Goodbye 2007, Hello 2008

Happy New Year!

And many thanks to all the visitors here. To my friends, the lurkers, the people who take the time to write or leave comments. I’m looking forward to a even better 2008.

July 9 is the blog’s birthday I do believe. That will be a pink panty day for sure.

And thanks again to the web Mistress. Maybe I can get her to teach me a few things next year. She stays pretty busy with her diving and has her own blog to tend to now.

Feel free to contact me. I try to answer all the mail. Or leave a comment. Make suggestions, whatever your heart desires.

Oh and a plug.

Please support these people if you can. They send care packages to the troops, Around 300,000 so far and need your help. The shipping alone cost them about 9 dollars a package.

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Now that made me horny.

I want to tie you face down on the bed. Lying face down with just your hands tied. Your legs are spread wide. In the Gor world they call this “Belly.” Remember that please. It’s easier just to say “belly.”
You smell so good after a long bath. I take a squeeze bottle of honey and make a small line down your spine, crack, all the way to your naughty little fuckhole. Not on My pussy, I don’t think that would be good, but it won’t hurt your little fuckhole at all. I will be fucking your ass today after a flogging. I know you are a curious little slut.
Once I get you honeyed up I’ll lick you really slow. It will take a lot of licking to get you where you aren’t sticky. But you’ll be squirming as I get closer and closer to your ass. While I’m licking one hand is busy caressing your soft curves. Once in a while tangling in your curls and giving them a tug. Brushing the soft petals of your wet pink sex.
Finally I begin to lick down your ass. I stop right above your asshole. Doing full licks up your crack. After a minute you lost patience and moan, “Please Sir.”
My tongue licks the golden sweetness off your puckered hole at last. I make my tongue hard and pointy, like a very wet tiny cock and begin to fuck your ass with my tongue. You rise up on your knees and spread more. Wanting me deeper. Wanting my cock.
You are so wet you are making a spot on the sheets the size of a softball. I bury two fingers deep in your cunt and rub the front wall of your vagina while still fucking your ass with my tongue. It doesn’t take long.
“May I please cum Sir?”
I plunge my cock deep into your cunt as if it were a weapon, which you know, is always a “Yes.”
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Rainy Sunday

I wish you were here right now. I’d tie you to the bed. Put a vibrating egg deep in your cunt. And suck your nipples.

Or maybe the duel bullet. One wrapped inside a condom and up your sweet ass. The other in your pussy.

I’d have the control. It would be interesting to see your reaction as one or both were briefly turned on. I can’t think of anything more fun on a rainy day.

Let you cum a few times before I fuck you. Pulling out of My tight pussy and shooting the cum up your body. Then spending a few minutes feeding it to you from my fingers before rubbing it into your soft smooth skin.

A nice slow 69 sounds good too. Taking turns. Slapping your ass hard to switch. Very aggressive pussy eating as the goal is not orgasm but to get my fill of your sweet hole. Maybe once in a while some clit sucking and licking just to see if you can go over the edge. Then a hard ass slap so you can take my thickness as deep as possible. Put my big balls in your little hand and caress them lightly as you suck.

You are such a good cock sucker you’d be perfectly happy to keep sucking after I came.

But by then I might want you to turn around and lower your wet pussy onto my cock. Get it in deep as I pinch your nipples hard. My thick cock squeezing the excess juice out of your little pussy and feeling it running down my balls and ass. Such a wet little whore. You love your big cock don’t you? Say it then. Keep saying it over and over as you ride your way to another orgasm.

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Three holed sluts

what is your cunt?

but a hungry gash


drooling down your thighs

an achy wet need

blocking all rational thought

leading you to crawl

to beg

complete tunnel vision

all you see is my cock

all you crave is its taste

its contrast of hardness

& velvet softness

proudly you wear the badge

of three holed slut

while one could be

considered sex

now they are jealous sisters

each needing creamy cum

each aching for the soreness

wanting to be taken

abused and used

awash in my seedy musk

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Not sure I want a Ginger Root up my ass but I guess some people find it fun. Normally I try things out on myself but not sure about this one.

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The sucking

“So how long has it been since you sucked My cock?”

“Thirteen days, Sir.”

“And you have thought about it every day?”

“Every day, Every night, at work, driving, when I wake up in the morning. All the time, Sir.”

“I’m going to blindfold you today. I want you to think about your mouth as more of a pussy. A hungry pussy. I don’t want you focused on My pleasure. I want you to focus on your senses. The taste, the smell, the sounds, how My think cock feels as it moves inside your mouth. Be selfish. Show Me how much you love My cock. Your reward will be great as My balls are very full. Achy even. After you drain it day, I want you to take off the blindfold and your thong and straddle my face in a 69. But don’t suck until I tell you.”

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Yes, you can always kiss every inch of my cock, then lick every inch, and then ask to suck it. Depending on my mood I might interrupt during one of the stages and just have you suck it. Or by pulling the suck chain.
When you hear the sucking bell, you just go right to it.
I’m liking more and more the reverse inspection. Where you undress down to your thong facing away from me. Your legs spread a little wider than your shoulders. Hands by your side. I like that better than behind your head. Since I’m behind I can move your hair away from your neck for a kiss. Reach around and pinch your hard nipples. Let you feel the heat of my needy cock between your buns like a huge sausage.
Whispering in your ear. Reminding you of all the naughty things we did last time and some of what I have planned for tonight. Telling you my balls are full beyond ache and soon I’ll let you suck me dry. Having you digest my seed and have it coursing through your veins. Becoming a part of you.
Reminding you of how much I enjoy eating My pussy. Licking to make you cum. Eating you for My pleasure not caring if you cum once or 10 times. Flipping you over into a sixty-nine so we can suck on each other.
And fucking, fucking is what you really want, isn’t it slut?  Making your tight little pussy sore for days. Or having my cock deep in your tight ass. Feeling you milk it. Working it. Begging for my seed to squirt where you can feel every contraction.
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It’s good to be back

I hope everyone had a nice holiday season. And a Merry Christmas.

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69 plus

So you are allowed to Kiss/Lick my cock anytime you like. And for those who missed it that means you kiss every inch of my cock then lick every inch. Once you do that you can ask to suck it. So many guys wishing for blow jobs and you have to ask to suck mine. It just isn’t fair. But that only makes you want it more My little cock whore.

Of course I could say no. Or no, do it again. Do it three times. Do it until your thong meets my wetness approval. Do it but say “I love your cock, Sir,” between every lick. You did that so well I’ll let you suck it. But first bring me the crop on the chair. Crawl. Carry it in your teeth. Now crawl to the bedroom as I smack your ass with the crop. Get that wet nasty thong off. I want you on top in a 69. I’m not going to eat you until you drain every drop out of my thick cock. Then spit that monster out of your mouth and thank Me for cumming in your greedy little whorish mouth. Then get back on that cock while I eat you. Just hold it in your mouth. When you need to cum raise your hand.

I should be able to fuck you by the time I’m done. But I don’t know, sometimes you are a little cum slut. Cum too fast and I’ll just eat you longer. Until I’m ready for you to climb up on My cock and service it with your dripping cunt. Get back in a 69 once I cum in you. I want to see my creamy cum mixing with your slut juice running out of My pussy.

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Bondage slut

You are tied to the bed, arms and legs, like a big human X. Blindfolded. I slap your shaven pussy hard.

“Whose pussy is this, slut?”

“It’s your pussy, Sir.”

“It’s Eight O’Clock at night and I haven’t fucked My pussy all day. I did fuck your Slutty ass today. Can you still feel me there?”

“Yes, in a good way Sir.”

“And earlier I fed you my cum. And let you suck on my cock all day because you have been such a good little slut.”

“I live to please you, Sir.”

I slap your pussy hard again making you strain against the ropes. I stick two fingers deep in your cunt.

“Suck your slut juice off my fingers. You like the taste of it, don’t you slut?”

“Yes Sir, I’d do anything to please you.”

“Lets make you pretty.”

I light a red candle and begin dripping wax around and around your breasts. With the other hand I drip ice. It’s hard to tell the difference at impact. Until the water runs off your curves. You give a little yelp when I place the cube on your clit. Your hot cunt melts and the wetness joins your musk. Running down your ass onto the sheet. Such a wet slut you are.

I blow out the candle. You feel my hands under your ass squeezing your cheeks. I start licking your frozen clit. Licking the wet gash and then back to the clit.

“May I cum, please Sir?”

“No you may not. You can cum on my cock when I’m ready to fuck you. Right now I’m going to suck and pinch your nipples. To the point to where they are sore and useless to Me for days. Then I will grab you by the hair and fuck My pussy like a beast. Until you cum. Won’t be for long I know. When you cum I’ll hold it in deep. Let you cum hard on it like a slut. Then I’ll untie you. You can then ride my cock. Service my cock. Until my seed spills into your womb.”

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Anal mood

I’d like to finger your pussy while I watched a ballgame on TV. You’d be in the floor with your ass in the air and your chest on the carpet. As I fingered your cunt for My pleasure. Not caring if you came or not. Maybe giving your ass an occasional slap. Feeling the cold lube as I prepare your ass for the toy. Letting your ass adjust to it so I could pull it out at halftime, put it back in, out once more and then replace with my cock. I’d put it in all the way and tell you to milk it with your ass muscles. If you want my cum in there then work for it, slut. I can make my cock jump around you know. While you are squeezing you’d feel me hopping inside you.
No one has milked my cock before. People say it can be done. I might have to stroke that tight ass a few times before I cum. You’d feel it swelling inside you. I once had a lover who could feel my thick cock swelling before I came in her tight pussy. I know you feel cocks more in an ass. You’d feel every squirt as I emptied inside your naughty hole. If it was the first fuck of the day I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t go down and could fuck your cum filled ass again. I bet you’d love to have your ass fucked with my cum providing the lube.
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It looks like we’ll hit 20,000 views before the day is over. Thanks to all the faithful readers. Thanks to the blog Mistress for setting this thing up for me. I hope we can reach 100,000 by next Christmas.
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