Yum Yum Lipton diet raspberry white tea

I wonder if there are any gay male gynecologists? 

I wonder if it would get boring looking at pussy all day. Long days and then you get home and your wife wants her pussy eaten.

I wonder if the hot chicks make up for the old ones and the diseased cunts?

I wonder why we drive on a parkway and park in a driveway?

I wonder why we are going to elect another Clinton. Bush-Clinton-Bush-Clinton. That’s insane.

Hardees irritates me. No matter when  you go there they always ask if you want to try something. And you can’t really piss people off that are handling your food. Not a good idea. Unless you want a booger in your cheeseburger. Or worse.

Nip/Tuck starts tonight. One of my favorite shows.  The kinkiest show on TV. Now they are in LA. I don’t watch a lot of TV. Just a few shows. I like Kid Nation. Taylor is one little bitch though. They need a jail to put her in. Or put her in stocks in the middle of town and let everyone paddle her.  Some of you might enjoy that.

The Red Sox won the Series. I didn’t watch it. I’m a Braves fan. Once they are out I turn to football.

Speaking of football, we beat the Lizards Saturday. Chomp Chomp this.

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the cunt whorish gash

sultry slickness

overripe need

aching for touch

if only hands weren’t taut

tied away, denied

legs spread, ankles wrapped to thighs

tramp tied to be used

taken and fucked


a vessel for seed

overflowing creampie

pure service to the cock

breasts and body striped by leather

scratched by vampire gloves

trails of tears and sweat converge

withering against the humming bullet

shoved deep in the messy hole

watching you cum

again and again

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I finished

Reading the book. It’s very much a romance novel. With a bdsm theme. Her second book is coming out soon. I’ll probably end up reading it at some point. Right now I have too many books I haven’t read.

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Horny is as horny does

After all the time that had passed she still knew his cock. As well as she knew the back of her hand. How it felt. How it tasted. How it reacted in her mouth when soft, slowly growing into fullness. How it felt when he claimed his pussy. His ass. The sweet load she swallowed until the end.

She could feel it there flat against his belly. The cone shaped head parting her wet hungry lips. She reached down to guide it in and his hand pulled her wrist away and pinned it to the bed along with her other hand.

“Please,” she said.

“Please what?”

“Claim your aching cunt, Master.”

He silenced her with a kiss. Their tongue entwining as her hips arched to take him in. But he resisted. Biting her lower lip. Releasing her hands and grabbing two handfuls of hair, pulling back, exposing her neck. One hand releasing grabbing his cock and rubbing up and down her wet slit.

“Look at me, bg. Look into my eyes and tell me I own you.”

His hands once again pinning her wrists.

“You own me Master. Ohhh Goddd.”

His thick cock slamming into her cunt with all the force he could muster. Her tan legs wrapping tight around his lower back forcing his hardness deeper. Feverishly their mouths met in a kiss as their bodies molded together. His balls three days heavy with cum to be hand fed to her more than willing mouth. Squeezed from her cunt. Mixed with her juices. A concoction of T/them.

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I smell chicken. It’s done!

I’ve got 90 more pages to read in the book. I won’t say anymore about it in case someone wants to read it. It’s very much a bdsm romance. More of a chick book but I think guys would like it too. The local high school team has a huge game here next week with their rival. They are both highly ranked in the state. Hopefully it won’t be as cold as it was last year. I had layers and layers of clothing and still got cold. It wasn’t even freezing but it was close with a breeze. I had neglected my feet and they were numb. Now I have a couple of pairs of heavy wool socks. But the 5 day forecast is for sunny and near 70 every day. Very nice weather. I don’t do cold very well. But I was a midsummer baby before we had AC. I did like snow growing up. Snow meant no school. And with all the hills we had plenty of sledding type adventures. I don’t know what they do in the Midwest. I would truly hate to live in a flat place unless it was near the ocean. I guess you could put some distance on a bike though. If the flatness and straightness didn’t lull you to sleep. Tomorrow is the “World’s Greatest Outdoor Cocktail Party” in Jacksonville, FL. However political pressure has made them stop calling it that. They could call it Georgia’s annual butt beating. Two wins in 17 years. I’m not very optimistic. But I’ll be there at 3:30 on the couch ever hopeful.

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I’m back.

The sun! The sun!

At last the rain has ended and it’s sunny. And it’s supposed to last all week with highs near 70. So I’ll have to get some fresh air before the bleak winter months hit.

And yes, the blog has been slow lately I know. Being born under the sign of Cancer gives me a right to be a crab and to hide in my shell at times. Just be patient and it will get better.

It’s a miracle. I just turned around and spotted the missing wrist restraint. I was worried that I’d have to get another set and it would be hard or impossible to find one that would match the ankle restraints. I’m a guy but even I know that black and brown don’t match.

I want a huge chain and padlock for a play collar.  One about the size that’s on the gate on the road into the cabin. Dom (Home) Depot has a large collection of all kinds of chains but I’ve never been in the market for a huge one. I guess I could go to SC and get a haircut while I’m over there. I used to go about once a week then we got a super Walmart here. 

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I think therefore

it is time to get a haircut. Too bad you can’t pay extra to have your balls shaved. Mine are way overdue for a shaving. I switched to an electric shaver and it just doesn’t work down there. Maybe I have one good blade left.

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In a perfect world he would have chewed the guy’s balls off.


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is is

 The book is starting to piss me off. The deal between the two was no sex during the 30 day period.  I guess that depends on what the meaning of is is.  Because she cums a lot and he never cums. Every time they meet she cums several times and he is left with blue balls. Maybe the poor guy will get his rocks off soon.

I couldn’t be that way. I could if I had another sexual outlet handy. And I guess I could public scene with no sex if that was my thing. But I am a very sexual Dom and I make no apologies for it.

It rained today.  Not enough. The south is in a serious drought and there is some concern that Atlanta could run out of water. We’re in good shape here but much of the state depends on Lake Lanier and it’s drying up fast. And to make matters worse we’re fighting with Alabama and Florida over the same water. The same thing happened about 20 years ago, but the population keeps going up. Almost 3 million since 1990.

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The Sybian on a budget


Now I’m not shelling out 1300+ for a fucking machine. No way. But I do have a vib that plugs into the wall that I doubt any woman could take on high for very long.

If you did have something hollow shaped like a Sybian and connected 4 plug in vibrators to a dildo, you might have something interesting. At a cost of less than 100 dollars. Yes, it wouldn’t have all the features or the same range of movement, but it just might very well get a woman off.

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Still reading The Dark Garden

I’m not real current on what’s new in bdsm lit on the published side, but this is an excellent book so far. Especially if you are interested in the emotions a submissive experiences. It’s not a wacked out fantasy like the Gor series or the Beauty series. It’s kept my interest from the first page. Eden Bradley has another book coming out next month.

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shaving pussy

Total dominance and utter kindness?

Can both exist? I think so. At times I’ve shaved the pussy. My pussy. Which some would see as service. But is it wrong for a Dom to serve? I don’t think so. Not if it brings pleasure to the Dom. To first claim ownership of the pussy and then to shave it to My standards. And there is a little danger. Even if it is just perceived. Having a blade close to your privates. And no, I don’t use a straight razor. That would make me nervous without the proper training.

Shaving in itself is very erotic. Every stroke moving closer and closer to the sensitive parts. Women have been known to orgasm from a shave alone. And I’m sure even you would get very very wet. And having me lick clean the river of wetness would only make it worse. Taking my time. Reassuring you that you have a very pretty pussy. And I don’t like runways or patches or any compromise. I like bare naked pussy. Soft tender wet flesh that I can rub with my cockhead. Or lick without the annoying hair coming loose in my mouth.

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