wow, two posts today

I have to walk around McDonalds to get to the grocery store. It’s a half mile walk and it’s easier to me to walk rather than drive that far. Today the grease truck was there. It was piping oil and grease directly into the building. Two different kinds. The truck had 6 or 7 different kinds. One was marked “McDonalds”

It was nice. Starting to feel like fall.

I flogged the bed a little today. I think I need to do some everyday. It uses muscles or parts of muscles that I don’t use in the weight room and I got pretty tired.

I might do a ski pole walk today. I get the oddest looks when I do that. I probably have the only pair in the county.

I want to drink a lot of water and then piss on your breasts in the tub. Warm Master piss running down your body. Wash off and then have you squat on my cock and piss. It just seems dirty. In a good way. What I don’t do is scat.  I think I would give an enema though. Have you sit on the seat and call me on the phone for permission to release. After I hang up please. It’s not something I’d want to hear.

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I’m horny today

I’d like to have a room one day with chains coming down from the ceiling over the bed. I’d like to put you at the edge of the bed with your feet going straight up to the ceiling. At the side of the bed so I could lick your pussy and ass. Until I get my fill of you. Not caring if you don’t cum or cum ten times. Then I’d ease a buttplug into your tight puckered hole. Oh, and I think your hands would be tied down and you’d be blindfolded. I’d stick my cock deep inside you.

I’d have you say, “I want your cock, Master.”

Over and over. Each time you said “Master” I’d fuck you with a deep stroke. I’d pull out completely when I got close to cumming and calm down. Until I was ready to cum. Then I would shoot my cum all over your belly and breasts and slowly feed it to you with my fingers.

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yum yum come and get it

I want to pinch both your nipples. While you stand at inspection. Raising your breasts and then letting them fall. Take the clamps out of the freezer and clamp them. Then taking the crop out of your mouth and spanking your ass lightly. At first. Then harder until you are nice and pink. Then without a warning slapping your cunt hard. No panties this time. I want to see what I’m hitting. I spank your pussy. Each stroke coming between 3 and 10 seconds. After each one I want you to say “Thank you, Sir.”

Then I want to lie down under your and have you lower your cunt to my mouth. Close enough for my tongue to reach your pussy but I don’t want you on my face. I imagine it would be both uncomfortable and wonderful for you. I want my cock sucked in a 69. I’ll lick and suck your pussy but not to give you pleasure. Just for my pleasure. I’m feeling selfish and want you to focus on my cock. Once in a while I’ll spank your ass. When I do I want you to spit out my cock and say, “Thank you, Sir.”

You are to keep my cock in your mouth until you feel one final spank. Then I want you to turn over and masturbate until you ask to cum. My cock inside you will be the “Yes.”

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Who takes care of the toys?

Who takes care of the toys, PYL or pyl?

AngelicAssassin at Literotica came up with the PYL/pyl. PYL is Dom/me Master Top and pyl is slave/sub/bottom. It stands for pick your label.  I don’t use it much.

I wish I had a sub to treat my floggers. I have two. That’s 80 tails. I count it as 160 since you have to treat both sides. The falls are 21 inches so that’s 120 feet of treatment. I like to use Pecard’s antique leather dressing. I’m not sure what all is in it. I know bees wax is. It looks and feels like vasoline, but harder more like a car wax. It gives the leather a wet pretty look and a little more bite. At least I think so.

I can do it while I wash clothes. There is a football game here tonight. Looks like shorts weather here.

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My stats tell me what people searched on to find my blog. Some are pretty amusing. This is the list from yesterday. Kiss blindfold trust couples breasts? Tell me slap ass wet panties? youporn enter head inside pussy? anal assignment bdsm

writer dom’s domain

kiss blindfold trust couples breasts

tell me slap ass wet panties

youporn enter head inside pussy

tightening your pussy

how to tighten your pussy

Ill spank you slut

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Did you write this for me?

Did you write this for me?

And other frequently asked questions.

I don’t know. Maybe I did. Maybe I didn’t. Some things speak to certain women. Some things to a lot. Some to few or none. If I can make someone wet that’s good. Or smile. Or dream.

Q. How can you write sensitive things and still be Dom.

I’m a bit of a romantic. Some might disagree. Some who have met me might disagree.

Q. Are you stories real or fiction?

Fictional. The little snippets I write are how I am. I wrote one story about a White Master and black sub where I created another Dom. I like being me better.

Q. What is your favorite toy?

I don’t know. Different toys come into play at different times. I could probably get by on just the riding crop and a flogger.

Q. Are you a breast man?

I have always liked smaller ones. I came to appreciate larger ones as I met more women. More into legs and asses I guess.

Q. Would you chat with me?

Yes, I would. Just contact me here and we’ll set up a time. I have AOL and Yahoo.

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Anal talk

So here I was having a nice conversation with an AOL lady about anal sex. She’s married and totally off limits but was kind enough to answer some questions. I’ve always been curious with women trying to learn their secrets. She said she loved, craved, and wanted anal but her husband did only once. Eight years ago. Eight years is a long time. Poor girl.

I’ve done a poor job of picking anal partners. Or a poor job of training them perhaps. My last was exceptional. Even after a couple of days of many orgasms her ass felt incredible. But alas, it is mine no more. It was a pretty little asshole that probably deserved a good licking first. And had I know the treasures inside I would have tongue fucked it.

I’d like to fuck another ass. Tie her up face down first. Take a little time to get her all worked up and ready for it.

“So, you want to be my anal slut? you better fuck it good. Squeeze it hard. Make it tight for thick cock.”

I want to push it in deep. Then let it plop all the way out. Rub my thick head against your puckered hole.

“Tell me you want my cock in your ass, slut. Tell me it’s My ass.”

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Post 126

My kittie has a new toy. It’s on a string that’s elastic. I put the string in a drawer and shut it so it hangs down. She amused herself for a while this morning. The boy isn’t interested. He was playful as a kitten. Now he just sleeps and wants affection. He does play with her some.

Someone asked about inspections on the lit board today. And I said they are all different but I like to start out the same.

There are some constants for me. I like to have crop in hand. I want her undressed down to her panties. Legs spread, eyes down, hands behind head. And her wondering what is next.

I like wet panties. The wetter the better. It’s not always easy on the first meeting because of the jitters. But the second time around My slut is very hungry for some action. Very wet. I may, after some foreplay have her bend over and grab her ankles. Push her panties aside and finger her cunt. Or cut them off and fuck her. I guess she’d have to be the right size for that.

Or I could put her on her knees and fuck her face. Or have her crawl to the bed. The possibilities are endless. And if she is wearing her restraints and play collar there are even more.

Or if she isn’t wet enough I can strike her ass with the crop. Tell her she better get wet and spank her cunt until she is.

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new rule

She sleen revisited. Fucking your pussy with my fingers. Seeing how many will fit. With my other hand I wet a finger and tease your asshole. You want me to fuck you so bad. Now my thumb is on your throbbing clit as I finger fuck you. If you want my cock you are going to have to cum first. Beg me for it. Say “it’s Your pussy Sir” over and over. you are getting close. Remember my cock entering is always a “Yes.”

I think that is a new rule. Any unfucked pussy has to be cumming in order to get my cock.

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I’ve watched too much youporn. I need to fuck and not watch. Three willing holes.

And then there is the bdsm side. Masturbation does nothing to relieve those urges. I need an ass to spank and to mark. Nipples to torture. Flesh to flog. I need to see and hear my crop coming down on a spread open pink cunt. Slapping hard against a throbbing clit. Having you on your knees servicing my cock.

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Every Dawg has his day

What a night!  If you didn’t grow up in the south you aren’t going to get the football thing.

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The Clock

An intravaginal massage. Your pussy is a clock. The top wall is 12 and down below towards your anus is the six. I start with my thumb inside you and rock back and forth at 12. After 30 seconds I move over to one. Like a clock around and around. At six I switch to two fingers and slowly make my way back to 12. There is no goal here. Just having fun with My pussy. I could go around again with my tongue licking your clit. Until you ask to cum. And you know My cock inside you is always a “Yes.”

And I have to give credit to “The Essential Tantra” by Kenneth Ray Stubbs, Ph.D.

Good book by the way.

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