what do women want?

Honestly I don’’t know. I’’ve talked to a lot of women over the years. Many more than I have met. I get inside their head and try to learn something new. Like snowflakes every woman is different. And I wouldn’t suggest that I’m right for everyone. Some of you must like what I say because you keep coming back.The real magic starts when you are actually together. When you are doing something right a woman will let you know. Then you go back and reflect and try to give her five times more of the good stuff. t is one of the lucky ones who can get off on my big cock. When she rides me and orgasm is quick to follow. Not all woman can cum from intercourse. I think that was the only position she came in even though I pounded her pretty hard from behind.

Talking about it is one thing. Doing it another. We thought she’d love hair pulling, rough nipple play, and spanking. And she does love it. More than we knew. I know if we were together right now and I whispered in her ear that she was going to get a spanking, she’d get instantly wet. And she loves sucking my cock so much I think we need a no suck chain rather than a suck chain.

Oh my, and her little virgin asshole is as pretty as a little wild flower. A jewel between her cheeks. There will be a lot more ass play next time. I haven’t decided if I’ll claim it with my cock yet. I think we need to know soon if she is indeed a three holed slut.

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The Final Frontier

Masturbation is a pretty poor subsitute for sex. I get to see her again in eight days. I wonder if she’ll gush again like she did the first time we had sex. She was pretty embarrassed as she had never done that before. I had been with a gusher before so it just surprised me more than anything. She had a harder time with it. Somehow we had shifted positions between the first and second squirt so the king sized bed was wet almost all the way across. I know she is praying that it doesn’t happen again. I think it’s rather cool. “Yeah, slut, your pussy doesn’t squirt but Mine does!”

The good news is the meeting phase is finished. The majority of my experiences always seemed to work out but there is always some doubt about how the chemistry will go. And she had never met anyone this way and never even dabbled in bdsm. All is well. She loves her spankings. Knows now what the sweet spot is and why we call it that. I did flip her over once when she forgot to ask to cum and gave her 10 hard spanks in about 5 seconds. I gave her a pass on the fucking orgasms. She’ll learn one day I hope.

She has great nipples. They are like clits on her full breasts. I guess no one sucks them like I do. I don’t know if she had lousy lovers or if they were just outshined by her sluttiness. She is the biggest cock whore I’ve ever met. She just can’t get enough. My whole focus was on not making her too sore before we met. Now I worry about my cock surviving 42 hours with her. I guess that’s a good problem to have.

She still has a virgin ass by the way. We both agreed in advance not to go there the first time. Sooner or later I’ll have to take the plunge where no man has gone before.

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where to go from here

I’m a little smitten now.  Not sure where to take the blog at this point. Should it be a reality based kiss and tell blog or just random pussy wetting stuff? I’m a pretty private person and all my stories are fiction even though I have lots of real stories to tell. Anyway, she is calling in a bit to hump her pussy on her pillow. Yes, it is period time. We cut that one close. It will be our first phone sex since the real sex which is kinda cool and kinda sad at the same time.
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Is it normal to for a guy to cum 10 times from oral sex?

In a weekend anyway. That’s just not supposed to happen to a guy who was born during the Eisenhower years. My poor battered and beaten cock looks like it was in a fight. No bleeding or anything but it is just worn out.

Anyway, it was incredible. I feel like I was on a ship for years without seeing land and found the most beautiful island in the world only to have to sail away again in two days. Everywhere I look I see her face and hear her laughter. I don’t think I’d let her touch my cock. Not today, and probably not tomorrow. But I’d give anything to hold her right now.

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I’m back!

I’d tell you where I’ve been and what happened but I don’t think many would believe it. I think I must have hit my head and passed out for 52 hours and had a wonderful dream. In the dream Obama won South Carolina something like 55% to 27%. I know I’m exhausted and drinking coffee out of a UGA mug. My cats need me now.
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So you have your collar and a blindfold and lube?

I’ve got the spreader bar, restraints, ropes, crop, flogger, over-the-door hook, hogtie x, suck chain, a couple of vibes, clothes pins. I don’t think we’ll fool with nipple clamps. I’ll be your nipple clamps. Oh, and some old condoms in case I use any of my toys in your ass.
Nothing scary, this is orientation not even bdsm 101.
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vanilla Vs sub

I’m trying to think of the difference between a vanilla woman and a submissive woman. It’s hard because a vanilla woman, in the right frame of mind, would fuck me just about any way I wanted. And if they like to suck cock, they are usually happy to do that most anytime. Outside of a little more negotiation over the “when” question they are pretty much sluts.

I guess the biggest difference is you can’t call them a slut and if you do it’s counterproductive. I can tell a submissive that all her holes are Mine anytime I want them and that I can do anything to her within agreed limits and she only gets wetter hearing that and not offended. And you can’t do a lot of corporal play with a vanilla without her freaking out or calling the cops. You can swat her ass once in a while, but telling her to get over your knee isn’t going to go over very well. That’s pretty much true of hair pulling as well. I’ve known one sub who had hair pulling as a limit, but most get off on it.

Bondage is a little different. Most vanilla women are more than willing to experiment along those lines as long as the trust is there. And they like to be on the other side of the ropes as well. I’ve been tied up a few times before I got into all this and found it fun. I’m not into switching. I don’t like being told what to do, but if My slut wanted to tie me up once a year on her birthday I’d probably let her. As long as I kinda new what was coming. No tickling. And no strap-on up the ass.

And while I would never make it a judgement as to who was better, and I know some vanillas get offended at the very word, but I do think that submissives are more sexually experimenters. There are just so many things to add and after a year they find themselves liking things that used to scare them or turn them off.

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Is it Friday yet?

I’ve always felt it was very erotic to be behind a woman in the standing position. What’s more of a primal signal than pressing your hard cock against her ass? Reaching around and squeezing breasts, pinching nipples. At what women doesn’t like to be kissed on her neck and shoulders? Perhaps a roaming soft hand while the other stays on the nipple. A naughty whisper in the ear. A nice firm slap to the unsuspecting ass. Her small hand guided to the heat of a never before touched cock. The first command. “On your knees.” Skipping the kiss/lick for now and taking as deep as you want. Then on to bed where you kiss/lick and then given free reign to pleasure Me as you have rehearsed a thousand times in your mind.

And it’s not selfish. Number #1, it is what she wants, and Number 2#, this sexual release gives me time to focus on you once we are done. While the Cock readies for another hole.

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I think one of the most unfounded fears among novice submissives is the whole whips and chains thing. They dig everything else but just never found the idea of getting hit appealing. And before I knew anything I wouldn’t have enjoyed the thought of some mean woman tying me up and hitting me with objects and whips and floggers. And I wouldn’t be keen on it today.But a flogging is nothing to fear. It’s almost like a thuddy massage. I think it’s popular because you can totally lose sense of self under one. It’s hard to explain unless you have experienced it. Spanking is a little easier to wrap your mind around unless it was a big part of your childhood. Butt, offering up your ass to a hand is pretty erotic and is found in many romance novels. And wandering fingers into tight little wet holes make it even more so.

It’s all good fun. Be safe. Play safe. Choose your Dom carefully. Trust your instincts. A good Dom will never drag you to his cave by your hair, but will give you the time to choose to kneel before him. There are abusive fuckers out there looking to take advantage. People can and do get hurt. People can and do get killed. Just be smart about things and learn what you can about safety. Didn’t mean to get on the safety horse today but there is a lot of good information out there on how to play safe.I found a candle today I’ve had for a while for wax play. I might drip a little on myself before I shower. It’s been so long since I’ve played with wax. Just to get a sense of what it feels like.

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spreader bar

Today I made a spreader bar. Going back to basic wood rather than the telescoping plastic. It’s your standard 36 inch dowel with eye hooks on the ends, 12 inches in on both sides and a fifth one in the center. Hopefully I can get my flogger treated tonight with Pecard leather dressing. Good stuff.

Something odd. I learned today that I have two identical suck chains. Well, they were just leashes when I bought them. I’m pretty sure I’ve never gotten around to using either of them. I don’t see having two sluts in the future so I don’t know what to do with it. Maybe sell one at a yard sell. Use it for a suck chain first. Some poor lady walking her dog and he feels all the sexual energy and starts humping her leg. I guess it would look nice around a belly if she were really skinny. Or if a door was really tall it would work with the door hook for standing bondage. Or between the ankles for a prison effect. Some people get off on stuffing a vagina with chain, but that doesn’t sound very healthy to me. My eye hooks are really too small. Only one connector will work and I couldn’t find it at Walmart. Home Depot is opening here one day and they have much better bdsm stuff. Hence the nickname “Dom Depot.”

Feeling a little tired today. Hoping I catch my second wind here in a little bit. I really need to get a leg workout in tonight. I think the body for life type workout is working for me now. Getting stronger anyway.

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Suck my cock. Yeah, suck it good slut. You are going to be sucking on that big cock for three days. Spit it out and tell me you love my cock.

“I love your cock, Sir.

Yeah get back on it where you belong. Straddle my face so I can see how wet your pink panties are getting. My goodness you’’re soaked. Let me slap that ass. mmmm…… you like that don’’t you slut. Two months ago you were worried about that and now you can’’t get enough of me spanking that sweet ass. Let me lick that wet spot. I know how much you love touching my pussy through your little panties. Mmmmm so sweet. Suck my cock and make me cum so I can eat you proper. I’’m going to get your sexy ass on the side of the bed, kneel in the floor, and eat you so good. First I’’m going to kiss every inch of your pussy. Then lick every inch. Have you open it up so I can get to your clit. Pinch your hard nipples while I lick it gently just like you like it. My hot wet tongue on your clit 100 times every minute. Feeling you move beneath me like a boat docked on the ocean. Make you cum so hard and fast so you can get on top and put that hard cock inside you. It needs fucking so badly. Not since August and now it gets its fattest cock ever deep inside you. I’’m going to fuck that cunt all weekend.

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My pussy

Open that pussy up for Me.  You like that don’t you, you nasty slut. You like to be watched. You always have. Touch your clit.  Like you have a hundred times for Me on the phone. I want to watch. Let Me put some cold lube on that virgin ass. Let me play with that asshole while you touch your clit. You are such an ass whore aren’t you slut. You just can’t get enough of Me playing with your tight ass. Licking your naughty hole. Fingerfucking it. Right now I’m just teasing it. Getting the tip of my finger in while I watch you touch your hard little clit. Your cunt is sloppy wet. I probably didn’t need the lube as  your juice is running down your ass now. I’ve got a free hand. Why don’t I get two fingers in that tight little pussy. Keep touching that clit. I bet if I licked your clit you’d cum wouldn’t you, you little cum slut. Oh you’re so tight. No wonder my thick cock hurt you the first time you sat on it. But you want it again don’t you slut? You want three solid days of fucking until you walk funny. You want to be sore for a week don’t you slut? I can tell My little pussy is about to cum again, isn’t it slut? You want to cum on your big cock don’t you? It’s hard and ready to fill you up to the core again. Just waiting on you to ask.
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