good little slut

What other fantasies do I have? You are tied to the bed. For an hour or so. I just casually stick my thick cock in your pussy. One stroke that’s it. Just to watch your body react. Face up or face down. Both work. I could have a plug in your ass and replace with my cock so often. Hear your frustration as the plug goes back in. That is almost cruel and unusual punishment. If your vanilla boyfriend treated you that way you’d probably get dressed and leave forever. But like a good little slut you’ll take what I give you.

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The flogger.

The flogger is your friend.  Think about how good 34 leather tails would feel on the surface of your skin. Not hitting but just caressing. Moving over your face and stopping briefly to let you breathe in the sweet smell of treated bison. Sliding slowly over your creamy breasts down to your wet shaved pussy.

“Tell me you love your flogger.”

“I love my flogger, sir.”

“She sleen.  God, you are wet. I never get tired of how good your wet cunt feels to my fingers. I know you are anxious about this. I promise I will leave you wanting more.”

I start by almost just dropping the tails on your ass. Then a little harder but really no pain. Just a thud feeling. It feels deliciously naughty. Subconsciously you begin to fuck the flogger. Pussy awash with need and throbbing desire.

“Please Sir, harder.”

“Shut the fuck up or you’ll get something you don’t like, slut.”

A little harder now. Enough for you to feel the skin warming. No talking. Just the swat, swat, swat of heavy leather. Skin getting pinkish. Biting your lip. Still wanting it harder. But not going to ask.

“Do you want more?”

“Yes Sir, please.”


“Yes Sir!”

“You’ll have to wait until next week. Yes, I know, I’m cruel. Now say ‘ Please fuck Your pussy, Sir'”

“Please fuck Your pussy, Sir.”

“I’m just going to put the head in.  I want you to keep saying it. Every time you say “Sir” you’ll get a stroke. You better keep a clear head if you want to get fucked hard. Begin.”

“Please fuck your pussy, Sir, oh God.”

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Humping on Hump day

She sleen.

Rubbing my cock between your pussy lips.

While you say, “I want your cock, Sir,” over and over.

And it’s been weeks since it filled your tight little pussy. How long could you take it? Or more importantly, how long could I take it? Could I cum that way? Probably. feeling my cock between wet cunt lips always makes me hard. I guess the thought of cumming that way has crossed my mind. I know cumming all over a clit and pussy have.

Could I do it until you asked to cum?  I don’t know. I think you’d be juicy and hot enough to cum very quickly. And if I stuck it in you would have your answer. Or maybe I’d tell you to cum. Let you ride out your orgasm and then fuck My pussy. That would be a little cruel though knowing you’d want to cum on My cock.

Or, and I just thought of this.  A cock in your ass is a yes as well. I can’t honestly say I have felt an ass cum on my cock. I’m sure that will happen though. Not the entire scene, I’m just thinking out loud, but my cock in a cumming ass is sure to happen. Most of my anal partners and there hasn’t been many didn’t love anal sex like the 82% on my literotica poll.

I really want to flog someone. Hearing the sound of leather against skin. Letting the falls do most of the work hitting flesh about once a second. Upper thighs, buttocks, a little upper back, and a few wraps against the cunt. Making her bottom a rosy pink and then taking pictures of her slutty ass. Hmm.. I wonder if I could put pictures here. I’ll have to read the rules I guess.

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A little tardy but here goes.

“She sleen on the bed. Naked.”

Not what she expected. No inspection? Is He going to fuck His pussy? His ass? She was wet after driving and thinking of swallowing his full load again. Not mine to question she thought and settled naked on the bed with her ass high.

“Have you missed me, slut?”

“Yes Sir!”

She moaned as his fingers lightly strummed her shaved wet pussy.

“And how long did you feel Me in My tight little pussy after you left last time?

“Three days, Sir.”

Two fingers entered her. She sighed. His fingers felt better than any cock. And his cock, well, there were no words to describe how she felt about it. With His other hand he began to spank her cheeks. Nice solid spanks that pushed her forward. In the beginning she worried about her reaction to spanking type play. That seemed like a million years ago. Now she felt like she could cum from it alone at times. But now, not only that but his fingers tight inside rubbing her wall. She clinched around them and feeling whimpish, had to ask.

“May I cum, Sir?”

He shoved his big cock deep in her pussy and knowing that meant yes, she came, screaming into the pillow. He held her tightly by the hips riding out her waves of pleasure. Then he pulled out. Rolled over onto his back. Grabbed a handful of curls.

“Now suck my cock, slut.”

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The dreaded sexual tension

So you’ve met your Dom and all went swimmingly. In public first if you can. That’s not always practical advise, but the best way, I think.

You meet again and this time do a lot of the things you’ve both been drooling over for a couple of months. A mind blowing frenzy of orgasmic pleasures and delicious pain. But it comes to an end. You feel a little down, sub drop perhaps, and yearn for more. Hearing his voice helps a little and soon you are counting down the days again. This time not a whisker of nervousness or an ounce of fear. Just pure female lust which I believe is one of the most powerful forces in the universe. Yeah, men are generally always ready but when a woman wants it bad and wants it now it’s a strong need.

But then she realizes she doesn’t run the show. In the vanilla world she might just pull out his cock, suck for a bit, then stick it in her pussy. Not many guys would object to that.

But, no, not here in the Dom world. He knows all your holes are his for the taking. Maybe he is a little of a mental sadist and wants to see you suffer. Having you strip down to your thong that is already almost embarrassingly wet. Then he might pinch both your nipple hard knowing the shock it sends straight to your throbbing clit. While the inside of your head is screaming “FUCK MY MOUTH. FUCK YOUR PUSSY. FUCK MY ASS. FUCK ME SOMEWHERE BEFORE I SCREAM.”

Perhaps you could politely ask for what you want. But you know that wouldn’t only be laughed at and get you a slap on the ass.

He takes your little hand and wraps it around the heat of his thick cock. Then just as quickly he takes it away and you want to cry you want Him so much. He just smiles and strokes you a few times through the panties knowing exactly what he is doing to you.

Now is the time to be patient. You know how much you excite him and he won’t hold out on you for long. At least you hope as you stand there slightly trembling. Wanting him inside you so bad.

He circles and grabs your ass. Kisses your neck from behind and you whimper, not meaning to. His hands squeeze your breasts and once again pinch your nipples and you wonder how you are still standing.

“So I take it by the looks of your thong you have missed me, slut?”

“Very much so, Sir.”

“I’m very achy and need you to suck me dry.”

You smile and do the happy dance in your mind.

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I don’t have many rules. It would drive me crazy to have 60 rules like some couples do. On the phone I have two rules. You can’t touch My pussy without permission and you have to ask to cum.

In person, you have to ask to cum and you can’t wear a bra when we are alone. And your three holes are always open for my use unless of course you are sick. There are other courtesies like thanking Me for feeding you my cum.

Punishment and or discipline

I reserve the right to punish to correct bad behavior.  That is sub dependant. Meaning I don’t have a single way to punish, it comes from knowing the sub. One sub’s punishment could be another’s utopia. Ideally I want someone on the same page all of the time. There are some subs who misbehave in order to get punishment. Maybe they think they are going to get a spanking. They might not be so happy when they find out they have to roll a peanut from one goal line to another on a football field with their nose.


Publicly I don’t tell you how to dress. Privately you’ll have the uniform of the day. It might be naked, it might be panties only, it might be just a t-shirt. Usually you’ll be wearing wrist and ankle restraints and a play collar. Sometimes a leash.

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The note (part one)

She came home to a note posted where she couldn’t miss it.

Dear slut,

I want to you take a shower. Then come into the bedroom where I am waiting. I don’t want you to speak. Just climb on top of Me in a 69. Do not suck or touch my cock until you feel a spank. If you feel a spank while you are sucking you have to stop and remove it from your mouth. Again, don’t speak until you ask to cum. The first thing I want to hear is “May I cum, Sir?”

If you have to cum while you are sucking then stop long enough to ask and get that cock back inside your hungry mouth. After I cum your voice restriction will end and we can cuddle and talk. For a while anyway. Until I’m ready to take My pussy from behind.

I’m looking forward to licking my sweet shaved dripping pussy.


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sucking My penis

Cock hungry sluts.

Not all submissives are cock hungry sluts. Some vanilla women are. But many subs/slaves are. They think about having my thick cock in their mouth all the time. It’s really all they need to orgasm. Just rub the clit and think about my cock.

Once I meet someone and they do get to suck on me all day the hunger grows even more. One thing I have done before is make a slut kiss every inch of it then lick every inch and then ask if they can suck it. I don’t recall saying no. But I could make them repeat the process before I said yes. Then have them turn around and straddle me to  prove they were sufficiently wet enough to suck my cock. Still wearing a thong. Then I might tell them to lick only my balls until they were wet enough to deserve sucking my cock.

Women who get really wet have an advantage in that game. But if I had been with her a few times I’d know what was normal. And I might have to spank her ass while she licks my balls until she was wet enough.

What other little sucking games do I have? Oh, to have you squat or kneel and just hold my cock in your mouth while you masturbate. If I catch you trying to suck or please me I pull out and we start over. Only until after your orgasm are you allowed to make an effort to pleasure me.

Today I’d like a really slow 69. One where I don’t make an effort to make you cum, but just suck and kiss and lick your pussy at will. Of course a little might go a long way with some women.

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Happy Thanksgiving!

Hope everyone has a safe and happy Thanksgiving. Save me two breasts and two thighs.

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Pretty extreme whipped ass pics on her blog. Not for the faint hearted. Maybe the hard core readers will like them. I realize my blog has been on the sweet side lately.

I don’t think I’m a hard core sadist. I don’t like leaving marks that last longer than a few days and I certainly don’t think an ass that looks like it needs a trip to the ER is that attractive.

My brand of bdsm leans more to the sexual side. I know there is a crowd who sees that as a negative thing. But the true of the matter is the only path that is important, or right, or true, is the one the couple involved are on. If it’s working for her, and working for him, it’s working.

If you have stuck with me this long you pretty much know what I like.

I took a picture of a picture of c yesterday. The preacher’s daughter and bible college girl I corrupted for 18 months. She probably made me a better man much more than I corrupted her. I know she got married about a month after we split up. I wonder sometimes where she is, how many kids she has, if she is happy. I haven’t heard from her is 6 years or so and she knew of Literotica back then so that’s a good sign that she is happy.

Maybe my clover clamps will come today. I haven’t ordered any new toys in a very long time. I’m not a toy hound like some guys who have 5o whips and floggers. Nothing wrong with being a collector I guess. I have a good variety. And I buy quality toys when I do buy.

Every thing I own now toy wise outside of a vib that plugs into the wall came after c. Had she seen what I have now the day we met she might have ran. Not k, though, my very first. She would have loved it. But that’s another story for another day.

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Grab bag

“Get undressed slut. And get on your knees. For the next four hours you aren’t allowed to stand or walk. If you go anywhere you much crawl.”

“Yes Sir.”

“In this hat I have 3 pieces of paper. One says ass. One says pussy. One says mouth. I couldn’t decide which one to cum in today and I have saved up for a while. Pick one.”

“Your mouth,” she said with a broad smile.

“you got lucky. I know that is your favorite way to please Me.”

“All of my holes are open to you Sir. Day or night they exist for your pleasure.”

“Yes, that is very true My slut.  Now crawl to the bed and join Me.”

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Sometime what I do and what I say are two different things. I like to talk and write about exploring a pussy. Kissing all around it moving closer and closer to the delicate folds. Sucking the soft flesh into my mouth. Running my tongue over every inch I can reach both inside and out.

When in reality what usually happens is I go right for the clit and make her cum within a minute. There is probably something to be said for going slower. For ramping her up and not letting her cum a few times. After all what’s the rush? Where is the fire?

But sometimes it is nice to go from 0 to 60. When she is least expecting it, strip her bottoms off, put her on the edge of the bed and go right to it. What is that movie quote about how to make a woman happy? Something like give her an unexpected gift at an unexpected time? Of course with my woman that wouldn’t be totally unexpected since I’d do that often. I don’t feel like it is in any way submissive either. There is nothing more beautiful than watching a woman cum. Seeing that look in her eyes right after like I hung the Moon.

69 is pretty intense as well. I had an old navy buddy that would joke that everything is great but the view. But I love the view. And the smell. and the wetness. Her ass rolling like a wave against me. Moans from a mouth filled with cock.

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