’ll make a better post in a couple of hours.

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lunch time

On this day:

Exxon Valdez spills more than 10 million gallons of oil.

Today’s birthdays: Harry Houdini, Steve McQueen, Tommy Hilfiger

Word of the day:

incarnadine \in-KAR-nuh-dyn\, adjective:1. Having a fleshy pink color.2. Red; blood-red.

transitive verb:1. To make red or crimson.

I want to incarnadine your ass.

BDSM word of the day:

Quirt A riding whip with a short handle and a rawhide last.

My cat wants to go outside so bad. She knows it’s spring. I’ll let her go out later when I can go with her. She’s a feral cat and really does love being out. The boy wants out only because he knows he isn’t allowed.

It’s good to be the King. To have any hole, any act, any service given at the snap of My finger. She has always been a pleaser. A little harder for her to accept pleasure. I think she is coming to grips that part of what I need is to pleasure her. Even when the focus is entirely on her. That if I am licking her sluttly little asshole, my cock will be hard as hell. Right now I’m ahead in orgasms which is a little unusual. But she gets me off every time she sucks me. Even if it is number 13 in two days.

I only made her cum once with my mouth. Only because it took me that long to learn what she needed. You have to really passively eat her. I need a lot more practice. I love to eat pussy. After me and my first girlfriend broke up I masturbated for years just thinking about eating her.

No one sucks her nipples like I do. It makes her crazy wet just thinking about it. Last time I didn’t do it nearly enough. We need a nipple session every day. I think we both could be sexual all day and night and be perfectly happy. I guess it is ok to miss a thing or two along the way. Right now she is reading this and getting sloppy wet just knowing I’m going to spend an hour or so on her nipples. Ok, maybe not that long but that they are on my must do list. And never one day without 69. With all its variations.

New rule. She greets me on her knees and sucks my cock within seconds. Her heart will be racing and My pussy wet as she takes the elevator up to the room. Thinking about how I taste. How I feel in her mouth. How submissive she will feel on her knees pleasing Me.

Yes, things are coming together nicely. It took years for me to get to this point. To be worthy of a slut like I have now. It’s always been fun but now I’m seriously in her head and driving her wild. Yes, we have bad days here and there. Mainly because we are apart.

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