c never really liked nipple play at all. Other than very gentle sucking and I don’t even think she liked it that much. With most women the nipples are hotwired to the clit. I’m a very generous Master. Both nipples get a daily sucking. And biting. Nibbling. I like to put my tongue on one side of the nipple and my teeth on the other.

One thing we’ve discovered is she cums really fast if she touches her clit while I suck a nipple and pinch the other. I think we’ll do more of that. But making her wait 5 minutes or so to touch. Let her get sloppy wet first. I’m also thinking about lubing my finger up and sticking it in her ass when she starts to touch. I think she’d cum like crazy from that. And I’d get to feel all her contractions.

I think of a lot of ways to please her. Some I tell and some I don’t. I’m not sure she is completely comfortable with the attention, being a pleaser herself. But since I’m the boss, she has to cum for Me.

Today is kind of nice so I might take the Trek out for a ride. Ride it to the gym and then take the long way back perhaps.

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She is on her knees. Her hands are cuffed behind her back with the leather restraints.His hand has hold of her ponytail as he fucks her face. She has sucked him off many times but this is the first time he has raped her mouth and it excites her beyond words. He pulls it out and slaps her cheeks with his meaty thick cock. He rams it back in until she gags. Then pulls it out again.

“Beg for it slut!”

“Please Sir, give it to me. Let me make you cum. I have missed your big cock so much.”

“Just put the big head in and lick it with your tongue.”


“You like that big cock don’t you slut. I’m going to free your hands and let you make me cum. You want my sweet cum don’t you slut?”

“Please feed me, Sir.”

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the dream

You’ve dreamed of My hands on your body. Tracing your womanly curves with their heat. Your sex dripping with desire. Nipples rock candy hard and aching to be pinched. You shiver as I kiss the back of your neck. Slid the crop up your inner thigh. There is not a command you wouldn’t follow. Not one hole you’d want unfuck. You’ve thought these things many times as you rubbed your clit. Dreaming of how My thick cock would fill your mouth. How I would taste as you suckled Me. Feeling My cock grow harder and spit its creamy sauce into your hungry little mouth. Or My hand tight in your hair as I hold you over My lap and spank your willing ass. Plowing two fingers into your swollen wet cunt. Tying you face down on the bed and thrusting my cock deep into your upturned ass.

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I’m back

I’ve been on a blog break. What’s new? Well, I started the South Beach diet and already lost a few pounds. I think I’ll take a chance and start on a garden. I bet lettuce would start to grow now. That would work well on the diet. Just pick some, wash it off, and add some chicken and stuff. Doesn’t get much fresher than that.
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cum one cum all

I’m way too nice. I should make you beg for My cock. To see it so engorged with blood, hard and ready for your hole but not even let you touch it. Perhaps have you press your nose to My shaved balls and have you breathe your Master in. Rub it all over your face. Have you lick my balls until you draw precum, then coat your lips like lip gauze. Crop your little pussy through the thong for not being wet enough. Making you beg for the privilege of sucking my hard cock. Instead of cumming in your hungry mouth, I have you switch to your hand and watch the cum shoot up my body then have you lap it up like the slut you are.
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Happy Georgia Day

Happy Georgia Day.

1733 – Englishman James Oglethorpe founds the 13th United States colony of Georgia, and its first city at Savannah (known as Georgia Day).

Happy birthday to Charles Darwin, Abraham Lincoln, and Joe Garagiola.
So February is almost half over. My least favorite month. At least the days are getting a little longer.
It’s almost time to get the bike back on the road. I’ve got what they call a comfort bike and it’s not that great for doing a lot of miles, but I can do 20 or so. I ride about 12 miles along the river to the dam, stop and have water and a granola bar, and ride back. It’s about the only way I think I can lose weight. Like my brother said, he’s never seen a fat person on a bicycle. Running is too hard on the joints and I hate machines. I’ll work on my endurance for a few weeks and then be good to go.
No story in me today I’m afraid. I’ll be thinking about it though.

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A shift in direction

I think I’ll go back to more of a fictional format. For several reasons. I don’t get to see her often enough, and I’m a very private person to begin with. She’ll appear in some ways. As the body I try new things out on. And I’ve always found it easier to create scenes in my mind. Create characters who almost come alive.
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I get to meet her dog today. The way things worked out we’ll all be in a room together so I doubt I’ll be beating her too much today. That’s the good thing about cats. They don’t care what you do as long as there is food in the bowl and they get their 15 minutes of love. Even my two cats have great fun beating on each other, and the girl cat isn’t afraid to take me on. It’s just play though. And the boy is a lover, not a fighter. He loved to fight “the hand” as a kitten but grew out of it.

I know I’ve been quiet lately. Really looking forward to being with her again. It’s hard to think about anything else.

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“Take off your clothes, cunt. All of them. Get on your knees and keep your mouth closed and your tongue inside.”

I grab her by her ponytail and force her nose against my shaved balls.

“Breathe me in, slut. Smell your Master’s balls.”

I take my cock in hand and rub it across her lips. I hear the frustration in her moans. “Stick out your tongue. Passively. No licking.”

I spank her tongue with my cock. “You want to suck this thick cock, slut?”

“Yes Sir.”

“Well, you should have thought about that last week when you put YOUR hand over MY pussy.”

“I was scared and nervous, Sir. It won’t happen again.”

“You’re right, because if it did, you’d be punished and not in a way you’d enjoy. Now go lie on the side of the bed with your ass at the edge. Spread your legs and say ‘It’s your pussy, Sir’ until I tell you to stop.

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Monday Monday

First meetings are a little awkward. Bridging the gap from the internal to the external. Kind of like football when you are hyped up but the first contact brings you back to earth. All the walls of anxiety and worry soon crumble and before you are ready you must say goodbye.

Now there is nothing but unbridled lust. I think she has it worse than me. She’s just hit female puberty. Mid 30s. Her sexual prime. And plus I think I’m the first man who gets her sexually. I could really frustrate her by not giving her what she wants right away. What she needs. And that is quite simply my cock. Inside one of her aching holes. That’s probably more sadistic than any whip I could use on her.

There is a limit to that though. She knows in the back of her mind that I need gratification as well. So I’ll make her dance a little like my puppet on a string. Do what I want. Say what I want. Earn this luscious thick cock in her hungry little mouth. Or I could just rip her fucking clothes off and take her on the carpet. Have her put her pretty hair back into a ponytail. Not the sexiest look, but it sure does make it easy to pull that way.

Hurry home today my little slut. You can at least service your cock on the phone. Knowing soon it will fill you once again.

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Happy Birthday Alice Cooper

So the girl kittie wakes me up about six by sticking a couple of claws in the back of my head. She’s very gentle actually but they are very sharp. No reason for this. She has food and water and it’s raining outside. Not that I let her go outside very often. She just decided it was time for me to wake up. She hasn’t asked for any attention either. Usually that is the boy’s job. No claws from him. He just jumps on the bed and talks until I wake up.

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Super Bowl XLII

I don’t care who wins. It does mean the official end of football season. Yeah, there might be an all star game or two but football is over. Now it’s baseball time. On the way anyway. The Braves are going to suck ass this year. I think the pitching staff is covered by medicare. But it also means that spring is just around the corner even though February is one of my least favorite months.

John McCain called me yesterday. Well, his computer did. I don’t know if I’m voting for him or Obama on Tuesday. It really doesn’t matter who I vote for because the republican will win Georgia even if they run a big bag of shit.

Not feeling particularly turned on today. Got aroused this morning thinking about her squirting pussy, (which she hates). Most ladies would love to squirt. Well, most perverted ones anyway. Maybe she’ll be up for some phone sex later. Will be a short week of masturbation as I save up for the real thing.

My prediction: The Giants will shock the world and win by 4.

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